The mediating role played by brand admiration and brand attitude between influencer marketing and online purchase intentions are tested. LITERATURE SURVEY to bridging the inequality and foster the planet for a fruitful reminiscence to our future We invite authors to submit the manuscripts of their original work to JASEM anytime during the year. <> 2. Consumer attitude is proposed to mediate between both the exogenous and endogenous relationships. The results indicated that perception on product attribute had significant effect on that discriminate validity of the measurement model was ascertained. Quantitative data analysis was employed in this study. As with more traditional media, social media influencers predominantly promote unhealthy drinks and foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt – consumption of which may increase the risk of overweight, obesity, and non-communicable diseases. o co-create and co-sustain values based on priorities to realise responsible tourism in a local context in a scientific, pragmatic and sustainable manner. Genuineness in Chinese culture was reflected in engagement through sharing posts by the public. using both variance-based and/or covariance-based structural equation modeling (SEM). giving heavy discounts beyond reasonable prices, coupled with unethical practices Gupta, K., (1994), “Congruence between spokesperson and product type: Spencer, N. E., (2004), “Sport Hero. Generally the types of celebrities who are used to endorse products are music artists, movie stars, and also famous athletes and sportsmen. attitudes toward product and attitude toward product influenced repeat purchase intention. The Impact of Social Media Marketing Medium Toward Purchase Intention and Brand Loyalty Among Generation Y.» Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 148: 177-185. H1 b Online Communities has positive impact on purchase intention. them with the latest information (Liu et al. This study applied 2 theories such as Theory of Reasoned Action and Theory of Acceptance Model. Comprehending how the new tourist travels and how they search for information is a crucial step for all brands and marketeers. The marketing strategy is built on social media platforms where consumers are actively seeking information about a product or service, and others experiences before desires for, are made available. All rights reserved. The analysis used was based on Quivy's model, through an online questionnaire. <> Furthermore, the emergence of social media transforms the communication between companies and consumers; the latter compare prices, check for coupons and deals, search for product information, look up opinions on products (Nielsen, 2016), or for example purchase intention. The findings of the study will improve the understanding of the factors which influence the choice to buy generic drugs and support public and private sector in the increasing of their market share. perceived relevance, perceived value and perceived credibility) were closely examined for their influences (Hair et al. Earlier there were four seasonal changes in traditional retail formats, while an upgrade occurs ). Telematics and Informatics, 34: 1177-1190. Keywords: Social Media Communication, e-WOM, Brand Equity, Purchase Intention, ... individuals who serve as the influencers not the technology” (Gonzalez, 2010, p. (Key words: Perception, Attitude, Repeat purchase intention), Comparison between Celebrity Endorsement and Selfie Promotion, The Effect of Influencer Marketing on Consumers’ Brand Admiration and Online Purchase Intentions: An Emerging Market Perspective, The Importance of Genuineness in Public Engagement—An Exploratory Study of Pediatric Communication on Social Media in China. Therefore, this study which aims at examining the display of conspicuous consumption on social media and its impact on purchasing intention will first explain the important concepts regarding the Study also confirmed that attitude toward product attribute was a fully mediating variable relationship of attitude and purchase intention. The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Purchase Intention and the Mediation Effect of Customer Attitude. Hypothesis H1: Social Media Marketing Mediums have positive si gnificant impact on purchase intention of generation Y. H1 a Electronic word of mouth has positive impact on purchase intention. The social media influencers became the third party which provided information about cosmetic products to the social media audience. The statistical society of this study consists of all consumers of leather products to distil butte the questionnaire, sampling method was used. 2012). a mediating variable between effect in relationship of product attribute perception to repeat purchase intention. (2014). Consumers considered JASEM publishes two issues per year (January and July). N2 - This paper investigates the impact of social media influencer endorsements on purchase intention, more specifically, the impact advertising disclosure and source credibility have in this process. As this industry is one of the dirtiest, in this speed on wheels deemed world and Fast Fashion is Establishing an appropriate fit between an, This construct frames endorsement as a, here is a distinct positive relationship between consumers' purchase. The findings indicate that genuine response was positively associated with the number of comments and positive comments, while negatively related to the number of shares. a choice which can vanguard to a more prominent change for the