If you have a piano keyboard with headphone jack but no Bluetooth connection then this set of headphones will not be suitable. After a while, you will start to forget that you’re wearing them at all. I’ve turned up the treble on the piano and that helps some, but only by toning down the booming bass that was overpowering the treble. Great instrument separation Not very fancy looking. Design. He likes it very much so far (it’s only been two days since we gave it to him). Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Headphones are not computers, so you can’t really measure their performance with some kind of test. At the same time, there are two big benefits of open-back design. Raju G. Hi.. The ATH-M40x’s headband and ear pads are made from pro-grade materials, offering high comfort and durability. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD599 that I can measure for you, I’d just need to know which specific measurements would be helpful. You can wear them all day long without feeling any discomfort or fatigue. Hi Pawel, Choosing the right pair of headphones is also essential for you to enjoy the high-quality sound. About a year ago, I had to remove this model from the list simply because it disappeared from all the major retailers and it was almost impossible to buy them (except for a few eBay listings wanting $200+ for them). Hmmm, that’s interesting… There’s a 32-ohm version of the DT-880 but for some reason, it’s currently unavailable on Amazon and a few other stores I checked. However, make sure that your device comes with Bluetooth compatibility. Yeah…I have thought about going to a store, but am a bit hesitant to during COVID (it’s also quite possible they no longer have models out for people to try…). So, what I would recommend is to go to a store and try out different models (including those on the list) and see if any of them sit just as comfortably on your head as your old Bose pair. There are also a few other important characteristics to consider, such as soundstage, isolation, leakage and so on. The reason why I’ve decided to include the ATH-M40x and not the ATH-M50x is that the ATH-M40x tend to provide a little more balanced and neutral sound, which is great for classic and instrumental music. Are the beyerdynamic DT 880 better than any of these two? In addition to a sleek and attractive design, the headphones feel very sturdy and well put together. Shure, Audio Technica, and Sennheiser make such systems. Different headphones allow for a different level of adjustability, so I’m sure that there are models that will fit your head just fine. The standard keyboard jack size is 3.5" to 6.33" mm. Hi Danah, congrats on your new headphones! Pls help me to select best headphone.. The headphones come with a long 3m (9.8 ft.) detachable cable ending with a 3.5mm (1/8″) plug. These Sony headphones appear to be purely analog. Otherwise, I’d still wouldn’t use them in noisy environments, and especially outside. In terms of comfort, they’re equal to the HD-579/HD-599 and are among the most comfortable headphones on the market today. Although it will work on smartphones, to really use the app’s features fully, a tablet is recommended. Also, are we talking on-ear or over-ear headphones? I honestly think if phillips had 10% more bass it would be ideal for me, but I would not like more than that. Thanks for the reply, Lucas. Very helpful. I bought one headphone by following your affiliation amazon link. If you cannot link the headphones to your digital piano, make sure that you have plugged in the device correctly. Could you help with some information or advise? Now, let’s talk about some of the trade-offs of closed-back headphones. Do you have any recommendations for external speakers? Not as comfortable for longer wear They also have quite big ear cups, which makes the headphones pretty bulky and thus not very portable, but again from the comfort perspective, it’s a big plus. Hi Ellie, could you please be a bit more clear about what you mean by “higher frequencies in the bass notes of the piano”. But at the same time you get wonderful 3-dimensional soundstage; instruments come from all directions providing an amazing sense of depth and separation. What kind of cable is required to connect a Yamaha Digital Piano to a headphone? I have Roland RH-A7’s that came with my piano, and they hurt my ears after less than a half hour, so I’m in the market for something different. You don’t need a cable to attach them with your keyboard or digital piano. You can wear them literally for hours without fatigue or discomfort (heck, I often forget that I’m wearing my HD599 at all!). I dislike listening to music when it is pumped straight into my ears. One of the fantastic features of keyboards is that most of them come with a headphone jack. Soft, velour earpads (very comfortable) So the headphones are only suitable for home use and quiet environments. These headphones come in different qualities from very cheap to excellent quality. And since we’re are looking for the best headphones to use with a digital piano, poor isolation isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker since it all comes down to the environment you live in. They’re very comfortable and beautifully sounding. Very little isolation from ambient noise Bass notes on the piano consist of low frequencies. Low leakage Well, that tightness is