Our warehouse holds an extensive range of Hardwoods, softwoods,Plywood, MDF, Veneered Boards and Marine Plywood. 15mm Marine Ply Sheet 2500mm x 1220 Gaboon (Okoume) Throughout BS1088 WBP. Sold by length in metres. Hardwood Plywood 1. It is used and approved in high risk applications, and manufactured to BS1088, KOMO Class ‘A’, ‘C’ and Lloyds certified. A distinctive reddish brown hardwood used for decoration. Please use Personal Protection Equipment when using/ cutting this product. £105. Veneered plywood is made up of an MR sheet of plywood with a quality real wood veneer bonded to it. Colour dark reddish brown. Also: A constructional veneer for plywood. Manufactured from selected Gaboon (Okoume) veneers throughout, it has an attractive close grained face which is perfect for varnishing and finishes well. Colour is reddish brown, similar to Mahogany. The more specialist type of Plywood including Gaboon Marine plywood is the perfect choice for an outdoor fixture due to its weather resistance, and which offers long lasting strength. 4 mm (3 ply) / 6 mm (5 ply) / 9mm (5 ply) / 12 mm (9 ply) / 15 mm (11 ply) / 18 mm (11 ply) / 25 mm (15 ply). AVAILABILITY. Begin your renovation project with our premium selection of Sapele extra wide, worktop and planed all round timber. It has a durability that is appreciated in shipbuilding. Gaboon ( also known as Okoume ) Marine Grade plywood is considered one of the finest construction plywood's available today. Sapelli (Sapele) Marine is a very high quality plywood panel with a reddish brown appearance, manufactured with peeled veneer Sapele faces and selected Okoume interiors. Typical uses are furniture making and … Grain is interlocked or wavy with a medium to fine texture. 5 mm 1. PLYMBF12. For more details or to make an order, please contact us on 02392 588 588 or email info@hawkehouse.co.uk Prices quoted exclude v.a.t. Quarter/Crown Cut White Oak One Side APPLICATION. It has a medium to fairly dark reddish brown appearance which features a well-marked stripe. Lloyds registered Regina Marine Plywood is available in a range of thicknesses from 4mm-25mm. We offer Robbins Laminate Cabin Sole for collection or delivery, in 2500 x 1220 mm sheets (or cut to size if necessary), in the following sizes: Using a high quality Class 3 exterior bonded (WBP) plywood, this board is faced with prime quality 60 mm Teak veneers and 5 mm Holly inlay veneers. £0.00. It is excellent for use in areas with prolonged exposure to bad weather conditions. Especially for sawn sheets, please allow for some deviation from the stated dimensions. Marine plywood sheets, twin-faced with rotary-cut Sapele. From our warehouse in Bristol UK, we deliver nationally and internationally. It is also suitable for use in boat furnishings and decoration. Sapele - Sawn Hardwood (& Exotics) - Timber. Sapele faces with an Okoume core. BS1088 Marine Grade Plywood Our Sapele plywood is Bruynzeel brand, made with high quality Sapele throughout. The Bruynzeel Difference Crafted from Okoume and Sapele panels, the extensive Bruynzeel product line offers the possibility of customizing face veneers in order to help boat builders meet both generally accepted marine industry requirements as well as manufacturer-specific internal … As well as full sheets, we offer half-sheets sawn in either direction. Very popular with charter boats. We offer Robbins Cabin Line for collection or delivery, in  2500 x 1220 mm sheets (or cut to size if necessary), in the following sizes: Using a Robbins Elite core, this board boasts heard wearing 1.4mm thick, 60 mm wide Teak Veneers, with 5mm strips of non-slip black rubber. The requirements of their craft have prompted us to maintain an inventory of Bruynzeel marine plywood. Cut To Size Plywood. Okoume. Sapele Crown Cut Plywood MR Veneered 1 Side Only This is a commercial board, all sides need trimming, usable size 2400 x 1200mm Our Veneered plywood is made up from quality real wood veneers bonded to MR grade plywood. We offer Robbins Teak Marine Plywood for collection or delivery, in 2500 x 1220 mm sheets (or cut to size if necessary), in the following sizes: Trade Counter: With a pale mahogany colour, it is ideal for fitting out and general constructional work, along with many other uses such as bulkheads, panelling, cabin and shower doors etc. Softwood Plywood 1. Designed for high loading uses where strength is a pre-requisite and/or persistently wet and dry environments due to its extreme resistance to fungal attack. Size: 2440 x 1220 Thicknesses: 3.6mm / 4mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm / 18mm Species: Crown Cut White Ash One Side. Available to order – minimum order quantities apply. It is certified to the BS 1088 marine plywood standard. Veneered Plywood (Teak) 2135mm x 1220mm. Sapele is a visually stunning and popular hardwood for doors, windows, furniture and more, featuring an attractive surface that would make an effective counterpart or alternative to mahogany. In conjuction with being a Hardwood specialist we offer a full machining service with Timber sales. Marine plywood sheets, twin-faced with rotary-cut Sapele. Cramps or clamps for holding wood in place while glue sets during the building of a boat. Exclusively produced to our specification, Robbins Elite is produced in a Lloyds approved mill ensuring consistent quality. Plywood 3. £139.26. 