Patreon: **Want to Support? Instagram: Link: Patreon: I passed with flying colors. Merch: License:, A nearly ideallic childhood with loving and supportive parents. She went to a great school and had every opportunity to have a quiet and great life. ** License:, The Unbelievable Story of Genie **  ** Instagram: ** Link: (click the +Message) **Website** Music from ** Instagram: Symmetry by Kevin MacLeod Instagram:  ** ** Pilar’s story: “How I became the most hated character in Afflicted. He grew into a sexual sadist...and no one had a clue. Merch: **Want to Support? **Want to Sponsor? Patreon: License:, The story of Helle Crafts Anchor: Leaving Home by Kevin MacLeod Merch: Patreon: "Hitman" " "Whiskey on the Mississippi" "Virtues" "Dark Walk" "Day of Chaos" "Stay the Course"  by Kevin MacLeod ( Anchor: Now that Afflicted has come out, it’s apparent that he wasn’t entirely joking. Thumbnail: Shincheonji gathering Instagram: Instagram: Ideally, psychiatrists like Dr. Richard Friedman should never have been interviewed. Link: **Want to Support? Tranquility by Kevin MacLeod Website: License: CC BY (, The true story behind the 2011 film, "The Rite", is about a priest who questions his faith, decides his calling is to be an Exorcist, and travels to Rome. Has the mystery of who was actually Jack the Ripper been solved? Other than his father leaving the family, there was nothing to indicate that he would be the sadistic, sexual pedophile he later became. Thumbnail: Silence of the Lambs Based on a true story, The Afflicted takes you inside the lives of those who live in constant fear with no escape. "Virtutes" "Revival" by Kevin MacLeod ( Patreon: Website: When I was approached about being in Afflicted, I had already written several essays about my fight for survival, but having it told visually was appealing to me. Website: Intro: "Disciples" - Captain Murphy Thumbnail: The Conjuring Thumbnail: Leonard Lake & Charles Ng   Leave me a VM:  License:, Ed Edwards was born an illegitimate child, raised in many different environments and never able to form a true bond with any adults charged with his upbringing. Website: License:, Pierre Chanal Instagram: Patreon: Licence: CC BY (, David Berkowitz seemed to be troubled from a very young age. John contracted a very serious illness as a toddler that is believed to have affected his complete mental health. Patreon: Patreon: Instagram: