One thing you can do is get high up in the tree if possible and cut away a branch to inspect the interior of the limb. Yikes Mark. If you must prune a tree heavily every five to seven years, the tree is too large for the site. I select the best / closest side branch as the designated new lead. Gregor's Tree Service showed up bright and early this morning to butcher the beautiful Maple trees that stand in our front yard, and butcher them they did! Step 3: Get Rid of Dead Branches That makes me sad but I can’t allow it to grow back and risk falling on my son or my home. Hi Joe! For me it’s like removing a limb (arm or leg) would I rather remove the limb or would I rather die. While controlling vertical growth is certainly a reason for pruning, there is still a difference in simply topping a tree and being more methodical about it. I planted a redwood tree about fifteen years ago. Cutting Trunk Of Tree - I bought a tree, came about four feet. I was absolutely SICK when I saw what he’d done to my beautiful landscaping! there is about two feet of trunk left sticking out of the ground. I’m devastated! The closer you get to fall, the more chance you have of new growth dying back from cold weather. But I would personally not risk it if you like your trees. Maple trees tend to "bleed" (lose sap) a lot when cut, which scares some people away from ever pruning them. The tree has grown upward quite fast, but the trunk is not strong enough to hold the branches up. 2 years ago I paid a lot of money to have a huge pine, 2 chinquapin oak and a pecan cut down because all were leaning towards my home and my children’s bedrooms. Wish I could help more from here Tim, but this is one of those that can only best be addressed at the scene. I have a friend that used to cut his wide leave maple down to a 15 foot stump every fall. I would like to bring it down to about 50 feet, and also trim the girth of the tree proportionately. 3. Showing the results of this tree after cutting as you have may change his mind. It only takes up to a few years for that to happen. You can also look them up. Water sprout regrowth is vigorous. Sorry to hear about the mandate on your trees. I really need some advice as to what to do with it, if anything. I don’t see any signs of rot or insects. wait until mid winter. I had an arborist come out and trim some of the branches in the girth of the tree, as well as some upper limbs that were broken during an ice storm about 4 years ago. We found it ugly and fear if we buy the house we buy the present ugliness as well as the future costs of his mistake. The only thing I would suggest you do to give the trunk a fighting chance to grow straight and tall is to reduce the amount of branching that is pulling the trunk over and inhibiting it from growing up. While it is unsightly for now, let’s hope for the best. Moreover, if the tree does not have sufficient stored energy reserves to respond in this way, it will seriously harm the tree, even leading to its premature demise. Joe can you please tell if he has? (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Rod T. of Charlotte, N.C.) Get quotes from up to 3 pros! • "I want to trim the top branches off a 75' tall maple because it's causing excess shade in my yard. Hi Joe, I have a young (maybe two or three years old?) A wiser alternative to topping is careful selection and training of your young trees. Without leaves (for up to six months of the year in temperate climates), a topped tree appears disfigured and mutilated. I live in the Netherlands where pollarding Willows is a long cherished cultural practice, but I think the trees look unhealthy. Like you, I’m hoping they knew exactly what they were doing and not just “trigger happy” with the chainsaw. Hi Sue. Now that it’s cut, nothing you can do. That’s one of the hazards of topping trees. The new growth that rapidly ascends from latent buds just below each cut is only anchored in the outermost layers of the parent branch. (Note to CEO(s): Imagine not having to deal with pesky Public Utility Commissions that restrict rate increases and profit margins. now about 9 ft up the tree is a offshoot-very bushy, but totally bare above all the way to the top of the tree .The tree is still quite tall. Since pecan trees have an open form vs. a central leader, I would watch it this year and see what is growing in to fill the space. February 2016 – Northern California/San Joaquin Valley Area: I’m concerned about the ramifications,tree already struggling….will this potentially further stress this pine? The Amur maple requires the least amount of pruning of all the Acer genus. But last winter was extremely cold and snowy and in the spring I noticed the top of the tree had died, even though the bottom seemed to be sprouting up nicely – so I had no choice but to snip the top off. They are known for the beautiful, unequally-shaped leaves that make any landscape come alive. Maturing 15 to 25 feet tall and 12 to 20 feet wide, it gains its name from the striking coral-red to coral-rose coloring of its younger branches. Should I keep the leaves trimmed to control growth when this occurs? Is there anything I can do to get it to grow up again? Since it’s young, you could go either way. PLEASE HELP. Just make sure you make the right cut, and nature will take care of the rest. Topping is such an unnatural and jarring practice to trees. Wish I could tell you. Well Deborah, I believe it is possible that a new leader or limb will grow to replace the top one that was broken. #2 If the trees are cut down and replaced with Emerald Arborvitae trees will they survive with the Evergreen Pine roots that are well establish there? Many maple tree farms have been tapping the same trees for over 100 years. c/o The Joe Gardener Company Maple trees that give the most sap are of the sugar or black variety. Hi, There is a large maple in my front yard, close to the house. Toni. It is a very tall tree, probably twice the height of my house. Is this a good idea? Without seeing the tree it’s hard to say. Our new neighbors approached us today asking if we would be willing to cut down a row of white pines in our backyard, because they are blocking the sun in their yard where they have a swimming pool, and also dropping pine needles. The weeping birch had about 60% of its branches taken away. Topping a tree is often sold to the homeowner as a way to reduce the size of the tree, open up the view, and make it safer. Is it true that magnolia tree roots continue to grow even after the tree is cut down? I live in south texas. Natural Shape of the Maple tree gets Ruined. Taking a chain saw strait across a tree canopy is not the best practice for the look or health of any tree. When it comes to tapping your maple trees, timing is the most important thing. Or will they fall off naturally as the trees grow? Its the only thing I know to do but I think it will work over time. The exposed wood creates decay, entry points and pathways for pests, diseases and destructive organisms to move into and through the branches.