1220mm x 2440mm long grain or cross grain in 5mm or 8mm. You can visit our shop to see timber samples and timber accessories we supply. The first choice for many renowned boatbuilding craftsmen for its aesthetic qualities, Super Elite Plus is made from multi-laminate Sapele veneers for stability, and has extremely high quality rotary cut Sapele faces. Using Robbins Elite Marine Plywood faced with high quality Alpi flamed teak veneer. The wood we supply is from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources and produced in Lloyd's Approved mills. Have an … This Mahogany-colour wood is perfect for making stylish boat decks that contrast with the lighter Okoume hull. Maple One Side. Manufactured from high quality Elite marine plywood and V grooved one face at 80 mm intervals. All veneers feature an A grade face veneer with reverse face of bare plywood which is non decorative. Contact us on +44(0)117 963 3136 or at timber@robbins.co.uk ... Okoume Marine Plywood; Close Sidebar. Width. When buying Mahogany plywood, look for a stamp reading BS1088 – this is the minimum grade acceptable for boat building. DHH (Timber Products) Ltd is the UK's largest independent importer and distributor of veneered plywood boards. Our Marine Okoume plywood includes a Lloyd’s of London postage which certifies it to be BS 1088. Sapele Veneered Birch Plywood. 5.0 3. Okoumé Marine Sapele is rated as being compliant with BS-1088, and it will be a British Standard for Marine Sapele. USED FOR: Quality furniture and cabinet making | Joinery, shop fitting and office furniture | Solid doors | Boat building, musical instruments, sports goods, counter tops and flooring. Flexible sheet materials are gaining in popularity because they offer end users a convenient and cost effective means to create complex shapes and curved designs. We offer Robbins Cabin Line for collection or delivery, in 2500 x 1220 mm sheets (or cut to size if necessary), in the following sizes: 6mm Home Products Decorative Veneered Plywood. Perfect for painting or clear coating. Home Timber & Sheet Materials Sheet Materials Plywood Marine Plywood 9mm x 2440mm x 1220mm. Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 4.00pm 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm. All of our plywood sheeting is cut to your specified size … The shopping basket requires Cookies enabled. This plywood is beautiful Sapele right through. Manufactured from high quality Elite marine plywood  and V grooved one face at 80 mm intervals. It is moderately durable and typical uses include internal and external joinery, shop fitting, furniture and moderate to high traffic flooring.Sapele timber, sapele … Material. Plywood – Decorative Veneer – Maple One Side £ 52.00 – £ 70.00 View products; Plywood – Decorative Veneer – Pine One Side Flat Cut Read more; Plywood – Decorative Veneer – Quarter Cut/Crown Cut Sapele One Side £ 26.00 – £ 100.00 View products; Plywood – Decorative Veneer – White Ash One Side 2440 x 1220mm x Various Thickness Due to its excellent strength to weight ratio, it is also very popular for dingy construction and racing boat building. Ideal for interior and exterior joinery and fitting out. Other species, such as Khaya and Sapele are also suitable, if a little heavier. Crown Cut American Cherry One Side. Gaboon ( also known as Okoume ) Marine Grade plywood is considered one of the finest construction plywood's available today. Our Products ... High quality decorative veneers on light weight, poplar core plywood. The grain is interlocked and occasionally wavy with a fine texture. Designed for cabin soles and other interior areas. Description. Crown Cut White Beech One Side. There are several types of Mahogany plywood that may be used, but African Okoume is the most economical and the most common. Soft Plywood 1. Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm, Brookgate, Ashton Vale Trading Estate, Bristol, BS3 2UN. 3 mm Sapele plywood square half-sheet Designed for cabin soles and other interior areas, and ideal for areas of heavy wear. 4.0 1. Please enter your delivery postcode below. High quality Okoume marine plywood in full or half sheets.