A 1642 Ukrainian Triodion Manuscript (From Wikimedia Commons). Check the bible verses that claim that all will be saved. Of course by the cross, of course by Jesus, of course by faith.. In every other religion in the world that holds to the idea of a supreme deity, that deity’s mercy is always exercised at the expense of its justice. Check “tentmaker”. Others have used terms like Ultimate Reconciliation, Universal Salvation, Universal Reconcilation, Universal Restoration, the Larger Hope, the Wider Mercy Doctrine, as well as others. O ne of the big problems with an Orthodox Christian embracing universalism is that he has to reject a large portion of the liturgical tradition of the Church in order to do so. And, it is worth noting that the founder of the Covenant Eschatology Cult, Max King, embraced the Universalism implications in the Covenant Eschatology false doctrine. There are hundreds of bibleverses through the whole bible that claim all … There are millions of Christians who won't give the message of Inclusion a chance - a message with many names. (The Calvinist Heresy of Limited Atonement) Read Next Church Isn’t Something You Do On Sundays (Lies Killing The Church) Next. Is Universal Salvation, also known as Rob Bell's "Love Wins" doctrine and Christian heresy? Michael has also accepted the heresy out from Jeff Vaughn and Tim Martin called Covenant Creation. But because of the confusion at play, it’s better to call it universal reconciliation. Themelios 4.2 (September 1978): 47-54. The logic supporting this doctrine is that the Bible has been mistranslated. With a purgatorial view of hell, it’s purgatorial universal reconciliation. B y Craig Bluemel (UPDATED JUNE 2006) INTRODUCTION – SEPARATING TRUTH FROM DECEPTION . Several theological critics accused him of teaching the “heresy” of “apokatastasis”—universal reconciliation. There's a doctrine in the Christian world that's referred to as Universal Reconciliation; though it appears so loving, yet it's a great evil. Christian Universal Salvation – THE BIG LIE . Among them were Donald Bloesch (in Jesus Is Victor! This study is a REFUTATION to the doctrine of ‘Universal Reconciliation,’ also known as: Also known as Universalism, Universal Salvation, Doctrine of Inclusion, The Larger Hope, The Greater Faith, Apokatastasis, Biblical Universalism, Christian Universalism, etc. Ultimate Reconciliation – Understanding God’s Mercy and His Justice It is important to understand that the concepts of mercy and justice are understood in a unique fashion in Christianity. This is Universal Reconciliation "through the blood of Jesus Christ." The gist of the doctrine is that "all" men will eventually be saved, and that there is no hell. The Ultimate Reconciliation of All (TURA) is a false doctrine that many sincere Christians are embracing. (Reproduced here by permission of the author) [p.47] Richard Bauckham is Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of St. Andrews. The eternality of the punishment of the wicked is ubiquitous in the services of the Church. There is a lot of christian sites with universal salvation of Jesus out there. A brief history of the doctrine of universalism by Richard Bauckham. Some folks call it Christian or Biblical Universalism. Pastors Bud & Betty Miller on the Ultimate Reconcilia-tion.