You should check out Dinah Washington’s version. This song is fun to play and has a great groove that fits the ukulele well. But it will be worth it, believe me! “My Girl” is unforgettable with that amazing bass line, but it still sounds great on the ukulele. “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” – This song by Regina Spektor not only gives you a chance to sing a really cool song on the ukulele, but gives you the chance to throw out some French – the language of love! You can sample all three albums released on River Jones Music, try "Lady Bug" from Where The Water Boils.There's more on her bandcamp page (try "Yellow Petaled Coast"). Using chords and tabs found online as well as YouTube videos, you can add a dash of romance to your ukulele playing. Songs up to 4 chords are pretty simple to learn too. 2. This song dates from 1945 and sounds great on the ukulele. It’s such a simple arrangement that works splendidly for the ukulele. What makes Sam Smith´s Stay With Me such a beginner song? This classic is one of the best easy ukulele songs, and everyone I know recognizes it as one of the greatest love songs of all time. Order of ukulele chords: C, Am, F, G. This classic rock song by the Beatles is sang by their drummer, Ringo Star. ... hit, back in 1966. 2. 3. “A Sunday Kind of Love” – This song was published in 1946, but the most famous recording is by Etta James. 3. “Something Like Olivia” – I have to get a John Mayer song on the list. Ukulele players all over the world have direct access to UkuTabs its large and completely free song archive which is constantly being updated with new songs. So while Elton is playing the song in E, it actually sounds like he’s playing in Eb. It’s played by every bar band in America, and perhaps the world. It was later recorded time and time again by different performers. But a good 2 chord ukulele song will always be easier than one with more. “I Just Called To Say I Love You”– I gotta have some Stevie Wonder on the list. “Come Away With Me” – Norah Jones is an amazing musician and songwriter. The simplistic arrangement of the song relies heavily on the vocals, so light picking would be perfect for this one. I hope you like it as well! Very few instruments are capable of doing what a ukulele can do. Click here to learn the chords. It was written in 1937, but the version I like best is by Frank Sinatra. Match the song to your voice. This is one of the easy ukulele songs that I’m sure you’ll love playing. UkuTabs is part of the UkuWorld network which also offers ukulele tips & guides, ukulele scales, chord charts, an ukulele tuner and much more! Sign up for convenient, affordable private lessons today! Get the chords, here! 4. 4. It was actually written by Carol King, but Taylor’s version is probably the most popular. At the end of the listing is a selection of Nursery Rhymes for young children. So, to prepare for learning these songs, play each chord four times. “I Can’t Help Myself “– Sugar Pie Honey Bunch – who can’t get enough of this Four Tops masterpiece!? It’s simple to play. It’s a humorous love song that sounds great on the ukulele. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. It’s fun to play with its kind of “oom-pa” beat! 2012-2020, Part of the UkuWorld network, Some Rights Reserved. guaranteed, Developed in Hawaii during the 19th century, the ukulele has been riding a big wave of popularity since the 1990s. Required fields are marked *. This song dates to the play “South Pacific,” which was released in 1949. 5. personalized lessons. “Dreamlover” – Mariah Carey brought us a bunch of romance songs in the ’90s, and this one from 1993, as well as her song “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” is a great romance song to play on the ukulele. Most are quite sad and they tend towards mellow and slow as well. 3 Chord Ukulele Songs. “Born In Time” – I ended the ’80s with Bob Dylan, and I’ll start the ’90s with him as well. Everybody loves this Righteous Brothers song from 1965, and it will probably be used until the end of time! 2. This is a great song for the ukulele and also features the never-ending “oldies progression” of I, VI, IV, V. Play it in any key and make your sweetheart swoon! You can select any chord for yourself. “My Girl” – In 1964, the Temptations gave us probably the most enduring love song ever! 5. The chord progression is not too difficult, and you should be able to croon your way to a romantic evening in no time. “That’s The Kind of Baby For Me” – Eddie Cantor recorded this song in 1917 during the middle of WWI, but it’s a fun frolic of a song, which is typical of early turn-of-the-century songs. It’s a chord progression that’s pretty similar to the oldies progression, and shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Luckily this TLC hit happens to sound awesome and is perfect for beginners. 