Developed an Internet based web infrastructure for Oracle Consulting packaged solution offerings and delivery. Developed solutions using C# and JavaScript. Provided leadership and Project Management support for all improvement initiatives. Worked with teams on six sigma projects for the new line I was responsible for. Managed 140 LANs (2,600+ nodes) comprised Windows servers and PCs, Macintosh workstations, networked copiers and printers. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay connected, What Does Your Organization Sound Like? An experienced technical manager will scrutinize important communication to ensure that the right perceptions are delivered every time to business managers, team members, and project leaders. Trained new technicians and Customer Service representatives on company systems and processes. Let your programmer mourn their loss. A good technical manager is someone with an open-door policy. Developed Service-Level Agreements aligned with business requirements. Automated several steps of the Release Management process by creating Unix deployment scripts. Don’t waste your time being a mediocre manager. Used extensive technical knowledge to provide technical support to customers via telephone before dispatching a technician. Represented QA on operational and cross-functional project teams as assigned. Directed new product development and introduction efforts for several plants. Developed strong relationships with senior management to provide customer insights which contributed to the development of strategic touch point decisions. Sometimes sacrifices must be made for the good of the project. Used such tools as Visual Studio, SourceSafe, Microsoft SQL Server, as well as Oracle RDBMS. Developed XML standards for data import module based on AL3 to XML translation. Developed and implemented Setup and Changeover systems while reducing setup times. Provided input to technical training programs delivered to engineering, sales teams and external customers. Provided assessment of intellectual property to support new business development activities for alliances, licensing and technology investments. Designed and implemented the Quality Assurance policies and procedures for all company-wide software development projects. Provided executive leadership guidance on process improvement efforts which impacts departmental productivity metrics. In time, the technical manager will be able to make swift decisions relying on instinct — these instincts help to supplement decisions that require evidence and logic. Technology projects are notorious for their delays. Identified new projects, scheduled meetings, took meeting minutes, and acted as liaison between SMEs and customer. Delivered requirements gathering workshops, design solutions, setup CRP1 using accelerator setup loader. Managed Several conversions from traditional technologies: NDS to Windows AD, PBX to Voice over IP and others. Acted as architect for major technical designs for Checkpoint Publishing Systems and served in organization and corporate architecture councils. Administered & managed technical activities of installation, operation & maintenance of hardware. phones, computers, portable devices or other compatible add-ons. Whenever possible, you should give feedback (like restating what you’ve heard) to validate your understanding of the other person. Managed a team of four project managers responsible for technology change management requests and infrastructure projects. Earned $500K in hard benefit in validated Six Sigma Black Belt projects (2005). A good technical manager is a facilitator. Be a good mentor. Created Stored Procedures and Functions to enable efficient database access from Java classes. Led the data and protocol analysis group of the technical training department. Developed agile based process for releasing software while remaining compliant with FDA documentation requirements. Established the use of SharePoint as the medium for sharing information within the teams as well as between co-managers. A good technical manager is someone who’s been around the block. Managed the media department setting procedures, investigating new technologies, training new employees and purchasing computer/video equipment. As a technical specialist, you have to possess a lot of skills that are specific to your field and specialism, but there are some skills that are helpful for all technical specialists: IT and Computer skills. Managed the identification and adaptation of new technologies and their transformation into services. Executed the following duties with full operational responsibility Directing and mentoring individuals regarding cloud architecture, data center consolidation and implementation. As a manager, it’s critical to see the big picture. Evaluated, identified and oversaw process improvements relating to environmental issues. Managed project to develop, conceptualize, and execute computer systems and procedures allowing more effective client communications and controlling expectations. Led 8 product quality improvement breakthrough projects, over half of these projects rolled out. Identified and presented storage product quality trends to IBM executive management to ensure development decisions were addressing customer issues. Managed and executed complex migration of a 1TB SharePoint farm into the Pfizer standard ECF SharePoint farm. Performed detailed due diligence on multiple internet solution providers based on critical success factors for the new dealership web platform. Provided significant competitive advantages by reducing product development cycles and go to market turnaround. Designed new laboratory for downsizing operation, directed laboratory move to new facility and equipment validations. Utilized formal SDLC to coordinate system development activities. Managed the SDLC for an Image Management system for all of Viacom's Distributed Artwork to their digital partners. Supervised programming and database administration within an ORACLE database management system supporting the Defense Communications Agency. Ideally, a manager has been a mentor to their peers before becoming a technical