8. Because in most of the bengali style chingri recipes, first chingri need to fry in oil and then put into the curry. your own Pins on Pinterest Course: Main Recipe. Salt to taste. Mustard( yellow mustard) Paste/ shorshe bata 1 tbl spoon ( 1 tblspoon mustard+1 teaspoon poppy seed. Yield: Serves 4 to 6. Recipes; Shorshe Golda Chingri (Lobster in mustard sauce) Shorshe Golda Chingri (Lobster in mustard sauce) Recipe by Sonali Pradhan. When I said this to my mom when she was here, she of course made a spicy, hot batch immediately. This is a traditional Bengali delicacy where prawns are steam cooked in a mustard-coconut gravy. Why? But I did have a larger, sunnier, and better-equipped kitchen than I'd ever had at home before. As the name represents it is a Prawn curry with mustard and poppy seed paste. This dish, I decided, was going to be my opportunity to try out those new toys. 3. ABOUT Bhapa Shorshe Chingri (Steamed Mustard Prawns) RECIPE. Even today, we love it more than Shorshe Chingri, Chingri Bhaape or Chingri Paturi. This recipe is very simple yet delicious. Green Prawns Pulav. Nutrition facts: 240 calories, 9 grams fat. 1 tsp sugar. Clarified butter or desi ghee make nice flavor of this dish. Serves: 6. Cuisine Bengali. The beauty of cooking and recipes is just that. সর্ষে পোস্ত দিয়ে চিংড়ি মাছের ঝাল/Shorshe posto Chingri/Chingri Maacher jhal Bengali Recipe - Duration: 4:36. Print. Take a look at more Main Recipes. Lau Chingri. But here raw chingri maach or prawns are directly combined with all ingredients including mustard oil. Shorshe Chingri The last time I made shorshe chingri, I was living by myself in a land of snow, slush and skiddy sleet, and not enjoying it one minute (well, maybe a few minutes). The recipe or say how you cook any food is really matters and make an effect on taste of the food, but there are many food preparation which are very simple but still very tasty, healthy and have there own place in every heart,“Shorsher Chingri Recipe” is one of them. Ingredients: 1. 10 Okra/ dherosh. Prep Time: 10 minutes. Shrimps 4/5. Picky Pie’s school. Salt to taste. Lau Chingri cooked with simple spices goes well with white rice and dal or even Rotis/Chapathis. Food is essential part of our life. Not as good as I would want them to be. Technique: Braise Recipe. I was looking like a roasted duck in the blistering heat at 41 degree C in front of Miss. This is a quick recipe made using the microwave. Ingredients: 250 gram medium sized prawns (head cut, retaining the outer shells) Recipe Index; Contact me; Menu. I started hearing about Daab Chingri only when finer Bengali food restaurants started sprouting around Kolkata metropolis. Load Comments . Given to me by my Bengali friend, this is a quick and simple recipe of shorshe bhapa chingri or steamed prawns in mustard gravy. This recipe a little removed is what I share with you. Yet another ancient recipe thats quintessentially Bengali ! Chili powder half teaspoon. Prawns Masala Fry. Goes very well with Hot steam rice. Lauki contains 90% water and is … A Bangladeshi style khichuri preparation that’s aromatic due to the use of Bangladeshi polau rice, mustard paste, mustard oil and few spices. Course Main Course. It is a simple and a delicious recipe which can be made in no time. The recipe is quite simple with just few basic ingredients but it is at the same time delicious, rich and flavorful dish. I miss Kolkata, and the thing I miss the most is the authentic Bengali food. ‘Shorshe-Posto Chingri’. While traditionally this dish has always been prepared in a steamer or double-boiler over a stove, we've used a microwave in this recipe. Great recipe for Shorshe posto chingri Prawn in mustard and poppy seeds paste. Someone once said that the secret to great cooking is to first find the call of the ingredients in your heart and bring the knowledge of the flavor in the pots. 1 tsp nigella seeds. The sweetness of grated coconut. To top that, the secret to a great shorshe bhapa chingri is good quality mustard and superior quality prawns. Discover (and save!) Green chilies. Chingri is Bengali for prawn and Lau is Bengali for Bottle Gourd/Lauki. Fresh, light-green bottle gourd with white flesh is commonly grown in tropical areas. But decent enough to make a post. Chingri Mach Shorshe Bhape ( Shrimp Mustard Curry) Coconut Crispy Fried Prawns. Related Recipes. 5 tbsp vegetable or mustard oil. This curry gets its depth of flavor from low and slow cooking., Ingredients. For the mustard paste. Golda chingri was so precious that only chingri macher malaikari would be made with it. Cook Time: 10 minutes. Chingri Macher Malaikari. But there was good sunlight ... something rare for me for the whole of last year ... so clicked some snaps. Total Time: 45 minutes. ½ tsp turmeric powder. Total Time: 20 minutes. Apr 14, 2019 - Shorshe Chingri with Golda Chingri is a classic Bengali seafood Recipe which is ideally served with steamed rice on lunch. It is prawns cooked in mustard and coconut paste.