Increased numbers of tilapia can simply deplete the shared oxygen supply faster than it is being replaced overcrowding causes stress that leads to slower immune system response and poor resistance to disease. You don’t have to have a “blue” thumb, but it helps to do some planning before you launch into tilapia farming. You can select the right one for your set up based on the way they look or the way they behave. Keep a net around the pond to prevent the fish from predators like frogs and snakes. It is important that you draft a business plan for your business to include all the goals and objectives you have for your business. Many plants, in an aquaponic system, favor a pH closer to 6.0 and since the fish and plants share the same water, so a pH level of 6 or 7  becomes the ideal. The fish waste is recycled and utilized for plant growth. The art of raising tilapia in the aquaponic system is to understand each of these needs, and then find a way to provide them in adequate quantities. Due to natural resources, fish became the best and cheapest animal protein consumed worldwide. Tilapia can disrupt populations of native species when introduced to a novel environment. Along with the fish and their waste, microbes play a significant role in providing nutrition to the plants. Therefore it creates a great demand for both fish farmers and consumers. Check your state or country’s laws regarding tilapia farming. First of all, keep the minnow of tilapia fish in a nursing pond after bringing them from the hatchery. The art of tilapia farming is to und… Every time you introduce new water into the aquaponics system, it has to be of the same quality that you would drink yourself. 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Oxygen is an imperative factor in aquaponics the method used to break the surface tension, known as surface aeration, which an economic decision.