The nearly 14-minute film follows Pagonis’ journey from first learning the truth about their condition to getting involved in national-level activism to end the practice of performing these surgeries — which have been deemed medically unnecessary and a human rights violation by the United Nations — on intersex children. Pidgeon Pagonis, a gender non-conforming intersex activist and filmmaker who uses they/them/theirs pronouns, focused on the QI Thursday. Pidgeon Pagonis is an intersex artist and activist who has worked for almost a decade researching, advocating and educating a wide range of audiences about intersex issues and rights, and the movement for bodily autonomy and justice. Hospital Course: patient underwent a clitoral resection and recession without difficulty. Pidgeon has played a vital part in generating awareness about intersex narratives, and the injustices faced by intersex people worldwide. Pidgeon Pagonis Pidgeon is a non-binary leader in the intersex movement’s fight for bodily autonomy and justice. It highlights trans people, people of color and homeless people who were at the forefront of the movement, and who have often been erased from the narrative. Tickets and the full schedule can be found online at ReelingFilmFestival.Org/2019. Pagonis was born in 1986 in Chicago and has Mexican and Greek ancestry; as a child, queer and nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, was diagnosed with androgen insensitivity syndrome. He was a regular at the Stonewall Inn, although he wasn’t present during the riots. In 2015, Pagonis created the hashtag campaign #intersexstories for Intersex Awareness Day. There are questions of who was there, who "threw the first brick" and who can claim Stonewall. Agosto Machado is a Chinese-Spanish-Filipino performance artist and “pre-Stonewall street queen.” He/she was a contemporary of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. “Ori is full of love, spunky, funny, cute, engaged and smart — everything that doctors say intersex kids can’t be without these unnecessary medical interventions,” Pagonis said. They are an advocate for intersex human rights and against non-consensual intersex medical interventions. “Before Pidgeon was Pidgeon, just after they found out about the medical records at the hospital down the street, we spent many hours in my office going through it.” Pagonis met Farah during their LSP 200 class. With the support of Google, The Center is creating Stonewall Forever in celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Since the start of the pandemic, 180 employees have tested positive. Pidgeon Pagonis is an American intersex activist, writer and consultant. Her mission is to elevate the authentic representation of the House/Ballroom community worldwide. Name: Pidgeon Pagonis (they/them) ... Pagonis’s own experience with nonconsensual medical intervention is the focus of their new documentary, A Normal Girl. “We want them made available to anybody who wants them, which could include intersex people when they’re older, as well as transgender and gender-nonconforming people.”. Zackary Drucker is a transgender artist. The UIC Gender and Sexuality Center is hosting a series, “Let’s Talk About the I in LGBTQIA: Intersex Awareness” with local intersex artist and advocate Pidgeon Pagonis.. For perhaps the final time, Trubisky’s mortal sins were upchucked onto the about-to-be-frozen tundra of Lambeau Field for all the NFL to see. Chella Man is a Deaf, genderqueer artist currently transitioning on testosterone. Starting at six months old, Pagonis underwent surgeries to remove their testes and clitoris, which doctors said was too big. And it asks us all to recognize the legacy of Stonewall that remains today, when the struggle for queer rights is far from over. A Normal Girl is a documentary short film featuring activist Pidgeon Pagonis. Achebe Betty Powell was a founding member of Salsa Soul Sisters and the Astraea Foundation, and was a key player in the Gay Academic Union, the National Black Feminist Organization, and the National Gay Task Force. An initial message sparked an email chain riddled with profanity and question marks. A Normal Girl brings the widely unknown struggles of intersex people to light, through the story of intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis. Two U.S. Senate races there are a microcosm of America’s struggle to find a way forward. Pidgeon has over ten years experience researching, advocating and educating a wide range of audiences about the intersex movement for bodily autonomy and justice. The history of the Stonewall Riots is equally as cherished as it is charged. They are an advocate for intersex human rights and against non-consensual intersex medical interventions. View Pidgeon Pagonis’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. It is common practice for doctors to perform genital surgeries on intersex infants--often with disastrous results. Pagonis joined the advocacy organization interACT a few years after discovering they were intersex. “A Normal Girl” describes how Pidgeon Pagonis, as an infant, was given sex-related surgeries that “made me abnormal.”