Furthermore, if your Wifi drops out at home or you have an intermittent signal, you wont be able to access any recipes on your Thermomix unless you have pre-saved them offline. For the different books? I wouldn’t be able to say but I know they’ve done 2 recently which seemed to have fixed some of the issues with the login. Does anyone have one, and is it really as good as it sounds?And more to the point is it worth £900? I’m about to purchase a TM6 after having a TM5 but don’t always want to use the wifi every time. Thanks for the review. more - that seems more my style ! Thank you so much for the effort you went to, to give us such an in-depth review. I was really undecided before reading your review and now I am leaning towards not getting a TM6, but perhaps looking at getting a second TM5. This means that you can’t use frying in your own recipes (so don’t expect any recipes from me that use frying any time soon), you can’t use frying if you don’t subscribe to Cookidoo and have a stable internet connection and/or downloaded all of the recipes you want to use ahead of time for offline use. As an aside… what lipstick are you wearing? Do not buy Thermomix and Cook-Key/Cookido in the UK! The frying function is locked into Cookidoo recipes and the surface area of the mixing bowl means that it doesn’t actually fry very well unless you are using tiny quantities of food. So far I already have a TM31 as well as a TM5. Let’s start with the big one, frying! After your review I am in two minds now and I really appreciate that!! Hmmmm......lurking. Just to take part of your review here ‘This also reminded me that since we are locked into guided recipes with these functions, we are at the whim of the Vorwerk recipe development team who could make mistakes! However, you could do all of this in the TM5. It was a very good review! I absolutely LOVE my Thermomix! It is a small upgrade in usability, nothing more than that. I was just reading about the Thermomix which supposedly blends, juices, cooks, kneads etc etc etc. I have preordered a TM6 and can’t wait to use it. Kobold . (function() { My husband calls the new Thermomix as TM5.5. You can see the casing as a whole hasn’t changed, as the knob engrosses on the screen bezel. I could also see this being useful for warming baby bottles. They traditionally pack the food (such as a steak, fish or even vegetables) in a vacuum bag and add it to a water bath set to a specific temperature. This item is way overpriced on Amazon. As long as the seal is tight and no water from the water bath gets into the bag whilst it is cooking you will be fine! I was hoping that the temperature inside the Varoma (due to heat loss) would be lower than 37C and hopefully hover around 26C which would be perfect for sourdough bread. You don’t need Wifi if you don’t use the automated recipe function on cookidoo. This means that if you want to use the guided cooking functions on the new TM6 you need to have a Cookidoo subscription which is around £30 a year in the UK but may be different elsewhere in the world. The extremely popular TM31 is still current and for sale in countries such as Canada, South Africa and Mexico until early 2015. Do you have to use the wifi every time you cook with the TM6? Thanks. Do you have any updates after using your TM6 for a little longer? Hopefully, by the time this reaches the UK in June, they will have adapted some recipes (as well as having a couple of months to work on specific recipes using the new TM6 functions). After all, they might make software improvements in the future that will fix some of the problems I have mentioned and it might be worth it for you to take the plunge in order to enjoy a newer machine for the log run. It's very easy to get replacement parts from Thermomix. I didn’t look for a review, mainly because it’s difficult to see how independent the reviews are etc… I just received my new robot but like you, I do like to make my own recipes and find it very bizarre, rather intrusive way to push their new product forcing people to follow their ways of cooking. I am not a cook, but through your description I can make contact with your vibrant professional interest. I have finally had a moment to sit down and watch this unbiased review and I cannot thank you enough, Sophia. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Thank you so ,I have for your honest review. The Thermomix has been the leader in the all-in-one market since the first machine was manufactured in 1971. The only improvement here is that the TM6 allows you to set the temperature in 1 degree steps as opposed to 5 degree steps, which can be important for sous vide as it can make a big difference to the doneness of the food. I think Vorwerk need to look at this seriously because whilst there is not enough people yet to create a stir, things can go viral pretty easy at some point, when people start feeling really frustrated. Proper German engineering! Caramelisation is something that I have dabbled with in the past and, due to the fine temperature control required to get it right, always thought the Thermomix could help with! This is similar story to sous vide mentioned above. I was dubious when DH told me how much it cost, but it's been worth every penny. One thing to note here is that this is not strictly a “new feature”, it is simply a pre-programmed feature that automates the process of cleaning. But one thing I've discovered is that the Thermomix is perfect for these first-time attempts as the recipes provided work well with very little hassle and anxiety. I have seen a Polish video as well with 2 TM6s side by side, one connecting perfectly, the other throwing error c.572 all the time. In my experience, it worked fantastically for honeycomb and