1. 3. 2. Grab your ukulele and play along with lots of songs. But I used to do a really slow, stripped-down piano version in a piano bar I used to play in. It is an easy and fast way learn to play songs and it's fun and educative too! With its cheerful sound, unintimidating size, and just four (or five!) One of the most popular recordings is from the movie version of the play. I love this song and it’s perfect for the uke. This arrangement is perfect for those of you that strum and sing, but are ready to dive into fingerpicking and chucking. And since Bob and Jimi set the bar with their raspy and legendary “bad” voices, it’s a great tune to start singing on if you haven’t tried before. 5. Then, learn to strum and add in your vocals if you feel comfortable. I can just see you during a picnic singing this to the one you love, down by the lake with the sun descending in the autumn sky. Top 13 Best Ukulele Songs: Improve Your Skills with Most Loved Ukulele Songs by Marko Jovanovic Last Updated December 27, 2019 Ukulele is one of those rare types of musical instruments, which is capable of instantly lighting up the mood in a place. “Ho Hey” – The Lumineers had a surprisingly awesome hit with Ho Hey, which sounds a bit like a sea shanty gone love song. Premium Members will gain access to the following lesson videos and tabs. When your loved one hears, “God only knows what I’d be without you,” burst forth from your lips, you’re sure to strike a romantic chord! This is a great love song and it’s incredibly simple to play on the ukulele. All the songs… “Foggy Dew” – Recorded by John McCormack, this is an old traditional folk song that’s very romantic and about lost love. 5. For example, click the RED button.. Become proficient in strumming, rhythm and chord changes on the ukulele, improving your skills while learning actual songs. All it takes is a few simple chords, and before … Best Ukulele Songs (2020) Read More » Within the past 10 years or so, Eric Clapton rerecorded it and dusted it off. 4. But – because it misses the third down strum – it has a slightly syncopated feel to it which makes it more interesting. This song, while not the easiest to replicate on the ukulele, can be stripped down, and it’s a great tune to add to your little black book. 5. The following is a collection of songs that can be played on the ukulele with just 2 chords. 3. “Hallelujah I Love Her So” – 1957 Ray Charles! “Dark Eyes” came from one of Dylan’s most berated time periods, the 1980s. It may be a little more challenging than some of our other ’50s tunes. “Imitation of Life” – R.E.M. 3. And the solo is incredibly simple as well. “Since I Don’t Have You” – This song, first recorded in 1958 by the Skyliners, has a melody that’ll make you weep. “Hold Me” – This was the hit track from the 1982 Fleetwood Mac album Mirage. If you struggle with any of the chords, make sure you print off the chord charts on this page before you start. 2. Want to play this song? It should be in your back pocket for those quiet picnics and lazy afternoon strolls. This is a great song when you begin playing these five chords, slow and easy changing between each chord. It can put you at ease when you are feeling stressed, or make you smile when you are feeling down. Click for chords Bright and breezy, here’s another song sounds sweet on ukulele. Usher - Nice And Slow Ukulele Chords On - Chods, Tabs, Transpose by Voice Range, Video Tutorials. This tune is actually very simple in its structure and has the added bonus of a driving rhythm, making it perfect to play on your uke when you’re jonesin’ for romance. “That’s The Kind of Baby For Me” – Eddie Cantor recorded this song in 1917 during the middle of WWI, but it’s a fun frolic of a song, whic… How can you go wrong? This song is easy enough to play on the uke, and the memorable melody should bring tears to the eyes of your love interest! 4. Play Audio Preview. “My Funny Valentine” – Who could make a list like this without this Rodgers and Hart classic? Need some extra help honing your skills on this fun instrument? 4. You can’t go wrong with this simple song in your pocket. Your email address will not be published. “You Send Me” – OK, so I’m breaking my own number rules a little, but this one has to be on the list. 4. Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, instructed by Jenny from 21 Songs in 6 Days. Greg Brown and several other folk singers have re-recorded this song, but McCormack’s is one of the earliest recordings, dating to 1913.