. Karla Jay was an early member of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and Radicalesbians, a group that created the famous Lavender Menace action, a group that formed to protest the exclusion of lesbians from mainstream Women's Liberation. It also touches on the experience of Pagonis’ mother, who was led to believe by doctors that these surgeries were needed for Pagonis to live a normal life. There is no one particular way of identifying as an intersex person. Pidgeon Pagonis. She is a producer of “Transparent” and has shown her work at the Whitney Museum of American Art, MOMA PS1, and Hammer Museum, among many others. “I hope viewers learn what it means to be intersex and that these surgeries are unethical,” Pagonis said. “Everything looks normal. Directed by Aubree Bernier-Clarke. CPS elementary students received flood of ‘inappropriate’ emails, district says. In their current role as Program Director at the True Colors Fund, Twiggy leads the Youth Collaboration program area and produced the True Impact Summit, aimed at not only elevating youth voices but also creating space for partnerships with young adults to lead the movement to end youth homelessness. Pidgeon Pagonis Much of the conversation surrounding gender and sex often leaves out intersex identities, why do you think this is? Chicago activist shares stories of an intersex life in Reeling film festival documentary, Hot seat heats up for Bears coach Matt Nagy after humiliating 41-25 loss to Packers. Violence soars in Minneapolis after Floyd killing, but one Chicago police district is even worse. Today’s update is a 5-minute read that will brief you on the day’s biggest stories. He was present during the nights of the Stonewall Riots. His main focus is to educate others on issues regarding being queer and disabled within a safe space. Stonewall Forever, the documentary, brings together voices from over 50 years of LGBTQ activism to explore the ongoing legacy of Stonewall. She is currently a member of The Center in Las Vegas, an LGBTQ support organization. Pidgeon Pagonis is an intersex American activist, writer, artist, and consultant. "I spoke with Dr. Fauci this morning to get his input about Illinois situation," Pritzker said. Wallace is a native New Yorker, a lifelong teacher and a Vietnam War veteran. Pagonis and other intersex justice activists believe that these forced medical interventions should be put off until intersex children are older and can decide for themselves as adults whether they want the procedures. Founded in 1983, New York City's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center empowers people to lead healthy, successful lives. Bianey Garcia is a community organizer at Make the Road New York, a non-profit organization providing services and advocacy for Latinx and working class communities in Queens. 4/13/87—Dear Mr. & Mrs. Pagonis–I am attributing her elevated blood pressure to being somewhat fearful in our exam room. "He said the massive number of indoor gatherings by people visiting family and friends across the nation will very likely bring a post Thanksgiving surge, and he believes this is no time to pull back on mitigations.". Pagonis said they are working on how and when to release the short documentary, but they hope to secure enough funding to turn it into a feature-length film. Jay is a co-founder of Queers for Economic Justice (QEJ), a progressive non-profit organization committed to promoting economic justice in a context of sexual and gender liberation. Martin Boyce is a native New Yorker and was a regular at the Stonewall Inn. Sean Saifa Wall is an advocate for intersex rights, a collage artist and researcher. newsletter, Holiday cheer abounds with albums from Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Meghan Trainor and more, Second City names Jon Carr new executive producer. His/her first time on stage was during Jack Smith’s (father of performance art) productions. The title screen of intersex activist and filmmaker Pidgeon Pagonis’ short documentary, “A Normal Girl.” | Provided photo. We follow the stories and update you as they develop. A deeply personal and harrowing video-diary short documentary (25 min) by Pidgeon Pagonis. A deeply personal and harrowing video-diary short documentary (25 min) by Pidgeon Pagonis. Follow here for live updates. This film doesn’t answer these questions but instead it aims to expand the story of Stonewall by including more voices in its telling. Pidgeon Pagonis, a 30-year-old Chicago native, is changing how the world sees intersex people and how intersex people see themselves. Instagram - @intersexjusticeproject. Bears QB Mitch Trubisky fumbles his second chance. Book me at your school or event: Pidgeon Pagonis has slowly, oftentimes not so quietly risen to visibility as an activist on behalf of intersex people. Admission date: 10/27/90 Discharge Date: 11/1/90 Attending Physician: Dr. B. He/she was part of the rise of the underground theater and film movements of the 60s. Pidgeon Pagonis (born 1986) is an American intersex activist, writer, artist, and consultant. Chicago’s 11th District has had more fatal shootings this year than in all of Minneapolis or other big cities. Sylvia & Marsha at Christopher Street Liberation Day March, 1973, "What began as a question mark downtown ended in an exclamation point.". With Pidgeon Pagonis. He worked for New York City’s Commission on Human Rights for 18 years, where he helped pass the gay rights bill in 1986. What’s Merriam-Webster’s top word of 2020? In 2015, Pagonis created the hashtag campaign #intersexstories for Intersex Awareness Day. You’re a normal girl,” doctors would tell Pagonis and their parents. The artist … Know about breaking news as it happens. 8/28/1997—Jennifer is an 11-year-old. At least 1 in 5,000 U.S. babies are born each year with intersex conditions _ ambiguous genitals because of genetic glitches or hormone problems. An undocumented, trans woman of color, she organized the first Trans Latina March in New York City. He is studying virtual reality programming at The New School in New York City, while sharing his stories of transitioning on his YouTube channel. Filmmaker Pidgeon Pagonis didn’t learn until college that they were born with androgen insensitivity syndrome, a genetic condition in which people are born with both male and female sexual characteristics. The Center celebrates our diversity and advocates for justice and opportunity. Rioters underneath the Stonewall Inn sign, 1969. Sign up for the Farah also introduced them to the WGS program, which Pagonis says changed their entire college experience and beyond. Twiggy co-wrote the Sundance-selected documentary KIKI, sits on the Board of Directors for Doc Society, and serves as runway choreographer on the FX series "POSE," by Ryan Murphy. The NYC LGBT Community Center at the 2019 Pride March. The Bears have been absolutely awful on offense the last two seasons, and it’s hard to see an alleged offensive guru keeping his job when they start cleaning up this mess at the end of the season. Secrecy and surgery are … The Rainbow Alliance welcomed them to the Harris Hall forum to screen their documentary, “The Son I Never Had: Growing Up Intersex,” and to discuss intersex issues and answer questions from the audience. “But getting my medical records in college and learning the truth, I realized that I was normal, but they made me abnormal by disfiguring my body, forcing me into hormones and lying to me.”