's Cost of Living Calculator lets you compare the cost of living and salary differentials State to State or over 300+ US cities. What do you call comfortable? A median-priced home in Seattle is $410,000. In Portland, that salary amount is $83,311. Detailed salary report based on career, education, experience, gender, age etc. Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth. San Diego, CA: $130,986 The City of Roses boasts a lively arts and cultural scene. Salary plays an important role in determining how much house you can afford. See how far your salary will go to maintain your standard of living using our Cost of Living Calculator. The PDF document provides detailed cost-of-living information, based on which we calculate the salary that you need in Portland, Oregon to compensate for the difference in prices with your city. It’s according to how you want to live. You will know exactly how much more (or less) money you will need in Portland, Oregon to live as good or better as you now live in your city. The most popular employers in Portland, OR are Nike, Inc., Intel Corporation, and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). In Seattle, you need to to earn $97,554 to buy a median-priced home. San Francisco, CA: $213,727. Here are the top ten most expensive places to buy a home in the U.S.: 1. The assumption is the sole provider is working full-time (2080 hours per year). Employment options in Portland include established companies like Boeing, Nike and Intel, in addition to a wealth of start-ups and boutiques. Fresh market data paired with robust analytics. The most popular occupations in Portland, OR are Software Engineer, Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General), and Operations Manager which pay between $42k and $122k per year. The average salary in Portland, OR is $69k. How much do you reasonably need to be earning to afford a median-priced home in the U.S.? Portland, Oregon is more than just microbreweries and food trucks. With the average salary in each major U.S. city falling well short of what’s needed to live comfortably there, the study should make it clear that a lot of America’s urbanites probably have to make cuts elsewhere to afford living in the big city. Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General), Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). A salary of $102,000 in Portland, Oregon could decrease to $79,640 in Atlanta, Georgia (assumptions include Homeowner, no Child Care, ... A cost of living index allows you to compare what it costs to live in one place against another, revealing how far your money will go in different areas. Portland, Oregon's cost of living is 29% higher than the national average. Find your market worth with a report tailored to you. The most commonly attended schools reported by employees working in, Oregon State University (OSU) - Main Campus. ... A cost of living index above 100 means Portland, Oregon is more expensive. San Jose, Calif.: $89,734 Income needed: $89,734 Works with families to assist in caring for childhood hospitalizations or disabilities. Stop guessing. U.S. News analyzed 150 metro areas in the United States to find the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market in each metro area, as well as the value of living there and people's desire to live there. This helps them determine how much of your monthly income will be going toward your monthly debt obligations, which will include your new mortgage payment. So how much do you reasonably need to be earning to afford a median-priced home in the U.S.? What salary does a Life Skills Specialist earn in Portland? Housing is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. In cities where home prices are quite high, it likely means homebuyers will need to have a relatively high income in order to qualify for sufficient financing. If you are dead set on moving to Portland, though, it could pay to rent instead of buying as the income needed to live comfortably is about $9,000 a … That’s not a good question. Living Wage Calculation for Multnomah County, Oregon. According to a post today on GoBankingRates, you need to make $60,195 to "live comfortably" in Portland. Location matters, too. Living comfortably isn’t just about how much you make. LendingTree, which is the parent company of MagnifyMoney, analyzed public property data from ATTOM Data Solutions to find out what salary you’d need to afford a typical home in the top 50 biggest metro statistical areas in the U.S. To paint the most accurate picture, they assumed that borrowers: The top four cities where you need to earn the most to afford a median-priced home were all in California, but Seattle checked in at No. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. What salary does a Life Skills Trainer earn in Portland? 3. Improve your chances of receiving a raise when you ask. Follow wage changes of U.S. workers over time. Compare the Cost of Living in Portland, Oregon against another US Cities and States. Child Life Specialist is responsible for the design and implementation of pediatric programs, therapies, and activities among young patients. Here are the cities with the LOWEST required salary to afford a median priced home: #7 Louisville, Ky./Jefferson County, Ind. The cost of living in Portland, OR is 29 percent higher than the national average. While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $153,754 and as low as $16,474, the majority of salaries within the Women jobs category currently range between $30,950 (25th percentile) to $99,840 (75th percentile) in Portland, OR. See what you'll need to earn to keep your current standard of living wherever you choose to work and live. That’s because lenders are going to calculate your debt-to-income ratio when you apply for a mortgage. Average salary in Portland, Oregon is US$ 74,651. San Jose, CA: $274,623. Which alumni earn the most after graduation? The living wage shown is the hourly rate that an individual in a household must earn to support his or herself and their family. Ever wonder who gets paid the most? Learn how much money you need to meet the basic expenses of living in New York City. Being a Child Life Specialist monitors child development to ensure normal progression. The median home price in Portland is $419,600. Advanced 2019/20 Survey. Best Places to Live | Compare cost of living, crime, cities, schools and more. I move to Portland due to my partner getting a job out here and minimum wage is a whopping $11.25 yet jobs are offering just as little/much as what they did back in Illinois.