What Does It Do: This is just one example, of course; there are a million and one variations to choose from – 1-arm push presses, 1-arm DB rows, etc. The One-Arm Dumbbell Press by Brooks Kubik Doug Hepburn, pressing a 160 pound dumbbell at Ed Yarick’s Gym (and certainly making it look easy.) 1-Arm Flat DB Bench Press. The one-arm dumbbell press was a favorite exercise of many great strongmen of the past, including two of the strongest ever: Doug Hepburn and Paul Anderson. Begin in an upright position with your abs and glutes engaged to put you into a strong starting position. Some oldtimers were simply phenomenal … 4 – Single-arm floor press The floor press is a chest and triceps exercise that’s an excellent alternative to push-ups and bench press. Learn the perfect way to do the single-arm dumbbell shoulder press. Using one dumbbell causes uneven weight distribution across your body which increases the challenge to … The single arm dumbbell overhead press hits the shoulders, triceps and upper chest whilst also improving your core stability and balance. However, the single arm dumbbell version, particularly when combined with an eccentric accentuated protocol, turns this classic move into one of the most effective full body exercises there is. This move is easy on your shoulders, which means it’s popular with banged-up weightlifters who want to bench press but find that it hurts their joints. The push press is one of the all-time great strength and power movements.