It is very versatile, resulting in precise and fine meat and vegetable cuts. That rustic aesthetic does come with one possible problem, though. One of the benefits of getting into Shun knives is they have a pretty decent customer service who are generally helpful for anyone who’s not exactly an expert. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Whatever the price, Shun is a fantastic knife that makes either a great gift or addition to a block set you already have. Textured PP/TPE handle Pros 1. My time is spent aggressively oscillating between drinking coffee at my computer and running through the woods with pointy objects. Currently they offer 4 block sets aside from the 10 piece set shown above: The 3-piece Build-a-Block set which includes the chef knife, honing steel and a 6-slot block; the 5-piece Starter set, which includes the chef knife, utility knife, paring knife, honing steel, and 6-slot block; the 7-piece Essential block, which adds on the shears and bread knife; and the 9-piece Chef’s Choice set which adds on the Santoku, slicing knife, boning knife, and the muich larger 11-slot block. The options are a lot more limited in this color, which is why they only offer it in the one block set, but it’s also very new. Interestingly, this is one of the largest series made by Shun. You get the three main styles of knife used for most cooking tasks along with a honing rod designed with a angle guide for 16 degree edges. MAKE IT MILKSHAKE . At the moment, Shun produces seven different sets, and even though they’re all mostly Japanese-style, there are a few differences that separate them in terms of ideal use and skill level. Ships free. The 2-pieces carving set is a little different with a 9″ slicing knife and a carving fork. E.Russum & Sons Ltd is a UK Registered Company. Shun ® Kanso 3-Piece Build-a-Block Set. Shun Kitchen Knives - Santoku Knives, Nakiri Knives & More! The ergonomics will be the same between the two, but the texture might differ slightly. That doesn’t sound as cool or classy on paper, but I think anyone who’s handled this kind of almost-rubber material on a well-made knife will attest to the possibilities. It has a couple western style blades like a paring knife and a utility knife just kind of modified into a Japanese-ish aesthetic. But, again, you usually only get the box with the 6-piece set. I like this line mostly because it stands out from the rest of Shun’s knives. If you’ve ever wanted to find the closest thing to real Damascus steel in the modern age, though, this is probably it (along with some of these other Shun sets you’re about to see). This post has been updated for 2020. 2. Shun offers the Sora set 3 different sizes of block sets (a pattern you’ll repeated in some of the other series): the Sora 3-Piece Build-a-Block set, which has the Sora chef knife, honing steel, and a 6-slot knife block; And the 6-Piece Basic Block set you see pictured above. Here they’ve put a VG-10 core between two layers of 420J steel to keep the edge cutting smooth longer and increase corrosion resistance to some degree. It includes a wide variety of both Japanese and Western-style knives, which is a range of options you’ll only find in a couple of their other series. Made from Damascus steel, these classic designs are manufactured to have 32 powerful layers and can slice through even the toughest foods. It essentially provides you with two kinds of boning knives (the honesuki knife is a Japanese style boning knife that’s good for poultry and fish), and a long brisket knife for slicing off thin pieces of meat. Shun Sora 6 Piece Set Specifications 1. This one is all about steak. The Sora Student set is probably the most cost effective Shun set you can buy. Copyright 2018 Nothing But Knives | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, A Guide to Kitchen Cutlery by EDC and Survival Knife Companies, The Ultimate Guide to Steak Knife Sets in Gift Boxes. It's based on its Asian counterpart, the Gyuto and offers a wider heel with a fairly flat … They put out quite a bit of content out there that’s helpful for beginners (or not-quite beginners who are too afraid to ask at this point), and like any good company wanting to stay in the good graces of its customers, they offer free sharpening on all their knives. The handle of the Kanso is handcrafted from Tagayasan wood material commonly known as the wood of iron sword in Japan. They also have the 2-Piece Chef’s set, which is just the chef knife and the paring knife, and is likely the cheapest combination of Shun knives you can find anywhere.