manager. Ensured the project team stayed in compliance with the outlined SDLC. Supervised the technical staff and provided customer support via telephone to overseas customers. Utilized State standard SUN x86 servers using LINUX, Oracle and VMWare virtualization. Performed numerous, concentrated internet searches for researchers. Important Technical Skills for Managers Office Skills. Developed the system proposal for an enterprise wide order-tracking platform for the consumer organization. Implemented and maintain SQL-based ticket and concession system including online portal and implementation of multiple POS terminals. Defined and established CTQ raw material specifications improving product quality and customer satisfaction. Then, the technical manager will build a vision for the team to capitalize on the team’s strength. Provided thought leadership and moved the enterprise to the next level of SharePoint adoption and maturity. She has a background in programming and statistics. Supported five engineering labs where ASIC chip design, database qualification and new server product development/testing occurred. Utilized consultative approach with respect to making software and hardware recommendations tailored to meet customer-s needs. Managed daily operation of high volume, fast-paced outpatient radiology department with 40 to 50 direct reports. Implemented state of art product for improved response time and stability of platform using SQL 2000 and Java/J2EE framework. Basic proficiency with office software like Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google Docs and any relevant... Computer and Digital Literacy. Implemented and maintained advanced systems for doing business including CRM, Data mining tools, and marketing assets. Led the identification of a global learning management system and managed the project implementation and change management activities. Used jQuery heavily at the client side(AJAX, HTML). Negotiated cost estimates with vendors and maintained relationships reducing the overall costs of technology. Often, programmers will look to the technical manager to ask questions about the business. Participated in Linux Server Farm Administration tasks. Coordinated the QA/Test department activities including staffing and equipment cost requirements. Supported various business units including Enterprise Risk Management, Security Finance, Global Market and Mutual-Fund administration Services. Developed edit decision list support in C++. Here's how Procedures is used in Technical Manager jobs: Managed project to develop, conceptualize, and execute computer systems and procedures allowing more effective client communications and controlling expectations. Managed technical staff including networking and server administrators. Managed and lead development of a Nstein/Ixiasoft based XML content. Build essential leadership and communication skills. That’s why having a process in place for making such decisions is necessary. A star doesn’t shine without the support of their team. Monitored and policed engineering changes to ensure product quality. Directed technical operations for capital planning and execution, project management, manufacturing and facilities maintenance, and information technology support. In large companies, these opportunities don’t come often. However, this does not include spying or invasion of a team member’s privacy. According to American social and organizational psychologist Robert Katz, the three basic types of management skills include: Researched and implemented operational procedures for all regions and researched and coordinated purchasing and distribution of equipment to regional studios. Implemented high Availability solutions for SQL Server including SQL clustering technologies and SQL transaction log shipping. Supervised technical staff and directed backstage setup and procedures. Implemented a company-wide Digital Asset Manager housing over 1 million images and integrated it with Content Management System. Once team members lose respect for their technical manager, it takes a long time to regain this respect. Provided proposal writing and lead technical volume development for NVI's internal business development efforts. Interpreted product marketing requirements and global wireless telecommunication standards in developing system requirements and functional specifications. Implemented development standards to ensure appropriate separation of duties among enterprise system functionality. Managed and implemented multiple Exchange/SQL/Windows server upgrades and migrations. A technical manager must have good technical expertise. Develop key technical program management skills. Developed timecode support in C++ and DSP. Prepared relevant reports and presentation materials for Senior management review through an internal stage gate process. Developed a java based e-commerce portal for online learning to integrate with Blackboard and various social tools via web services. A good technical manager has a vision. Identified and captured opportunities for new business development and revenue improvement through information technology implementation. A good technical manager is a manager first, a mentor second, and a teammate third. Developed Java and J2EE components and Web services to expose and integrate with the SCM processes 6. Customized GUI interface and branding of eCDS using HTML and JSP, based on Stakeholder need. Demonstrated flexibility in taking on Project Management and Engagement Management roles as needed. Facilitated recruiting, performance reviews, and merit administration. A productive conversation isn’t a one-way street. Provided security architecture/distributed systems recommendations for a power utility. Provided Consulting services to several customer driving execution and delivery of enterprise wide development projects. Worked closely with Atlanta Service Center administration to transition facility scheduling departments into the call center. Implemented SQL Server upgrade for MS SharePoint from 2007 to new 2010 environment running on a SQL Server 2012 cluster. Provided technical expertise in diagnosing, trouble shooting and repairing