improvement which we make Especially influencer marketing, social media influencers are the entities independent third-party endorser in the social network who influence consumers attitudes through blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and others social platform (Freberg et al., 2011). Reflecting these concerns, scholars have shown a renewed interest in the credibility of sources, their messages, and the media that carry them. 1.1 Social Media Influencer driven 8 1.2 Millennials and Social Media 9 1.3 Bruns-Siddiqui Intention to buy model 10 2 . This study is the first to develop an integrated framework to measure genuineness in online health communication and contributes to the understanding of the effect of genuineness on Chinese public engagement in social media. Intention), SA (Source Attractiveness), SC (Source Credibilit, Bootstrapping procedures were also applied to examine the mediation effect (Preacher, Intention), SA (Source Attractiveness), SC (Source Credibili. ����V�r�,��в�ԩ]�(.�,CF ۝�M/?�?�ӇB(�R��;�!�)KEF�P%�]N���ߜ�%�l�ec���0K����ސ4D�ku#2�AL������L6��|& t�8�p��nqD�l�H��8画�9�t�W¡�6 ���_�D��|�^Fށ"�Lk�vq��1G�GY)ۼͧ$��9���]YD�P�e�&�}���́½����1A�Msٟ�`�E4=!��r���+�)IM.m Q}�'�Y,� We show that social media platforms and their metrics play an important role in such power shifts by granting equal access to communication whilst potentially tilting information asymmetries in favour of the follower. The study showed that 36.5% attitude toward product can be explained by consumer product attribute perception, while 61.6% repeat purchase intention can be explained by attitude toward product. This group of consumers came specifically from Multimedia University. This project is about unconscious behavior of the fashion industry, social media marketing and Considerably, the mobile wallet companies can formulate appropriate marketing decisions in designing a more personalized mobile wallet to Malaysian consumers and protect the benefits of consumers’ secured digital payment to motivate mobile wallet acceptance. Increasing focus on global development and the expansive use of technology in marketing, advertising and promotion have led to shifts in the way in which companies focus on consumers (Quelch & Jocz, 2008). Masters thesis, Dublin, National College of Ireland. Content analysis was employed to examine these dimensions and the related public engagement in 300 social media posts on the largest microblogging site in China. Hence, the purpose of this research was to investigate how the upcoming generation of consumers will be affected by the two information sources, i.e., the brands via narrative advertising, and peer consumers through electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM). As a result, the following hypotheses are proposed: strengthen the advertising results. Theoretical foundations were empirically tested using quantitative research analysis. 33% of those participating in the survey admitted that social media influencers are their … Bardia, Y. H., Abed, A. and Majid, N. Z., (2011), sites/tomward/2017/02/13/5-influencer-mark, trendsthat-will-transform-digital-marketing-, Dominant Logic of Marketing: Dialog, Debat. Toward that end, this chapter reviews, synthesizes, and integrates the substantial literature on source, message, and media credibility; addresses issues of credibility conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement; suggests strategies to ... Nowadays, celebrity endorsement is used more than ever before in companies' sales strategies and marketing campaigns. To capture an audience's attention on endless entertainment and informational platforms, narrative advertisement is deployed to trigger emotions and feelings. The purpose of the research was to discover how social media influencers influenced the brand image, self-concept and the purchase intention of cosmetic consumers. Three antecedent factors Social Media in Marketing: A Review and Analysis of The Existing. From this observation we draw attention to wider challenges in the social media context, which poses important questions for the leadership field. comes from social media which drive the new ways of communication between a companies with their consumers. All hypotheses are found to be supported except for source credibility. The primary aim of this chapter is to show how past research can inform present attempts to understand credibility in the new media environment, focusing particularly on Web-based information. However, few researchers have attempted to understand the effect of influencer marketing on various facets of consumer behaviour (Godey et al., 2016; ... Few researchers have studied the effect of influencer marketing on attitude towards the brand (AB) and purchase intentions (PI). In contrast, celebrity endorsement are, through customers' attitude could potentially offer valuable insights to marketing. Balakrishnan, B. KPD, Dahnil, M. I., and Yi, W. J. <>>> This study developed a four-dimension framework including self-disclosure, genuine response, functional interactivity, and genuineness in Chinese culture to investigate the effect of genuineness in the communication of Chinese social media influencers in pediatrics on public engagement. Eventually, the following hypothesis is offered: Table 6: Hypothesis Testing For Indirect Re, “Investigate the impact of celebrity, Luk, E. K., (2013), “Impact of celebrity endorsement in, Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences, Coney, K. A., (1982), “The persuasive effects of source credibility in buy.