In Texas, to apply for property tax appraisal on lands maintained under an open spaced lands as authorized by Section 1-d-1 of the Texas Constitution, including appraisal of agricultural lands, timber lands, or land used for wildlife management, a property owner must file the proper documentation with the County Appraisal District on or before April 30 in the tax year that a wildlife … do you want to learn more about? But don’t worry, this is where we can help you. The first requirement for wildlife management use qualification is purely technical and is not related to the land's actual use to manage wildlife. A wildlife exemption allows landowners to eliminate traditional farming and ranching practices on their property while maintaining a low agricultural tax rate. Landmark Wildlife Management is a Texas-based wildlife management company dedicated to helping landowners reach their land and wildlife management goals. To speak to Keith directly, please call 512.906.9491. What wildlife species interest you the most? The estimated annual cost for plan implementation is $4,900 the first year and $1,200 in subsequent years. Which practices (brush management, food plots, additional water sources, etc.) If you’ve changed your mind about any wildlife practices between the site visit and the completion of your first draft, we will make any modifications before the plan is sent to the appraisal district for review. After years of experience, We have streamlined the process of developing wildlife management plans for individual property owners. It will also keep the exemption status ongoing, making it more attractive to potential buyers of the property years later. These questions, with additional follow up if necessary, are designed to help us understand more about you, your goals, and your property. A wildlife management plan (WMP) is a document used by developers and landowners to outline and implement steps for increasing, preserving, or managing wildlife on a given property. Not only does the lay person lack the knowledge of common habitat management practices, but they may not know which practices are applicable to their land. However, if you lose your agricultural tax valuation, the tax rate for your now residential-taxed acreage can jump up to $30 to $50 an acre. Wildlife Exemption in Hill County: How to Qualify? Landmark Wildlife only utilizes masters-level wildlife biologists for site visits and plan writing. What is an Ag Exemption? Follow prompts to make a payment. In 1995, Texas voters made wildlife management valuation, more informally known as a wildlife exemption, part of the state’s constitution as an agricultural valuation. Then the landowner must complete Form 1-d-1, elect the wildlife management option and attach Form PWD 885-W7000 Wildlife Management Plan. Wildlife Management Exemption (Valuation) A wildlife management exemption – or valuation, as it is more formally called – is an alternate type of agricultural valuation that lets you retain your favorable Texas agricultural exemption while eliminating the need for fencing, veterinary care, harvesting and the other expenses associated with farming, ranching or growing timber. And if that is not enough information to make an informed decision, think about total costs. Dry Creek Ranch, Bailey Tract, etc.) Making the transition from ag or timber to wildlife is one of the most important decisions you will make for your land. Landowners in a wildlife management property association can submit one wildlife management plan for the group, but every landowner is required to sign it. The guarantee also gives you assurance that our biologists do everything in our power to get your property approved. If a portion of, or all of a property is deemed eligible to receive an Agricultural Valuation, that property will receive a Production Value along with its … Tax Exemption in Texas Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a wildlife exemption — it’s a wildlife tax valuation. Ag & Wildlife Tax Exemptions . Ready to Learn About Your Plan? Our Senior Property Tax Consultant certification allows us to legally represent you and your property to the appraisal district, ensuring you get the best representation during the conversion process and giving you the convenience and assurance of knowing that your land and interests are being communicated in a professional manner.