Take video for department for future reference. Compile a copy of the layout in the IE department for reference. Compare capacity improvement & productivity gap. Machine Shortage /surplus will discuss with Maintenance manager and will make the final MC requirement for approval, ( if required to rent ), Manpower shortage will be address to the Factory Manager/ GM and industrial engineering Manager. Make line balancing according to target and capacity study during 2 – 3 days of layout, Find out the bottleneck process and solve it, If needed make 1-hour production study in the required process. Miss-use manpower report sends to production manager. Collect data about shipment schedule, difficulties against shipment. Khondakar Mashiur Rahman's CV | Auto Garment: […] is Top Class Digital Marketing Expert in bd based on Google Yahoo Alex... Finalize the operation bulletins, line targets. Definitely Industrial engineers will have crucial roles in Industrie 4.0 settings such as designing, implementing and maintaining the enabling technologies of a fully automated smart factory, namely cyberphysical systems. Apparel . Analysis of the data found in charts, graphs and so forth 4. This data will helps to HR to upgrade the operators in end of the year factory workers Skill analysis card. Effective communication plays a role between Engineers, customers and businesses. Set daily work plan according to JD & practical situation. Monitoring the manufacturing processes and systems Preparing the operation bulletin and line lay out for every new style. Industrial Engineering is manufacturing engineering to increase productivity and quality. Perform production study, if actual production is bellow than capacity. Make proposal for reducing miss-use & unauthorized manpower. Noted problem, if you faced any problem or difficulties at sewing floor. Training – how to train new employees. They focus on reducing costs, promoting safety, utilizing efficient materials, and saving time and energy. Duties Industrial engineers typically do the following: Training operators eff follow up. Preparing the operation bulletin and line … Industrial Engineer Job Description Major Industrial Engineer Job Description We sale all types of IE Management ERP, Textile and Garments Planning Software ERP, R&D ERP. Make sure to Monitor the skill level of the line for special operation, Need to highlight in advance for the training in critical operations. Collect work instruction & measurement sheet from PP meeting & discuss about CTQ point. Analysis of operational issues and installation of new equipment 5. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. 10 October. Commando operators efficiency follow ( production card ). Introducing new system to Supervisor, QC, APM & AQM. IE Role of Industrial Engineer in Garment Industry. Apply for Industrial engineer garments jobs. Process improvement to reduce cost, waste and rejection Reduce wastage and defects. Report (hard copy) to all production managers by respective floor RND in-charge. It is the very first work of an industrial engineer. Industrial Engineer Job Description Industrial engineers use principles of technology and engineering to eliminate wasteful and inefficient processes in a production environment. NPT data analysis & conduct meeting with supervisor & APM for reducing NPT. Role & Responsibilities of Industrial Engineer in Garment Industry ... Role & Duties of an Industrial Engineer.. - Duration: 3:50. Industrial Engineering Roles In Industry Prepared by the IIE-IAB (Institute of Industrial Engineers – Industry Advisory Board) 2 What Do IEs Do? 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Industrial Engineer should run through very line set-up with the line balancing software to analyze the line balancing efficiency and achievement and to highlight to the supervisors where assistance and balancing is required in order to pull the production chain. If you work in industrial engineering (IE) department in garments manufacturing industry or wish to work, this writing would help you learn about interviews question and answer. Monitoring the direct labor earning and excess costs. Providing your team with technical support and training 6.