8am – 5pm - Monday thru FridayP.O. Available only to builders of ZODIAC CH 601 series kit aircraft. All part orders are fulfilled by authorized Subaru distributors Effective October 2nd, 2017, Subaru Corporation has withdrawn from the small engine power product business and has ceased the production and sale of multi-purpose engines, generators and pumps. After flying his J-6 Karatoo for more than 41 hours powered by a two-stroke Rotax 582 engine, Don Hansen decided he wanted a four-cycle engine with a better power-to-weight ratio – enter the Subaru EA81. Call for a price quote 1-866-418-3229 ! 4cyl; EA-81; 140hp@N/A rpm; 1995-present; Wt = 170#. The process of using any of these products during a repair or maintenance project is easy because proper accessories for specific engine designs are available. 4cyl; EA-81; 100hp@N/A rpm; 1995-present; Wt = 160#. Drag race, Circle track, Nitrous,super charged engines, gocart Off road and experimental aircraft. Subaru vs. Lycoming. Our Subaru Engines are the best in the country ! List of aircraft engines that are or were manufactured by SUBARU, along with the number of aircraft in the United States using each engine model (in parentheses). Fuel Being an automobile derivative it uses Mogas but this engine is also able to run on AVGAS 100 LL too, should that not be available while enroute cross country. 00 03 subaru legacy rsk gt-b 2.0 twin turbo engine 5spd trans jdm ej208 309609 $ 1,049.00 08 09 SUBARU LEGACY OUTBACK 2.5XT TURBO AVCS ENGINE ONLY JDM EJ255 D590459 $ 2,799.00 02 05 SUBARU LEGACY 3.0L H6 ENGINE VTD E-5AT TRANS JDM EZ30R 111445 TG5C7CVABA $ 1,349.00 RAM Performance (US) Most Subaru conversions require reduction of propeller rpm from that of engine rpm; i.e., a Propeller Speed Reduction Unit (PSRU). Six Cylinder Engines Subaru ER Engine. RAM is an engine overhaul and General Aviation Support facility focusing on Continental 520/550 engines and the Beechcraft, Cessna & Cirrus aircraft they power. We can build you your dream engine right here at Quantum Performance. ... RAM Racing Engines builds Subaru engines for aircraft … All of these engines are non-certificated engines for use in experimental, homebuilt aircraft. New RAM Racing EA81 115 horse power engine. Same Day Shipping on all orders placed before 3PM CST. Applications: None found. Ram Website. We have supplied ... EG33 engines $126US. We ship to all 50 US states. We build everything from Subaru EJ engines to VQ series Nissan/Infiniti engines to domestic GM 350's and Ford 302/347 Strokers.Call or e-mail us today for more info! Liquid-cooled, long-block version of a geared engine; MPFI, an EFI (electronic control for fuel injection) management system and dual direct-fire ignition. It is a low-wing all-metal aircraft, fitted with a fixed nosewheel undercarriage and a sliding canopy.It was first certified in Japan on 6 July 1966, with certification in the United States occurring on 26 September 1967. RAM Performance conversions are also available for boats, hovercraft, and dune buggies. We are an aircraft engine overhaul facility and aviation support center located at the Waco Regional Airport (KACT) in Waco, Tx. Majority of the components are machined in Southern Queensland in a network of small companies. Subaru links, many catagories, add your link here. There is a version with MPEFI that delivers 160hp@5400rpm and weighs 197#. Like the story of the Stratus conversions listed elsewhere in this magazine, few recent developments hold as much prom­ise for the future of light-to-moderate weight sport aircraft as do the recent introduction of a series of Subaru engine conversions for sport aircraft … We won’t be under sold! Subaru Engines. The first letter is always E standing for engine (before the introduction of FB engine series); The second letter is the engine's family. There is no evangelist for Subaru Aircraft Engines or the conversions of them. Jan Eggenfellner comes to mind. Subaru GPN Engine. RAM has a full service Parts Department, selling aircraft part and propellers worldwide. - Subaru XT ( 1987 – 1991 ) Subaru EG Engine : EG33: 3318 cc, DOHC, 230 hp @ 5,400 rpm. Outback, Forester, Impreza, Tribeca, Baja, WRX STi, XT, GT, 2.5i, RS, 360, Brat. Fuji Heavy Industries began development of a four-seat light aeroplane, the Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru in 1964, the first prototype flying on 12 August 1965. SUBARU BELL 412EPX In the commercial airplane business, the Aerospace Company has been participating in various international joint developments, such as … This is a zero time engine, never installed on aircraft.115 Horsepower at 5000 RPM4 Cylinder opposed 1.8 liter Box 5219 • 7505 Karl May Drive Waco Regional Airport (KACT), Building 409 Waco, TX 76708 307 likes. In fact, they are responsible for saving approximately 1,700 lives in 16 documented events. RAM markets EA-81 conversions with many variations as can be seen on their RAM Performance Website. Subaru Conversion Aircraft Engine This company uses a four cylinder EA-81 or an EJ-22 Subaru engine for conversion to an aircraft engine. Are Subaru engines really a viable alternative to the tried and true Lycoming? Design and development. ALL MDLS A/B (395) EA-81 (19) EA-82 (1) EJ 2.0 TURBO (5) … Other versions with throttle-body fuel injection or a carburetor are available and give 130-140hp. each. The EA81 compact