Summer Cocktails Whatever your summer situation—outdoor bar, rooftop, backyard BBQ—the season calls for something fresh, something chilled, something like a great cocktail with Jameson. Whisky ain't just for the cold. Add the bitters, sugar cube, and water to a cocktail jar. начно #summertime #jackdaniels #lynchburglemonade, A post shared by Mr.Jack (@jean_roschin) on Jul 18, 2020 at 5:29am PDT, Bottle To Use: Uncle Nearest 1856 Tennessee Whiskey. Keep cool this summer with these refreshing whiskey cocktails. “Whiskey goes incredibly well with citrus, a perfect summer ingredient.”. It adds a bit more depth and is a better counterpoint to the ginger ale while supporting the bitters, in my opinion. Drop the rind into the glass. Serve. This drink is easy to replicate and focuses on a really … But hey, if you dig it with lemon, by all means, go that route. The great thing about whiskey is you can mix it into cocktails so it’s more enjoyable for a crowd. Though strongly linked with the Kentucky Derby, this drink can and should be enjoyed all summer long. How to Make a Peach Whiskey Sour. Spritz the cocktail with the oils from the orange rind and rub the rind around the glass. This bourbon cocktail is a classic—and rightfully so. That's what makes this drink such a pleasant surprise. While this is often served with a lemon rind and oils, I prefer it with orange. Add bitters, Benedictine, and Jameson to a cocktail jar. (Photo by Alexandra Grablewski) For many Americans, the Mint Julep they hoist on Derby Day each May celebrates the most exciting two minutes in sports, while simultaneously marking a seasonal farewell to whisky. Get our best cocktail recipes, tips, and more when you sign up for our newsletter. Garnish with a lemon wheel and mint sprig for a fragrant summer sipper. Discard the rind. Stir until the jar is ice cold to touch. Fill an eight-ounce highball glass (or Collins glass) with ice. If you’re new to whiskey (or even if you’re a seasoned drinker), you might think that the brown liquor is best consumed on a cool weather day. These nine whiskey recipes for the summer months are refreshing, without sacrificing the bold flavors inherent to the spirit. In this case, they're correct. Canadian whisky is a category that has gained popularity with bartenders, and the Northern Harvest Buck highlights why. Gluten-free . I learned how to make this the last time I was at Bow Street in Dublin. Muddle until the sugar cube is completely broken down. Heartburn. Add a small splash of absinthe to a pre-chilled rocks (or old fashioned) glass. This tropical whiskey martini adds dry vermouth to the mix, which marries the two distinct flavors. Enjoy it with a summer meal and you're sure to enjoy its complex beauty. Vegan . While you can drink it as a shot or on the rocks, it may be time for you to branch out and try something new. As soon as winter passes, and leaves start turning green, many people believe it’s time to change their drinking preferences from whiskey to gin, vodka or other clear spirits. Fill cocktail shaker with ice. In the end, this is a great summer drink that goes down almost too easily. Fill a ten-ounce highball glass (or Collins glass) with ice. What the #$@! Top 6 Summer Whiskey Cocktails . Summer drinking necessitates fresh produce, long bubbly sippers and sweet refreshers that are perfect for long, balmy afternoons, and whiskey cocktails can get the job done when mixed with the right ingredients. Kentucky native Doug Kragel, Diageo’s American whiskey ambassador, loves to drink what he calls simple pours in the summer, such as whiskey and ginger beer. There are few whiskey drinks more summery than a Lynchburg Lemonade. Bring these two together and mix up a great whiskey cocktail for the celebration. Don’t mix the two, save that rare bottle for the fall and winter. The bourbon brings a nice body to this crisp summer cocktail. Van start: Doe … Serve over mounds of crushed ice and top with freshly picked garden mint 5 mins . This one is as straightforward as it gets: a one-two punch of Crown Royal Apple whisky and cranberry juice, stirred and topped with an apple wheel. These 22 whiskey cocktails are easy to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Or maybe simply misguided. Plus, it’s a cinch to make. A splash of orange liqueur is blended with an ounce or so of bourbon and topped with spicy, dry ginger ale to counter the sweetness. This cocktail, with red plums, sage, and rye whiskey, is like a grown-up whiskey sour. ... Whisky has always been a great choice for summer cocktails, but this year in particular it solidified its part in my ‘chill summer rituals.’ Drop the rind into the cocktail. Add in the ice and stir until the jar is ice-cold to touch. But we’re not afraid to mix it up either. Corn whiskey is paired with rye, plus brandy, Italicus aperitivo, a duo of vegetal bitters, a pinch of celery salt and a dash of absinthe. Get the recipe: The Summer Sage But whiskey is incredibly versatile, especially if we’re talking about sweet, oaky bourbon. Add bourbon, vermouth, Campari, and ice into a cocktail jar. by brad neathery / may 9, 2019. Because you’ve got to cool down somehow! Grab a cocktail strainer and strain the whiskey sour into the glass. Add ice and stir until ice-cold to touch. And fun! Garnish with a mint sprig and a lime slice. Ginger Watermelon Slush Yields 4. Whiskey of all persuasions––from bourbon and rye to scotch, Irish, Canadian and Japanese––isn’t only for cold weather. The result is a medley of summery flavors that weave together like birdsong. Strain the cocktail into the prepared glass. 2 cl. A post shared by Douglas Karr (@dknewmedia) on Jul 21, 2020 at 4:39pm PDT, Bottle To Use: Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Pop the lid off and add a handful of ice. Ingredients. Made with: Any type of whiskey Add the Uncle Nearest, Cointreau, and lemon juice and stir until well-blended (10 seconds). It’s quite a bit more complex than an Old Fashioned. A friend recommended a #Boulevardier. This tall ruby sipper features Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye, a contemporary version of the classic bottling of young rye sweetened with rock candy, plus scotch, Campari, citrus, grenadine and a soda top. Do I Do with This? This one adds a hoppy IPA to 100-proof bourbon, some citrus and, the kicker, muddled fresh marjoram. 25 Superb Whiskey Cocktails . Strain into a chilled coupe or Nick and Nora glass. Pop the lid off and let the excess drip back into the shaker from the lid. 11/07/2019 Those who said whiskey is a winter drink haven’t met these summer whiskey cocktails yet. From old-fashioned American originals to bright, modern creations, there's a simple whiskey drink waiting for you. Whiskey is the king of classic cocktails, so we love ourselves a good Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Julep. Whisky Sours have been a cocktail I’ve managed to adapt to spring, summer, autumn and winter with great effect, but 808 Snap, based on 808 grain whisky, makes it super-simple. If I’m not drinking a Beer Spritz this summer, I’ll be drinking a Horse’s Neck. Thoroughbreds not required. Easy-Drinking Whiskey Cocktails to Toast the End of Summer. Use younger whiskey for these summer cocktails. A fantastic and simple summer cocktail, with orange liqueur, lemon and pomegranate juices with the whiskey, perfect for porch sipping, from Tasting Page! A great way to change this recipe up while still celebrating the beauty of a great Tennesee whiskey is to use Uncle Nearest in place of the Jack. Spritz the orange oils over the cocktail and rub the rind around the glass. This classy cocktail has a retro name and a sweet tart flavor: it’s the Gold Rush! C ameron Bray, Bartender-in-residence at STARWARD Whisky in Melbourne, Australia, says: “Whisky can often be viewed as a bit of a stuffy, tweed-jackety kind of spirit but it was a key ingredient in many of the vibrant roaring 20s roots of the modern cocktail scene. Lock the lid on the shaker and shake vigorously for 30 solid seconds. Maracuja. Strain the cocktail into an ice-filled rocks (or old fashioned) glass. Hot toddy. Summer is right around the corner and we can’t wait to spend time in the great outdoors. Spritz the cocktail with the lemon oils from the rind and rub it around the glass. Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail. It should fill right to the top. 2 ratings 4.0 out of 5 star rating. But while my annual post featuring summer cocktail recipes takes a lot of different forms, it seemed fitting to finally do a post on my favorite summer whiskey cocktail recipes. Sweet summertime—it’s sweet for a reason, thanks to the bounty of fruit ripening on trees, shrubs, and bushes. It’s a summer whiskey cocktail made with lemon, mint, whiskey, and sweetener, and served with crushed ice. Add ice. Eight whisky cocktails perfect for summer 24 July 2018 by Matt Evans As the temperatures soar you may be tempted to reach for that cold white wine or beer, but don’t forget whisky can make the perfect summer refreshment too. Spicy, sweet, sour and fizzy, it hits several important notes for optimal summer refreshment. For many people, the Mint Julep that they have on Derby Day in May is their last venture into brown spirits until the next winter’s Manhattans.But just because the temperature rises doesn’t mean you should banish your whiskies to the back of the liquor cabinet. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Or maybe you're just looking for a new whiskey cocktail to enjoy instead of that boring old whiskey on the rocks? With its burst of floral aromatics and the thirst-quenching power of cucumber, it's one of those drinks people like to label "Summer in a glass!" It was listed in a bartender guide published in 1887. the one & only • Horses Neck • Bourbon Whiskey|Ginger Ale|Angostura Bitters|Lemon Zest|❤️ #onpointbartending #onpointalgarve #mobilebaralgarve #mobilebartraileralgarve #mobilebar #mobilebartending #weddingalgarve #luxuryvillaalgarve #algarvewedding #algarveportugal #alentejoportugal #horsesneck #bookingsopen2019 #seeyousoon #cheers, A post shared by On. Courtesy image. There are lots of components, but the result is worth it: a composed flavor salad with a pretty flower garnish. Your palate will be plenty distracted from that sultry heat wave. Schotse whisky. This Irish version of an old fashioned adds a little something to the classic drink while still feeling very familiar and welcoming. As the rainy cool of the Spring begins to fade away and the swimsuits begin to emerge, historically, this is the time when whiskey would be replaced with the clear spirits, but the times are changing. Whether it’s Juleps or Highballs, there’s no denying that brown spirits are the base of some pretty refreshing drinks. The usual gin is swapped out for bourbon and a whole new dimension to the drink opens up. Add whiskey, torn mint, and lime juice concentrate; shake until blended. Pineapple and whiskey rarely find a place together, but the Algonquin cocktail demonstrates how well the duo can work. The name makes it sounds like a 1920’s mixed drink, but it’s actually a modern take on the classic whiskey sour.If you’re a lover of bourbon drinks, add this one to your “to do” list.The combination of the zing of the lemon, the nuance of the honey, and the spicy whiskey … This savory take on the Dark 'n Stormy is another cocktail with a lot afoot: Jameson Black Barrel, Cardamaro, a peated Irish whiskey, lime juice, ginger syrup, aromatic bitters, tamarind chutney and vanilla soda. Here are the essential whiskey cocktails to try at home. Then you’re going to love this whiskey-based version of the iconic Italian cocktail. But sometimes classic cocktails are too much. Do you dig Negronis? Well, lots of people are just plain wrong. Spritz with lemon oils from the rind, rub the rind around the glass, and drop it in the cocktail. I then drank a fair few at the bar in the lobby of Jameson’s flagship location in the Irish capital. Plus, in the tradition of the Lemon Shandy and Michelada, beery drinks can be the ideal warm weather cooler. In fact, bourbon and rye cocktails like the Ward 8 and the Whiskey … A well-made whiskey cocktail is a nice reward at the end of any day. So you can imagine people in the Victorian times guzzling down this drink! It's summer and cocktails are a much-needed break from day to day quarantine life. Fish a five-ounce rocks glass from the freezer. by G. Clay Whittaker. Do I Do with This? Add one dash each Angostura and Orange Bitters to a mixing jar. The flavors call to mind Ocean Spray Cran-Apple, but with a spiced Canadian-whisky kick. This summer, as temps rise, be sure not to miss out on whiskey-driven summer cocktails. Whisky cocktails fitting for the heat of summer: try a refreshing Lincoln Park (left) or Georgia Mule (center and right). Whiskey is a spirit many Americans love to imbibe, especially when it comes to those long, hot summer days. Here, 10 of our favorite whiskey drinks to sip from June through September. “Uncle” Nearest Green taught a young Jack Daniel’s everything he knew about distilling and aging, making this the perfect replacement for this summer refresher. They're delicious! Bourbon and orange aren't the most obvious of pairings––unless it’s a slice dropped into an Old Fashioned––but the Keeneland Breeze puts these two flavors together beautifully. Easy . The whiskey smash dates back to at least the 1880’s! Amaretto. Lock that lid back in and shake again for about 15 seconds, or until the shaker is ice-cold to touch. 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