faulty machinery and equipments. Utilized ORACLE RAC, Oracle XML databases, Distributed Advance Queuing and other technologies to implement complete database environment re-architecture. Ensured compliance with FDA regulations and all customs issues for international clients. Setup/Opened/Managed a Manchester branch store in1997. Team building exercises are helpful to facilitate trust-building. Submitted periodic memos and proposals to supervisors detailing design considerations, results, and recommendations for future simulation improvement. Trained and built a team on those new technologies paving path for multiple future projects and strong in-house expertise. Designed several large-scale Data Warehouse and BI Reporting projects. Created and edited xml to format and publish materials to the web. Managed LAN/WAN installation/configuration/support for a high school, middle school, and an elementary school with a campus setup. Good technical managers adapt their management style for the good of each team member. Have you ever seen a technical manager immensely stressed about a given situation but acts as if nothing’s happening? Project Initiation. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Technical Manager resumes they appeared on. If you use a decision-making process grounded in evidence and logical thinking, then you’ll be able to take responsibility (even for the failures, delays, and other unforeseen circumstances). When managers throw team members under the bus, they lose respect in a big way. Developed at Constellation was completed using a mix of Visual Basic, primarily using WinForms architecture. Standardized engagement process for business to engage Unix support and to improve SLA. Identified and mitigated risks through all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Developed and implemented Digital Oilfield integration plans for real-time reservoir monitoring and production surveillance. Trained newly formed distributed project management team and conducted resource management. A project manager without those technical skills can’t make that contribution, unless they seek to build those skills as part of preparing to lead the project. Programmed in Perl/mod_perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, Python, SQL and HTML. Collaborated on maintenance of first ever company website, creating HTML forms, website backup processes and front-end logins. This article discusses a number of technical skills that will serve project managers well. Designed/Developed/Maintained custom software to support business processes utilizing VB6/SQL Server. What Are Tech Support Skills? Promoted and accepted position of Maintenance Supervisor and then promoted to Maintenance Leader. A well-crafted resume skills section, highlighting your relevant skills for an operations manager position, will help your resume beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is the first step to getting your application noticed. In any relationship, trust between team members is built over the years. Researched and deployed secure yet open Wireless (WiFi) solution to provide Internet access and for-fee printing to library patrons. Produced network diagrams with PowerPoint to visually define scope and communicated requirements to team. Championed process improvements with technological changes by fully automating recruiting and on-boarding--expediting staffing procedures and new hire satisfaction. Managed product development for Dyeing and finishing Including all Laboratory operations for color development. Implemented new daily processing procedures that streamlined daily operations, saving approximately 1 hour a day in manual operations. Often, a good technical manager will make an effort to hone these instincts by taking risks. Developed the framework in Java using J-Web cartridge, enabling rapid design of future cartridges. Created employee yearly goals, facilitated performance reviews, and set incentive plans to drive employee morale that increased customer satisfaction. Designed and developed an enterprise UI framework utilizing XML/XSL/AJAX technologies. Provided technical expertise; resolved problems. Converted pages from HTML loose DTD to strict DTD. Managed a team of SharePoint and technical specialists to provide both development and administration support for SharePoint application and infrastructure. Used C++ and integrated with Genesys and Avaya software for video communication and MQ for data communication. Indeed many of the project managers contributing to this debate described how they had worked on increasing their technical knowledge when taking on a project in a new area. Seeing the big picture means seeing the business impact of projects. Managed technical team collaborating with all air business units. Look at the key skills you need to be an effective manager, and focus on learning one new skill at a time. Achieved $2MM annual improvements in Value Added, Quality, and Productivity utilizing Lean Six-Sigma tools. Directed final construction, successful start up, and additional capacity expansion projects in Evergreen's pilot/manufacturing facility. Managed day to day operations including customer service and employee management. Provided technical expertise to faculty and students, facilitating the successful production of audio and video campus presentations. Developed Project Charter, Project Requirement Document and Solution Architecture Package and reviewed with project stakeholders. Increased productivity by automating welding applications and by applying new technologies. Served as department project manager with technical project management teams to ensure supported technology was implemented correctly and on time. Assisted in organizing re-location of operation to new facility, smooth transition including no interruption of services to customers. Managed training of 36 Six Sigma Green Belts for both salary positions and hourly team leaders. The manager may use one management style with the entire team and other styles to fit the various personalities on the team. When your project is delayed, you were up all night, and your entire team is having a