design as well as the low weight/power ratio makes it a highly recommended power plant for the TERRIER 200. Box 5219 • 7505 Karl May DriveWaco Regional Airport (KACT), Building 409Waco, TX 76708(254) 752-8381. RAM Racing Engines. Includes, strip engine, full inspection, - Subaru Alcyone SVX ( 1992 – 1997 ) Note : There are various capacity engines for this model … Subaru EZ Engines Learn more about RAM Aircraft, LP This beautiful RAM VII 414A belongs to Joe Michaletz Next come two digits indicating the engine's displacement (or revision before 1989) ram air is a turbine in a plane .RAM AIR TURBINE(RAT) is the heart of an aircraft’s emergency power system. First, a suitable test aircraft for the engine … Crating, shipping and applic. The Subaru EA81 was originally designed & developed as an Aircraft Engine and then later modified for Automotive use when Subaru pulled out of the aviation business. Jabiru engines are designed to be manufactured in small batch quantities using the very latest Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine tools. New MUST SELL RAM Racing EA81 115 horse power engine. Have a hanger neighbor who had one in Rv-6 egginfelter never could get it to cool down - another friend who bought one for his Glass star and lost engine several times on first flights both pulled and engines changed to proper aircraft engine. Most Subaru auto engines since 1966 have either four or six cylinders and are liquid-cooled and horizontally opposed. ER27: 2672 cc, SOHC, 145 hp @ 5,200 rpm. Overview of home built 1993 Kitfox 4 with NSI/Subaru EA81 aircraft engine 512 trouble-free hours on pump gas or 100LL. A Subaru for a Karatoo. Building engines since 1984. Subaru Nobody is standing up and preaching to the masses about the benefits of the Subaru engine. Hall mount installed on Subaru EG33 engine For Subaru EA82 MPFI, EJ22, EJ25 and EG33 engines, we offer a version of our proven F system to control both fuel and ignition functions. This is a zero time engine, never installed on aircraft.115 Horsepower at 5000 RPM4 Cylinder opposed 1.8 liter We provide the highest quality OHE engines, new and PMA-new parts, and propellers for your airplane. taxes extra. Wholesale Japanese Engines INC is a top used Subaru Engine dealer. Most Subaru conversions require reduction of propeller rpm from that of engine rpm; i.e., a Propeller Speed Reduction Unit (PSRU). NO Thank you Subaru engines ! RAM engines are converted from Subaru automobile engines and are built and marketed by RAM Performance, Ltd. of Clinton, Ohio. Liquid-cooled, long-block version of a geared engine; dual carburetors and electronic ignition. E81 SUBARU ENGINES (3 OF THEM) • $250 • FOR SALE • Three E81 Subaru engines.Ideal for conversion. SUBARU Aircraft Engines. Complete Aviation Engines. Subaru uses a four or five character code to identify all of their engines.. Subaru Engine Build Specifications Subaru GPA Engines Subaru GPN engines of all years Subaru WRC engines from 1997 to S14 Subaru Rallycross Engines Subaru High powered engines (time attack or road car) Bespoke engines to your specification. Zenith Aircraft Co. stocks engine mounts and accessories for some other engine types (including Continental and VW) but does not provide support or accessories for such installations. He was a … RAM Aircraft, L.P. 8am – 5pm - Monday thru Friday P.O. RAM Engine Packages come with engine and airframe accessories. Total count: 8 engines. To order engine and for technical information on the Stratus EA-81 Subaru: STRATUS Inc. "Taking Subaru Engines to New Heights" 1270 S. Uplands Dr., Camano Island, WA 98292 Tel: (360) 387-6521 Email: mjt@camano.net. Applications: None found. Get high-quality replacement parts to keep your Subaru-powered equipment running like new for years to come. The EA-81 is a 1.8 L, with two Bing carburetors, single ignition, liquid cooled, belt driven reduction for the propeller, equipped with a 45 amp alternator and its maximum power is 100 hp. ENGINE BEAT: June 1994. Turbine, redial, and turbine jet engines are available for different equipment options. Racetech Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada set out to find this answer and at the same time, test their digital engine management systems on a Subaru in flight. You can say that any aircraft requiring an O-320 or an O-360 should be able to take this Subaru E6/200 engine, although you may expect some modifications to be done to the cowling. RAM also offers a variety of teardown inspecti Subaru makes a good little car but no thank you on aircraft engine . A very nice quality adaption with all accessories, ready to use. !!!!!!!! We specialize in the Continental 520/550 family of engines and the Beechcraft, Cessna & Cirrus aircraft they power. RAM offers Autoflight gearboxes, which have versions giving a reduction to 0.476, 0.455, 0.352, or 0.287 of crankshaft rotational velocity and come with the propeller centerline either above or below the crankshaft. Links and resources for other engine types: Stratus EA-81 Subaru; CAM 100/125 - Honda-based conversions RAM also offers turbocharger kits. The procurement contract for the New UH was made between JMOD and SUBARU, which gave the green light for its serial production. Ram Website. All of these engines are non-certificated engines for use in experimental, homebuilt aircraft. JDM Subaru Motors are low mileage & tested.