But God does not want you to delight in Him out of duty. California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Rest in, and wait patiently for, The Lord (37:7). Devote yourself to discovering in the Bible what He reveals about His character and ways and you cannot help but delight in His excellence. In this psalm, David – the shepherd boy God made king – contemplates an age-old dilemma. I don’t think I am the only Christian who missed the power of those words while growing up in my Christian bubble. And he shall give thee the desires of thine heart - literally, the "askings," or the "requests" of thy heart. Interpretation. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. Psalm 37 is a response to the problem of evil, which the Old Testament often expresses as a question: why do the wicked prosper and the good suffer? A pleasant duty is here rewarded with another pleasure. Our Price: $8.99 Save: $11.00 (55%) Buy Now. How about you? 3 Hoffe auf den HERRN und tue Gutes, bleibe im Lande und nähre dich redlich. The Hebrew word for delight (anag) commands us to find enjoyment in God. God answered that prayer, and He will be faithful to answer yours too. Delight in how excellent is God that He opened your eyes to realize your need for a Savior!). (We are empty-nesters so the house can feel rather lonely.) Save: $13.50 (30%) Buy Now. May God answer Paul’s prayer in the lives of believers so that our comprehension of His great love of us will cause our delight in Him to be a beacon of hope to this generation who is in desperate need of a Savior. A.W. Psalm 37:4 Translation & Meaning. Growing up in the church and attending Christian schools I was apathetic toward the inexpressible love God had for me –– maybe you can relate? Great is thy faithfulness.”. of 0. Psalm 37 English Standard Version He Will Not Forsake His Saints 1 [1] Of David. There is no room for fretting if we remember that God is ours, but there is every incentive to sacred enjoyment of the most elevated and ecstatic kind. Every name, attribute, word, or deed of Jehovah, should be delightful to us, and in meditating thereon our soul should be as glad as is the epicure who feeds delicately with a profound relish for his dainties. Bad men delight in carnal objects; do not envy them if they are allowed to take their fill in such vain idols; look thou to thy better delight, and fill thyself to the full with thy sublimer portion. Er gibt dir, was dein Herz begehrt. There is an ascent in this third precept. In Psalm 37:4 steht: „Habe deine Lust am HERRN; der wird dir geben, was dein Herz wünscht.“ In diesem Psalm steht, was an erster Stelle stehen sollte. Psalm 37 is the 37th psalm of the Book of Psalms. When I travel to speak at women’s events my husband really misses me. The fact that a child loves his father, and finds his happiness in doing his will, will do much to regulate his own "wishes" or "desires," and will at the same thee be a reason why the father will be disposed to comply with his requests. ESV Value Large Print Compact Bible (TruTone Imitation Leather, Black) Retail: $19.99. And he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Can you imagine how it would hurt our intimacy if I chose to ignore his texts until I returned home from my trip? Right in the middle of fretting over circumstances God wants us to apply all of these principles and somehow delight in Him. James 4:8 promises, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” How cool is that? But realizing the context of Psalm 37:4 will help us better comprehend what it means to delight in the Lord. 27th November 2020. I. Thank you for registering. Even though God transformed my family when my father came to Christ, as a second generation Christian I was unmoved by the transformation.