Rose Whalen is the mother of Master Billy Quizboy, the paramour of the recently widowed The Action Man, a roommate of Colonel Gentleman, and the former crimefighting partner of Jass. Week 61: Season 5 Episode 02 - Venture Libre (June 9, 2013) The Great Venture Re-watch! posting NSFW material without a tag Augustus St. Speculate wildly on every detail of your favorite 22 minute cartoon! Cloud, he cracks me up. The monarch is great, but as an actual collector myself, who has met other collectors who are very much like St. He is a perfect parody of a type of nerd that many TV shows TRY to get right, but don't. posting off-topic nonsense. He first appears at Dr. Venture's tag sale, receiving the brunt of Baron Ünderbheit's attacks due to The Monarch's interference. St. Now I’m on Season 7 Ep 6 and sad that it’s been cancelled. The PROgressive Biological Life Extension Module (PROBLEM) was a device designed by Jonas Venture Sr. to prolong the life of an individual. Cloud adds to his collection every day - Day 234: a model of Dr Venture made of plastic explosives. After watching the intro of Jack Saint’s Venture Bros video 2 weeks ago, I started watching the show. I love how well written the Venture Bros is. posting spoilers in your flair. It chronicles the adventures of two dopey teenage boys Hank and Dean, their mediocre "super-scientist" father (and former boy … The Venture Brothers Subreddit. The Venture Bros., Season 5 The Venture Bros. is an animated cable television series created by Jackson Publick and written by Publick and Doc Hammer. Cloud (voiced by Christopher McCulloch, originally James Urbaniak) is the wealthy former rival of Billy's from their quiz show days, both having been collectors of sci-fi and Rusty Venture memorabilia. ... HBO Max Might Save Venture Bros. After it Was Cancelled ( I think everyone needs to hit up the HBOmax on its facebook and twitter accounts and forget about hitting up Adult Swim. #savetheventurebros! Please refrain from: POSTING SPOILERS IN SUBJECT.