caramel and did the important job of removing any residue from the blades before it hardens. If the Cookidoo platform is important to you then this is a really nice feature because I personally always found the cook key on the TM5 to be a little clumsy. Great independent review thanks Sophie! That sounded like a confession. So far I haven’t been able to do that that’s the problem I have with the cookidoo recipes. It doesn’t spiralise but it replaces many gadgets. I have own a T31 for the past 10 years and used it every day! I have my Mum and Dad's old (30 years old - they bought it in 1980 and loved it so much that they had it shipped out to Brunei when Dad got a contract there!) Can you still use the measuring cup for adding oil slowly when making mayonnaise? The TM6 looks near on identical to the TM5, same shape, same size and same bowl. It actually makes the TM5 feel like a toy and very hard to go back to. I I’m extremely disappointed with my new TM6. Pulled pork and bolognese work wonderfully, but you won’t be able to slow cook larger pieces of meat unless you are using one of their preset slow cooking recipes which are few and far between on the platform right now. Do they often do software updates to address issues? Oh I'm very curious about this too. Thanks for the amazing review. This isn’t a huge deal for me, but is a nice little improvement. Just black and white. Here it is guys, my full review of the Thermomix TM6! Hi. Apparently there are quite a few people stuck with this issue and although it won’t prevent anyone from doing their recipes (one can use the app online or connect via a laptop, or use a recipe book), the guided cooking is a great addition when you feel lazy, have your day job to do and just want to “not think” or read the recipe from a book or app. Others, namely frying and caramelisation, require the ability of the TM6 to now reach 160C. Mum just told me that apparently "everybody" has one in Spain and Portugal and it features in every single wedding registry.I have a Kitchen Aid, would it still be worth it? I am seriously considering selling the 5 (probably to my sister) and buying the 6 as I do like guided cooking and am a bit of a chicken when it comes to caramelisation so think that the 6 would be great to assist in that. Although these scales are a huge improvement to the TM5, I can’t report that the TM6 scales are any more durable. I am a Thermie fan,,, from when the first “Orange Cubes”, came on the market! Hello. Greatly appreciate it. Since the app was developed I have lost all my notes attached to different recipes that helped me deal with my son’s food allergies and that was really annoying and still has not been sorted. MoreBeta, the thermomix also cooks the food.I know someone who has one. The new software functions including slow cooking, sous vide, the water heater and the puree function were pretty nifty, but I don’t see any reason why couldn’t have been provided in a software update on the TM5. You cannot use your chips stuck on the side of the Thermomix? I am returning my machine immediately (we have a 14-day cooling off period in the UK) and ask them to replace it under the condition that Cookidoo work seamlessly. Yes, even you! Say bye bye to slow cooking Oma’s goulash in the Thermomix, you’ll have to use their recipe on Cookidoo to do that (which I’m personally not a fan of so far). Read on to find out if they passed the test! Overall I think this is a great added feature but I can’t see any obvious reason why this couldn’t have been included as a simple software update on the TM5. Thermomix in Australia now employs over 100 staff but it is still essentially a family business with Mazur's 34-year-old daughter, Bianca, heading up the New Zealand arm of the business. My TM5 has been sent back on numerous occasions for minor cracking and the scales kept going faulty. Hi Sophia, The blades are still sharp, it works perfectly despite heavy use. The other software features strike me as small and surely could have included them as a software update on the TM5. I haven’t used it much myself but will update once I do. Only a Magimix food processor. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. I also wish we could rate and write any alterations on the recipes for each other as on your recipes and the Australian recipecommunity which I find incredibly helpful. I got the TM5 just before they announced TM6. It’s ‘just a software update’ I was advised. Hopefully this will be unlocked in the future. Would rather spend the money on Dani Valent subscription, this website or LCHF Thermofoodies. The Thermomix's high cost and bold goals made me skeptical. -can you use this manually without a cookidoo recipe? My mother in law is having a demo when it comes out here in Australia. Integrated Wifi and Cookidoo is really convenient if you use guided cooking a lot and/or are a beginner in the kitchen. Instant Pot Lux 6-In-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker Review Design: Sturdy and good-looking For a machine that can achieve so much, the Thermomix is still reasonably sized. As a Thermomix “power-user” and independent recipe developer, I feel like the new features have been aimed at someone else completely and I’m not sure I’m the target market at all. lifestyle; food; Aldi Thermomix review: ACA compares replica to the real deal. ** Update 23rd June 2019: after several months of using the TM6 (sitting on a Thermi Ergoslide on my kitchen counter) I can report that the scales are still working perfectly. Replies may also be deleted. The caramelisation function is also locked behind the Cookidoo wall. listeners: [], callback: cb I must say, as a confident baker and cook, I’m totally feeling babied by Vorwerk here! Our