Principle Of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Ppt related files: ea53bf1625862504c0b4415e4e1c1e3b Powered by TCPDF ( 1 / 1 principles were designed to guide primary health care centres in modifying their structure to better fit the needs of their older patients. Geriatric rehabilitation 1. Spiritual care is defined as “meeting people where they are and assisting them with connecting or reconnecting with things, practices, ideas, and principles that are at the core of their being-the breath of their life, making a connection between yourself and that person. Care of elderly 1. Ethical considerations go further than pure clinical assessments and include all consequences of starting and/or withholding of cure and care. “Speaking generally, all parts of the body which have function, if used in moderation and exercised in labors to which each is accustomed, become healthy and well developed and age slowly. For frail older adults who are acutely hospitalized, the patient-centered interdisciplinary geriatric approach has been demonstrated by randomized controlled trials to be effective in improving functions and reducing hospital length of stay, readmission, and mortality. The Age-friendly Principles address three areas: • Information, education, communication and training , • Health care management systems , and • The physical environment of the primary health care centre. Widely accepted ethical principles are taken into account in several international declarations and recommendations, but national legislations of care for old people are characterized by wide diversity. MANAGEMENT FOR THE ELDERLY 2. 1 Mr. Rushikesh B. Pawar II Msc (N) CON.PIMS (DU) CARE OF ELDERLY 2. Over the past few years, the world’s population has continued on its remarkable transition path from a state of high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates coupled with improvement in health services & standard of living. Patient flow considerations include those from the acute care setting to the sub-acute care setting and patient flow from the sub-acute care setting into an ambulatory care setting and ultimately the patient’s … But, if left unused and left idle, they become liable to disease, defective in growth and age quickly.” Hippocrates, 370 BC 3. of care at different points in their rehabilitation journey.