crisis with the technical design in the middle of the project, it’s easy to lose your patience. Managed database administration (DBA) team responsible for production of SQL database operation on 24/7 basis. Ideally, a good technical manager will master the business knowledge to lead teams successfully through projects. Managed all off-shore activities for Verizon Business Application Development, responsible for compliance with all off-shoring laws and regulations. Managed 160 home-dispatch service technicians (32 direct reports) in a union environment covering a four-state service area. Excelled as Regional Asia Pacific Product Manager for distributed applications on Intel, Apple, and UNIX platforms. That means managing the right expectations for both the business as well as the technical team. Managed the entire end to end software development life-cycle (SDLC). Trained clients and users on PCs/softwares. Identified and corrected multiple server, desktop, application and personnel issues that impacted user ability to productively use technology. Provided advanced technical support and system management of CRM solution for call centers located in 3 countries with over 1,000 agents. Interfaced with business Units and design teams to identify foundry and technology requirements for products. Consulted with e-learning vendors to provide technical expertise of implementing e-learning content on the Saba LMS. Aligned to engagements based on earned skills in business analysis, project management, and customer relationship management. Do a personal SWOT analysis, and try to find a mentor who has experienced the same transition. Managed enhancements and maintenance releases through entire SDLC. Developed emergency action checklist and reviewed safety requirements for new satellite fueling facility. Supervised one regulatory manager, two regulatory specialists, one senior technical supervisor and two experienced technicians. Implemented new development standards for J2EE, PHP, Ajax, JavaScript. Initiated development projects with external venders providing technical expertise, development staff and development schedule necessary to complete the projects. Conducted performance reviews of partners' technical team members and provided feedback and recommendations to the higher management. Served as scientific, technical expert and interface liaison with external collaborators and contractors. This technical manager will understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Directed a pilot data warehouse project for a national pharmaceutical manufacturer. Used rapid application development model and iterative methodology to save 10,000 engineering hours. Many companies promote their managers from within for this very purpose. Designed and implemented a SharePoint document library loader to migrate SharePoint 2001 documents into SharePoint 2007. Increased machine utilization from 89% to 96% by implementing preventative maintenance and performance measurement programs. TPMs drive programs to completion in a quick an effective manner. Used XML, XML Schemas and XML Beans to marshall and unmarshall XML request and response messages from the Mainframe region. Managed technical manufacturing issues for improved product quality, compliance, and delivery. Implemented a homegrown SQL-based model line management tool using agile development techniques. Organized and lead multiple application and infrastructure improvements that increased network backbone performance positively impacting end-user experience. Developed recommendations and new standards across all disciplines including networking, quality assurance and database and application development. Managed relationship with several outside consulting agencies and vendors supporting infrastructure growth, data center operations, and specialized software development. Worked on implementation with XML and XSLT. Supported several enterprise-wide delivery initiatives. Developed initial managed hosting facility Worked closely with area Hospitals and Clinics to help them integrate Medical Management Software systems. Worked closely with consultants to successfully migrate a legacy document management system to an online host based system. Designed and implemented a multimedia equipment checkout system using ColdFusion and MySQL databases. Do you let your programmer take a few days off to process this loss? Developed/modified many Java Script libraries to be used as part of common infrastructure for applications. Trust does not happen overnight. Created an enterprise glossary of assessment content terms and elements to facilitate communication between disparate product and technical teams. Installed and Setup MOSS 2007 to ensure all departments had collaboration within the organization. Helped build prototypes and reference implementations in C++. Assisted start-ups, small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and arts and cultural non-profits with navigating city and state agencies. Created systems team to monitor and maintain Unix systems that were formerly outsourced. Prepped and delivered PCs and Google Chrome books for public and private sector clients. Developed MS Access databases to monitor quality systems for manufactured and co-packed products. Developed and networked a non-profit Community Technology Center(CTC) using the Linux Terminal Server Project. The most effective management skills you should develop, regardless of your department or industry, can be grouped into four primary categories: organizational skills, planning and strategy skills, communication skills and people management skills. Provided acceptance to installations through observations and answering of Request for Information from designer and installers. Here is a … Let's find out what skills a Technical Manager actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Coordinated various application and system enterprise upgrades using proven methodologies and teamwork to produce successful outcomes. Before there can be a … Developed and fostered teams of highly-qualified personnel capable of supporting assigned and following projects through to successful completion.