products have been impressing millions of families for more than 130 years, thanks to their superior, innovative technology and legendary long life. Thermomix – couple of thousand dollar black hole or most versatile appliance in the world? We have the TM6 already. If you find such a bowl, please let me know! Thermomix TM6: early verdict Amazingly, ALL removable parts are dishwasher safe Clearly, a 20-in-1 robot sous chef from the future that costs over a grand is a bit of a niche proposition. Thermomix® Spare Parts (33) Show more Show less. There are a few differences though, the first being a much larger touch screen. Anything above 40 degrees and our lovely lactobacilli that we are cultivating start to die. It also means that when you take the lid off, the measuring cup doesn’t fall out which is really nice! To conclude this little section, I was definitely underwhelmed overall with the new software functions here. If you use slow cook mode on a cookidoo recipe, do the blades stop? This is the best kitchen appliance I ever bought. Either way, I would certainly not recommend dragging the TM6 across the kitchen surface and, just to be safe, please use a Thermi Ergoslide to protect the scales when you do need to move it! As you rightly have noted, I certainly would not like to have a TM running for over 24-36 hrs, which large tough cuts of meat do require. Yoghurt on the other hand is a bit of a special case and benefits from higher temperatures (between 30-40 degrees) because you are trying to attract and cultivate totally different microbes in the process. Son gifted GF a designer bag from uni fund AIBU to be livid? You could certainly achieve the exact same results on your TM5, you would just need to spin the dial yourself. However, I was testing the temperature of the caramel throughout the process with my digital thermometer and noticed that the temperature was getting too high. I thought of getting TM6 although I have a TM5. I was particularly interested in the SV function as I have been using SV equipment separately. The thermomix really is a super machine but for half the price you can buy a a good food processor, breadmaker, electronic weigh scale, good pans and utensils and cook loads of different dishes all at the same time - whereas that machine weighs, processes, cooks just one thing at a time. So the High Temp mode is essentially useless, unless you are a zombie. Here it is guys, my full review of the Thermomix TM6! Every single recipe I've tried has been fantastic. forms: { Essentially we are trying to cultivate little microbes called lactobacilli that do the job of transforming the food for us. But I couldn't spend £900 on a gadget. These features are physical changes to the Thermomix that make it different from its predecessor, the TM5, and some of the things that I couldn’t wait to put to the test! It is totally up to you as to whether you feel like this is a priority. Thank you for taking the time to write such an in-depth review. I’ve spent several weeks testing the Thermomix TM6 and really put it through it’s paces, testing every cooking function as best as I can and considering whether the new features are actually worth it. Also, at the same time it still means the text is the same size, so no improvement there on readability. I used the Thermomix to whip egg whites, knead bread, steam vegetables, boil … There's nothing quite as classic as a chocolate brownie, and this is my go-to brownie recipe. I love the 31 for it’s robustness whereas the 5 underwhelmed me from the get-go. It is great about the scale and the screen and I am still tempted to upgrade but I might wait for some of the blips to be sorted. Thermomix. For vegetables and meat, both of which can release a lot of water during cooking, the process leads to steaming and boiling rather than frying. This contributes to faster scrolling through menus, smoother animations and an overall slicker feel. When I heard about the tm6 I was instantly sold as I was considering getting a second one anyway. I really like them both machines when I get to play them which isn’t often. I got mine through a direct sales person. After you’ve cooked a soup for example it is common that we would like to puree it in order to get a lovely smooth texture. I’ve spent several weeks testing the Thermomix TM6 and really put it through it’s paces, testing every cooking function as best as I can and considering whether the new features are actually worth it. These were my results after 10 minutes of frying 4 medium onions. I hope they are, I just haven’t had the chance to test them for long enough! Search the entire site right from here! It sounds like it could be useful. The spatula is more flexible making it easier to remove food and the measuring cup slots into the lid more securely and doesn’t rattle. Good overall analysis. Hi, thank you for your description, can you please write what kitchen appliances it substitutes? Made in Germany. thank you so much for this review, do I get you right? Now, the Thermomix TM6 adds more … Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. My cousin has a thermomix and a bit of me think they sound fab. These bacteria thrive at temperatures between 22-28 degrees…no higher. But the Thermomix is also very different than the Instant Pot. Love the review I’m a bit of a fermentation nerd. I don’t think that the recipe development team has even tested all of the recipes from the basic book! Thanks for your comprehensive review. A real pain! We’ve been always put off from buying a machine that would do the cooking (sort of…) for us because we are keen cooks and growing up in Portuguese families, cooking is obviously something that comes attached to us, pretty much like a DNA nucleotide :-).