. They are an advocate for intersex human rights and against nonconsensual intersex medical interventions. Pagonis, who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, shares their story as an intersex person and activist in director Aubree Bernier-Clarke’s short documentary “A Normal Girl,” which is screening at 9:15 p.m. Friday at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema, 2828 N. Clark St., as part of the 2019 Reeling LGBTQ+ International Film Festival. Comparing him to Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson — two quarterbacks available when Ryan Pace traded up to draft Trubisky four years ago — almost feels cruel. Stonewall Forever brings together queer activists, experienced and new, to look at the movement for LGBTQ equality before, during and after Stonewall. A Normal Girl brings the widely unknown struggles of intersex people to light, through the story of intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis. Activist Pidgeon Pagonis was born intersex and underwent a clitorectomy at Lurie Children's Hospital as a child to bring their genitalia more in line with a typical "female" body. The film highlights a 2017 protest in which Pagonis and members of the Intersex Justice Project, an organization they co-founded, protest outside Lurie Children’s Hospital, calling for it to stop administering these procedures on intersex children. The Center is responsible for all materials collected during this process. They were also featured in the 2012 documentary Intersexion. Stonewall Forever was directed by Ro Haber and created by a predominantly queer and trans cast and crew who are proud to be a part of preserving this legacy. Because for decades, surgeons and their teams of doctors have worked tirelessly to erase our bodies and identities. Starting around 10 years old, Pagonis had female hormones pumped into their body and later underwent a vaginoplasty. Pidgeon Pagonis talks us through their ... - Ditch the Label Pidgeon has 6 jobs listed on their profile. Pidgeon Pagonis personally identifies as non-binary, however, intersex people can identify as cisgender, heterosexual or not. The 37th annual Reeling Film Festival runs from Sept. 19–29. 1.5% of people are born with anatomy that doesn't fit typical definitions of female or male. Currently, Pidgeon is working on a new feature-length documentary set to premiere in 2019, while simultaneously documenting intersex people of color for a new photo series funded by Astraea’s Intersex Human Rights Fund. Jay Toole is a 71 year-old butch-identified lesbian who battled addiction for 37 years, during which time she was homeless for over 25 years, and often lived on and under the streets of NYC and in the NYC shelters. All humans are sex neutral until their fourth month in the womb, Pidgeon Pagonis told their audience on Thurs, Nov. 9. 1.5% of people are born with anatomy that doesn't fit typical definitions of female or male. Playing for the first time in 21 days, David Montgomery returned with a bang. She is still active in creating housing for those in need, and fighting against prejudice and hate. Doctors never told Pagonis they were born intersex, a blanket term for people born with these naturally occurring sex characteristics. “I think parents can relate to my mom and see through her experience what it might be like for them if they allow doctors to persuade them into doing these unnecessary surgeries on their baby,” Pagonis said. This would make Lurie Children’s Hospital the first hospital in the U.S. to end these surgeries. The film introduces viewers to 10-year-old Ori Turner, an enthusiastic intersex child who is also nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. Cherry hosts the monthly drag competition DragNET at the Metropolitan Bar in Williamsburg, and she is a firm fixture at Bushwig, Brooklyn’s premier drag and performance festival. Pidgeon Pagonis is an actor and producer, known for A Normal Girl (2019) and Transparent (2014). Only after that do biological sex characteristics begin to develop, and fetuses begin to physically appear male or female – but even that isn’t the whole truth, as demonstrated by nearly two percent of the human population, a group as prevalent as redheads. Twitter - @pidgeo_n Pidgeon Pagonis is an intersex artist, activist and former communications & operations manager and youth leadership coordinator for interACT youth—the world's first intersex youth project. "My entire life I was lied to, and made to lie. Dear Abby: Coin collector upset when wife secretly sells gold piece of her own, How, when to watch ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ on TV, Fauci tells Pritzker: It’s ‘no time to pull back’ from Illinois’ tougher COVID-19 restrictions, Illinois’ tougher COVID-19 rules to remain in place after Pritzker talks with Fauci (LIVE UPDATES), Georgia voters will decide fate of Senate and a new South, 2 more Cook County judges test positive for coronavirus. They became the leadership coordinator of the youth program at interACT. Mayor Lori Lightfoot says her new budget will address the underlying causes of violence on the West Side, but some activists and aldermen want her to do more. At 19, I discovered I was born intersex." Pidgeon Pagonis, Actor: Transparent. Judy Bowen is a 75-year-old self-proclaimed “Equality-For-All activist.” She lived on Christopher Street at the time of the Stonewall Riots, and she marched with the Gay Activists Alliance in the early Christopher Street Liberation Day Marches.