kind of inherited from the closed-back design. Not meant for outdoor use Hi Catherine, thanks for pointing that out! On-the-ear/earpad headphones: These headphones sit on your ears/earlobes and have some foam or cushioning covering the speakers for comfort. Thanks for sharing the picture! That this sound is missing from the bass on my piano (and only through the Sennheiser headphones) is fairly disconcerting. (I have them stretching over a few books, so I’ll see if that helps). It’s the only way you’ll know whether you like the HD598 better or not. Picking the Best Way to Learn Piano Today (The Definitive Guide), The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Digital Piano, Yamaha Keyboards & Digital Pianos: The Definitive Guide, Best Weighted Keyboards Under $700 (for Intermediate Players). Also, from my experience, that’s quite unlikely to be able to hear more frequencies when listening via the onboard speakers than when listening through a pair of good headphones. Another great thing I should mention is very low sound leakage; you’ll have to put the volume really high for others nearby to hear what you’re listening to. Sound quality and comfort are the two main things I was looking for, trying to find the best headphones to use with digital pianos. Worldwide Reliable Shipping, Labor Day's 10% OFF Code: welcome10, How To Connect Headphones To Digital Piano Or Keyboard (With Video). It could a good idea to contact them directly and ask about whether the 32-ohm version is still available in the US and where it can be purchased. Thanks for the review, Lucas! Thank you for recommending these. I personally haven’t tried it, but I’ve seen different opinions on that. It seems that there’s no successor to that model, so my recommendation now is the slightly more expensive HD599. But it may still be worth giving it a try since it’s the only option available in your situation. I hope the article has helped you on your journey of choosing the best headphones for your lovely digital piano. A simple question? For noisier environments, a pair of closed-back headphones is a better choice, which will provide more isolation from ambient noise, low amounts of leakage and immersive listening experience. What are the best headphones for digital pianos? Therefore, use the standard jack size to enjoy the various tunes of the piano. Are SENNHEISER HD 559 better than phillips shp9500 ? Almost every keyboard comes with a headphone output and speakers. You can connect these headphones to the Bluetooth facility. The sound leakage is low and allows people around to hear the sound from the headphones only at high volume levels. There is a variety of cables available in the market to connect your digital piano and keyboard to your headphones. When it comes to sound, it’s hard the SHP9500 can compete with many higher-priced models in the $100-200 range. It comes through in the speakers (and, of course, on a real piano). Very good & helpful Review..I want Openback (no problem for sound leakage i will be using this at home only) headphone for Piano Practice & Music Listening Western Philharmonic Orchestra & Piano Instrumental & Indian instruments bamboo flute sitar sarangi santoor & watching Movies. Musicians usually put a lot of time and energy to get an excellent quality sound to get the best experience. Also, would you say the hd 598’s are comparable to the 599’s? The HD599 audiophile headphones offer phenomenal sound and comfort for a very good price. Comfortable fit, Bulky It might be a hindrance for your device to detect the headphones attached to it. When you connect such headphones say to say a smartphone or in our case digital piano, there might be not enough power to drive the headphones, which in turn can result in low volume and affect the sound quality (not as much detail, fullness). It’s certainly more enjoyable than “in your head” experience of closed-back headphones, especially if we’re talking about listening to instrumental and classical music. The truth is, the lag is always there, but if it’s under 100ms, it will be much more difficult to notice it. Not all headphones are compatible with every device. Most of the models in the MDR line are extra bass headphones, which I don’t recommend for instrumental /piano music. Not to mention that the M40x is more affordable than the M50x. I am new on this territory. Thanks for the review! Thank you…once again. I tried my best to select headphones that deliver the most value for money and reproduce instrumental/classical music as accurately as possible. That was a typo indeed. Specifically, I am wondering about the Audio technica ATH-AD700X with 38 ohm impedance, the Grado SR225E with 32 ohms impedance or the HD 58x Jubilee headphones with 150 ohms impedance. These are professional high fidelity headphones that have been around for quite a while. This model seems to still be available at Amazon UK. Suitable for outdoor use Also, the headphones will need to worn at least 4-6 hours a day and sound spillover is not an issue, at all. If you’re a piano lover like me (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this article), you’ll probably want to wear your headphones over long periods of time and not feel any pain or fatigue. It’s just a problem with the Sennheiser headphones. I don’t know how I can be more clear about the higher frequencies that should be in the bass notes.