Annual Weather Averages in Santa Fe County Municipal Airport. Community is connected to funding agencies and resources Interstate 40 is a major east–west interstate highway starting from the Arizona stateline west of Gallup to the Texas stateline east from Tucumcari. [136]:8 New Mexico's rail transportation system reached its height in terms of length following admission as a state; in 1914 eleven railroads operated 3124 route miles. This climate zone shares similarities with its neighbors—the cold-winter Zones 1, 2, and 3, and the subtropical low desert, Zone 13. New Mexico (Spanish: Nuevo México [ˈnweβo ˈmexiko] (listen); Navajo: Yootó Hahoodzo [joː˩tʰo˥ ha˩hoː˩tso˩]) is a state in the Southwestern region of the United States of America; its capital is Santa Fe, which was founded in 1610 as capital of Nuevo México (itself established as a province of New Spain in 1598), while its largest city is Albuquerque with its accompanying metropolitan area. [166] In a landmark decision, a state judge ruled in 2018 that "New Mexico is violating the constitutional rights of at-risk students by failing to provide them with sufficient education,"[167] and ordered that the governor and Legislature provide an adequate system by April 2019. New Mexico's latitude and low passes made it an attractive east–west transportation corridor. [105][106][107][108], Federal government spending is a major driver of the New Mexico economy. [148] The Sunset Limited is the successor to the Southern Pacific Railroad's train of the same name and operates exclusively on Union Pacific trackage in New Mexico. According to the Los Angeles Times, for years the state had the highest alcohol-related crash rates in the US, but ranked 25th in alcohol-related fatal crash rates, as of July 2009[update]. Because of this, its film industry has grown and contributed $1.23 billion to its overall economy. There is also local government, consisting of counties, municipalities and special districts. At the turn of the 19th century, the extreme northeastern part of New Mexico, north of the Canadian River and east of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, was still claimed by France, which sold it in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. However, the Confederate territorial government continued to operate out of Texas, and Confederate troops marched under the Arizona flag until the end of the war. It is the 5th largest state in the union. In the 2005 tax year, the average millage was about 26.47 for residential property, and 29.80 for non-residential property. [37]:52, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado assembled an enormous expedition at Compostela in 1540–1542 to explore and find the mythical Seven Golden Cities of Cibola as described by Fray Marcos de Niza. Rural and intercity public transportation by road is provided by Americanos USA, LLC, Greyhound Lines and several government operators. Common Vegetation: rocky mountain woodchucks, coney, mountain sheep. Additionally, more than 8,000 men from New Mexico Territory served in the Union Army.[46]. [113][114] The New Mexico Film Office estimated at the end of 2007 that the incentive program had brought more than 85 film projects to the state since 2003 and had added $1.2 billion to the economy. All Rights Reserved. [60], As of 2000, 8% of the residents of the state were foreign-born.[60]. Democrats in the state are usually strongest in the Santa Fe Area, various areas of the Albuquerque Metro Area (such as the southeast and central areas, including the affluent Nob Hill neighborhood and the vicinity of the University of New Mexico), Northern and West Central New Mexico, and most of the Native American reservations, particularly the Navajo Nation. Santa Fe County Municipal Airport is 53 miles from Los Alamos, so the actual climate in Los Alamos can vary a bit. [93] In 2005, the percentage of persons below the poverty level was 18.4%. [11] New Mexico is home to part of the Navajo Nation, 19 federally recognized Pueblo communities of Puebloan peoples, and three different federally recognized Apache tribes. In prehistoric times, the area was home to Ancestral Puebloans, Mogollon, and the modern extant Comanche and Utes[12] inhabited the state. [9][10] After Mexican independence in 1821, New Mexico became a Mexican territory with considerable autonomy. Aside from the aforementioned Wild Hogs, other movies filmed in New Mexico include Sunshine Cleaning and Vampires. The prehistorically agricultural Pueblo Indians live in pueblos scattered throughout the state. CLIMATE ZONE 5 Catron Mora Santa Fe Colfax Rio Arriba Taos Harding San Juan Torrance Los Alamos San Miguel McKinley Sandoval CLIMATE ZONE 4 In 1581, the Chamuscado and Rodríguez Expedition named the region north of the Rio Grande "San Felipe del Nuevo México". Santa Fe is also home to Frogville Records, an indie record label. The Southern Pacific Railroad entered the territory from the Territory of Arizona in 1880. The New Mexico Rail Runner Express is a commuter rail system serving the metropolitan area of Albuquerque, New Mexico. [87], According to Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA), the largest denominations in 2010 were the Catholic Church with 684,941; the Southern Baptist Convention with 113,452; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with 67,637, and the United Methodist Church with 36,424 adherents. They settled in the state's northern portion. The executive is composed of the governor and other statewide elected officials including the lieutenant governor (elected on the same ticket as the governor), attorney general, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer, and commissioner of public lands. Narrow gauge railroads once connected many communities in the northern part of the state, from Farmington to Santa Fe. New Mexico Amendments It includes nearly 20,000 square miles (52,000 square km) of New Mexico’s best grazing area and irrigated farmland. Besides Navajo, which is also spoken in Arizona, a few other Native American languages are spoken by smaller groups in New Mexico, most of which are only spoken in the state. Governors serve a term of four years, and may seek re-election for one additional term (limit of two terms). With a total area of 121,590 sq mi (314,900 km2), it is the fifth-largest and sixth-least densely populated of the 50 states. [82][84] In public education, the state has the constitutional obligation to provide bilingual education and Spanish-speaking instructors in school districts where the majority of students are Hispanophone. [136]:110 No fewer than 100 railroads of various names and lineage have operated in the jurisdiction at some point. Other areas of geographical and scenic interest include Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument and the Gila Wilderness in the southwest of the state. Interstate 25 is a major north–south interstate highway starting from Las Cruces to the Colorado stateline near Raton. The Llano Estacado is bounded roughly by Interstate 40, the Pecos River and a line joining Roswell and Hobbs. New MexicoEconomic Development DepartmentJoseph M. Montoya Building1100 S. St. Francis DriveSanta Fe, NM 87505-4147, Mailing Address:P.O. Most of the incentives are based on job creation. Additional copies of this guide are available on [138] With the decline of most intercity rail service in the United States in the late 1960s, New Mexico was left with minimal services. The average annual temperature has increased about 0.6°F per decade since 1970 or about 2.7°F over 45 years (Tebaldi et al). (feet) Heating Degree Days (HDD) 65°F Cooling Degree Days (CDD) 50°F day Climate Zone Abiquiu Dam Rio Arriba 6380 5872 5B Alamogordo Otero 4350 3053 5309 3B Albuquerque Bernalillo 5312 4332 4462 4B With a total area of 121,590 square miles (314,900 km ), New Mexico is the fifth-largest state. Its history has given New Mexico the highest percentage of Hispanic and Latino Americans, and the second-highest percentage of Native Americans as a population proportion (after Alaska). [147] It also operates on New Mexico Rail Runner Express trackage. [50] The Midwest State No. [40]:182 As a result of the Pueblo Revolt, the only successful revolt against European expansion by Native Americans, these early cities were occupied by the Puebloan peoples until the Spanish returned with an offer of better cultural and religious liberties for the Pueblos. Many examples of this work can be seen at the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum[178] and at the Western New Mexico University Museum.[179]. New Mexico residents may purchase any firearm deemed legal under federal law. According to the 2000 United States Census,[75]:6 [171][172][173] The state of New Mexico requires that the lottery put 30% of its gross sales into the scholarship fund.