This form of Pee Gee hydrange... a , as well as being incredibly sun tolerant flowers for a very long period ... Flowering almost constantly from summer to winter ... A large deciduous shrub , responds well to hard pruning ... new variety of Hydrangea paniculata tolerating more sun than other hydrangeas , with smaller leaves. Buy now from our mail order nursery . They open in green shades, maturing to white then the show continues with creams and soft pinks, graduating to deeper and deeper pink shades. Hydrangea Plants. Hydrangea quercifolia This is a standout shrub under trees, 1m x 1m, loved for its long flower panicles and scalloped, oak-like leaves which colour brilliantly in autumn. Hydrangea 'Sunday Fraise' is a wonderful new introduction. … Quite hardy and reliable, A must for any garden. Flowers emerge creamy white in mid-summer, change to pink as night temperatures drop. Hydrangea paniculata ‘Sundae Fraise’ H. paniculata ‘Sundae Fraise’ has grown well here even during hot summers. Bred to be smaller and more compact, the flowers are borne on medium-sized cones that open creamy white in late July, becoming increasingly saturated with pink as the flowers age. Hydrangea 'Sundae Fraise' is an award-winning introduction from the renowned French breeder Jean Renault. Actual product may vary due to pot size, availability and season. Mophead, lacecap, macrophylla, quercifolia, paniculata, arborescens, serrata, white hydrangeas for sale. Hydrangea Sundae Fraise 20cm Botanical Name: Hydrangea paniculata Sundae Fraise: Common Names: Sundae Fraise Hydrangea: Foliage Type: Deciduous: Native: No: … As the weather begins to cool, pink kisses slowly take over the lush, … These plants provide quite fabulous colourful flowers during Spring – Autumn and can be planted in part shade to full sun. Plant an island bed with 3,5 or 7 plants in a sweeping curve. As summer progresses these heads become flushed with soft pink and slowly age to deep pink. The fantastic flower color lasts well into fall. With its compact habit, this hydrangea adds spectacular color and impressive flowers to … Use Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea in large containers on the patio, or on either side of your front door. Flower clusters bloom creamy white in mid-summer. Like all panicle hydrangeas, ‘Sundae Fraise’ is tolerant of most soils, regardless of their pH, as long as it’s well-drained. It's a stunningly modern foundation plant and fits well under the front windows. The Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea is a new variety from the plant connoisseurs that brought you the hugely popular Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea! This French bred variety carries large creamy white flower heads. Strawberry Sundae ™ is a delicious new compact hydrangea. Partner with shrub Roses and add spring flowering Bulbs in front to complete the look. “Hydrangea” Our great range of mail order Hydrangea includes many varieties including Mop heads, Lacecaps and climbers in a full range of colours and sizes. The flowers are chameleons, changing colour through the season. Purchase colourful and varied Hydrangea plants. Online retail nursery specializing in Hydrangea plant varieties. The flowers age into dusky pink, caramel and chocolate-russet tones and as a bonus these hydrangeas tolerate more sun than others and don’t require as much water. Pink-white blooms of hydrangea ‘Sundae Fraise’ The flowers of this compact variety start out a creamy green colour, before flushing pink as the panicles age. Hydrangea Sundae Fraise 20cm ; Images are for reference purposes only.