They also wear Ghaghris, Salwar-Kameez and Cholis. One of the most popular attire among the women of Himachal Pradesh is colourful and vibrant looking cholis, ghaghris and typical Salwar Kameez. This was a result of the avid purdah system or veil system which was prevalent in this region during the bygone ages. Cholis are the shirts which are worn on the upper part with a long skirt and a lot of bangles. The common identity of the people of Himachal Pradesh is the hand-woven outfits. Traditional and Unique Dresses of Himachal Pradesh. Entertainment - November 21, 2020 November 21, 2020 0 31. Women wear pattoo over their clothes and pin both ends with local silver broaches called 'boomini', which is a long silver chain. The Rajputs of Himachal Pradesh are dressed most distinctly. Traditional Himachal Pradesh Dresses of Women Rajput women wear long kurtas stretching from their neck to their toe. 2. Brahmin women also wear the same kind of attire and clothing. It is thicker and heavier than shawls, with fast and bright colors. As we know that dresses are an essential part of our life as well as our culture. Home > Entertainment > Traditional and Unique Dresses of Himachal Pradesh. Traditional Dresses of Himachal Pradesh for Men There are mainly two classes in which the community of Himachal Pradesh has been divided; Rajput and Brahmins. This began following the purdah (veil) system which is no more prevalent in the region. While, Women wear salwars, ghagra, choli, and Rawhide. The head scarves among women are very famous in Himachal Pradesh. Men of this community wear stiffened Kutas and Churidars. The himachali women wear ghaghri, lengthy kurta, salwar and choli which is the shirt. It covers the whole body and a piece of cloth is tied around the waist called gachchi, which acts as a belt. A Brief Introduction The traditional himachali dress of himachali folks are unique and different from the rest of the world.