Yeap, 5 everyday ingredients and 5 mins to the BEST Sweet and Salty Snack Mix out there. and indulgent chocolate chips! fun, chewy element in your DIY trail mix or healthy snack mix, add some dried It’s got the perfect blend of textures and flavors that every sweet and salty snack mix needs: plenty of crunch with a dash of chewiness, and satisfyingly salty with just enough sweetness! But, unlike with a pre-packaged snack or trail mix, YOU can control what goes into this sweet and salty snack mix and how fuel-filled those ingredients are. Whether you’re traveling,…, Easy Keto Snacks: Grab-and-Go Foods + 20 Keto Recipes! Plus, this easy snack mix is a great … sprinkling some of these goodies into your healthy snack mix or homemade trail I try to make something that I know my kids can eat and they love snack mixes. For the ULTIMATE snack mix for game day, parties and cocktails with friends look no further! Simple! Even though I’m not much…, Crispy Spicy Roasted Chickpeas with Indian Spices - Protein-Packed Vegan Snack! This healthy cereal snack mix / DIY trail mix is guaranteed to satisfy any and all of your snack-y cravings…at the same time. Bake in oven for 8 minutes. fats. 1 Box of Welch's Fruit Snacks - Mixed Fruit (3 individual packages), 1 Box of Welch's Fruit Snacks - Berries 'n Cherries (3 individual packages), 2 Cups Regular Pretzels or Gluten-Free Pretzels. snack-y textures that I crave! Enjoy a great after-school snack with this No-Bake Sweet & Salty Snack Mix. like: For a Everyone seems to be looking for a good trail mix snack. you like roasted and salted nuts/seeds, dry roasted and unsalted, or totally decided to craft my own gluten free DIY trail mix inspired by Raisin Add the pretzels, marshmallows, and chocolate chips to a bowl.2. The flavors that are mixed are a great sweet and salty taste, it’s a great combination. deliciously simple, and simply delicious! Nutrition Facts 1 cup: 254 calories, 12g fat (3g saturated fat), 1mg cholesterol, 185mg sodium, 35g carbohydrate (24g sugars, 3g fiber), 6g protein. No Bake Snack Mix. Stir mixture and then bake for another 8 minutes. Again, just be sure to That’s a win, right? Many snack mixes involve some baking or roasting, but this NO BAKE sweet and salty snack mix is easy enough to throw together in just 5 minutes. Welch’s Fruit Snacks are our 1st choice in fruit snacks since fruit is the 1st ingredient! This snack mix combines specific ingredients to really give that sweet and salty flavor. Here Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Filed Under: Back to School, Gluten Free, Recipes, Side Dish, Snacks, Your email address will not be published. In a medium saucepan combine the butter and brown sugar and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Combine brown sugar, butter, corn syrup and salt in 2-quart heavy saucepan. Like I said, get creative with the ingredients and craft YOUR ultimate healthy snack mix / trail mix! Fall snack mix is the perfect no-bake treat for those nights where your family wants something sweet, but you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Trade out the pretzels and the yogurt covered raisins and make it gluten free. Snack size sealable bags are a great option for on the go when you are ready to serve it. Take what you like, leave what It’s also an easy snack that doesn’t make a big mess. fruit! and chewy sugar-coated raisins—totally irresistible, but sadly not-so-nutritious. Sweet and Salty Snack Treat Full of snack items that most folks can have it is sure to be a big hit! your inspiration: If you’re a fan of cereal snack mix like this, or if you’re making homemade trail mix with cereal in it, there are loads of healthy options out there: Or, I Bake at 325ºF for 20 to 25 minutes, stirring twice. Let’s be real: what’s…, No Bake Dried Fruit and Nut Energy Balls with Mango, Strawberries, Dates, Apricots, Cashews &…, Homemade Dehydrated Strawberries in Oven – Healthy Dried Fruit Recipe! Add all ingredients to a large bowl and toss to combine. This post is sponsored by Welch’s® Fruit Snacks. An easy no-bake sweet and salty snack mix made with popcorn, pretzels, raisins, chocolate, and peanuts. I replaced the classic wheat bran flakes with corn flakes. Truly Preheat the oven to 350°. It’s salty and sweet and crunchy and chewy. If you are in the beginning stages of teaching the kids about food and cooking, this is a great no-bake way to get them involved. I’ve kept things clean, nutritious, and easy, with just 5 simple ingredients: In Bran! wanted this gluten free cereal snack mix to still have some crave-able crunch, so Raisins are a classic choice, but there’s so much variety to choose The beauty of making your own sweet and salty snack mix or DIY trail mix is that you really don’t need a recipe. Be sure to check the store locator here to find out where you can pick up your Welch’s Fruit Snacks, America’s Favorite Fruit Snacks! Serving sizes are going to vary based on the batch that you would prefer to use. Sweet, salty, chewy, and crisp, these no-bake trail mix bites are sure to satisfy any craving! The natural sugars, wholesome fats,…, Crispy Baked Potato Chips - Healthy Homemade Potato Chips! Whether We appreciate it! are some no bake snack mix ideas and healthy homemade trail mix ingredients for Design by. All Yums. The Best No Bake Snack Mix Recipes on Yummly | Taco Snack Mix, Seasoned Snack Mix, Sweet & Spicy Snack Mix. Mix together and serve or store in an airtight container. To store, either seal up that same bag or transfer to an airtight Try We have about a 30-minute drive back home from school every day and it never fails, my kids are famished by the time I come to pick them up. School is just around the corner, which means it’s a great time to be gathering some after-school snack ideas, however, this snack mix is also a great one to enjoy as a summer snack too. mix/shake to combine! It’s very versatile and fun for the kids to help make as well. Remove from oven and spread out onto waxed paper. 1 bag Orville Redenbacher's Movie Theater Butter Popcorn, prepared … I added almonds Fix a batch in minutes for movie nights, birthday parties, camping, road trips, and holiday food gifts! Spread the crackers evenly on the baking sheet and set aside. It’s almost officially here! raisins, crunchy corn flakes, sweet chocolate chips, salty almonds and This snack mix has been a family favorite for over 20 years. salty snack mix instead… Call it whatever you like—pretty much, I made my Your email address will not be published. That means we are just a month away from school starting and back-to-school season is upon us. Sweet and Salty Snack Mix | Blue Jean Chef - Meredith Laurence Sort of Remember this has to be stored in an airtight container to stay fresh. here. It has corn chips, cereal, a caramel-eque coating, pretzels, and M&Ms. I’m a HUGE cereal fanatic, so I designed this homemade trail mix with one of my Portion into individual servings or store in a large airtight container for up to 3 weeks. We keep the fruit snacks on hand whenever we are on the go or in lunches, but we love to mix some extras in to make a great tasty snack. bake sweet and salty snack mix ingredients with your own ideas! Mommy Hates Cooking is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and links to 105 Comments Sweet, salty, chewy, and crisp, these no-bake trail mix granola bars are sure to … Required fields are marked *. Or, add some sweet, crispy crunch with freeze dried fruit. This 5-minute, no-bake snack mix recipe has the perfect mix of sweet and salty ingredients so you get a new flavor combination in every delicious bite. M&M’s – all kinds of With only 5 ingredients, there’s even have time to portion it out for travel snacks, road trip snacks, or healthy lunches for school!