By the time a boxer gets into the pro ranks their style will change and are more willing to take risks. It will be well worth it. Getting hit and hurt is not very pleasant at all. But I walk daily, I try keeping the regiment up. By boxing smart and having an incredible level of fitness, Ali was able to use his muscle to land the crucial blows. Bear in mind that in amateur boxing there are relatively few true knock outs with head shots. This is one of the main reasons why I always stay in my boxing stance when working the punch pads with the boxer. When required to be as fast as possible, most boxers would use “arm punches”, sacrificing some leg push and body rotation to cut the time. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. So I try about 3 reps of 8~ 10 of101.5lbs up to 3x a week. My leg is limited, an I feel if I can “box” back an land power bombs. It’s a nice part of the session. While punching speed is partly dependent on genetics, anyone can make … In order for your heart to do that, you need a higher level of fitness. Power training should be focused on teaching a boxer to “punch his weight” since more than that may be too much to ask. Firstly, for punching power to be any use at all your punches have to actually land. As with any sport, if you want to do something powerfully, then you have to do it with the right technique. He used his far superior boxing ability to completely dominate Lacy from the first round until the last. In a fight your body goes through high intensity in various intervals, so this will prepare you for a fight. In this article I’m going to describe what I feel are the 5 building blocks of good punching power and give you some tips on how you can crank up the power of your shots. Strength training and more physical strength does not readily translate into more punching power. The other is technique, which is the proportion of this force that you are able to transfer to your fist. Assuming technique is good, these components, combined with a well-placed punch, will take your opponent down. I remember once during a spar that I took a head shot that actually made be go blind for a few seconds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you to everybody that contributed to this topic I’ve only just discovered this website , however I have found this whole topic both educational and stimulating . Technique When I was in a training camp in Russia many years ago there was a Russian coach ( I can’t remember his name ) who made us to process our timing in counterpunching. Again, they will develop muscles and give you strength without adding unwanted muscles mass. In another paper (which I can’t seem to find the title of at the moment), the sequence of muscle contraction was measured in boxers. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is not because I think that punching power is purely a natural phenomenon and that if you don’t have it you can’t do anything to get it. In front of you is an opponent, and he or she is walking around with a similar amount of mass to you. Most of all the impact of a punch is measured in pressure – the amount of force acting per unit area, or P = F/A. Hi Karl, No, the reason that I am reluctant to have a boxer focus heavily on punching power per se is that often the urge to ‘load up’ on punches will lead to problems with technique. Biceps Triceps Rotator cuff muscles (shoulder) Deltoids Obliques Latissimus dorsi (lats) Thanks Patrick, very helpful contribution to the debate, something I’ll consider in future developments in this area. So presuming you are already working on being fitter than ever, what other muscles should you put the most focus on? bruce lee said..”train hard to hit hard” cuz de amato the legendary trainer of mike tyson said”theres no such thing as natural puncher..u nid to train hard to be the best”.. thanks !! Fran, overall it’s a good article but I think it could be much better with some corrections. Similar to pushing a heavy object, it’s just that you are doing it with the fist travelling at a blistering velocity. So if punch power can’t be increased, it should be maximized. As long as the technique of your punch is exactly the same, the faster your punch travels the greater the power it delivers. This is because the force of the ball is absorbed by your hand in one short space of time, ie: the impulse is high. Punching power is, quite obviously, a very useful tool in the weaponry of a boxer. This is a technical way of stating something we learn over time when practicing our punches. The strength training program may or may not include the use of weights, but if weights are to be used then they need to be used in a particular way i.e. Performing the movement drills on the site for instance, if done correctly, will cause the calves to burn (especially the back one). Improving the speed at which you punch is the next key building block for improving punching power. Men like Marcus Maidana spring to mind: nothing particularly ‘special’ in his anatomy, yet he carries unquestionable power in either hand. There will be times where you have to punch off balance, or not in the perfect form, but if you want to throw a power punch then you’ll want to save that energy for when you’re in the right position. Would you ever recommend squats and deadlifts with heavier weights to build up leg strength? Boxers are not known for possessing massive muscles, but they are known for having a lean, toned and powerful physique, packing in a massive power-to-weight ratio. The large gastrocnemius and soleus generate power up the chain while the deeper, smaller leg muscles stabilize the foot to make energy transfer efficient and prevent leaks – a theme we see throughout the body. There are I believe 5 building blocks of punching power. Im in my 30’s an I have maxed my bench at home at 120 lbs. Firstly you should look at your own body and look at where your weaknesses are. They should however be in context with the muscle in the rest of your body and the weight you want to fight at. A boxer can do the “one-two” millions of times over the years and hone every aspect of it except power. With your leg muscles, the importance once again is in a balance between speed and strength. During fight time that predictability is much more difficult to come by, believe me. While many have contested that lifting weights can slow a fighter down and reduce their effectiveness in the ring, research continues to prove that a well organized strength routine is very beneficial. I think I can handle myself, BUT aroundidn’t wanna go there, I years ago, I was in a work incident. WHen I’ve not hit a bag for a while and go with a heavy session, my lats and dorsal area muscles really stock up with lactic acid! because they firm punches . Think of a rail gun, or a baton race. Sparring and mitts are the obvious tools, but my uncle the old amateur coach gave me an interesting exercise for range many years ago. As for when the fist actually begins it’s journey, this is a little different depending upon the angle that you would like the punch to take to the target. These guys, when given even minimal boxing coaching, would be able to knock people out for a laugh. This is important because, while mass and velocity are still the two key variables, the fact that velocity is squared shows that speed is by far the more important factor – doubling mass increases the force by a factor of 2, whereas doubling speed increases the force by a factor of 4, for example. Bruce Lee believed punching power came from the forearms and would spend hours doing weight training for them, squeezing 300lbs hand grips and doing special push ups to build his forearm strength. That glory moment in the ring comes from a lot of hard work, both mentally and physically, outside of it. The Snatch exercise. The second benefit of great technique in relation to punching power is that boxing technique is designed purely and simply to maximize the mass delivered behind the punch. My uncle has slapped me an pushed as well as punched me enough times an asked me to fight him. I agree, but a fighter has to be careful about overdoing it. Thanks for the info. It was an example of how an underdog can make use of the physical stress of a boxing match and use it to their advantage. If you’re a southpaw, then obviously you will want to reverse this, but the principle is exactly the same. When he came over to fight Nigel Benn we all knew how dangerous he was, and his incredible power almost set a different path, unfortunately it was not to be. Shadowboxing. He was 40-0 and known for his brutal knockouts, Ali was slightly past his best and was expected to lose. The first place to start would be wherever your weaknesses are, build them up so that your body has all-round strength. Then if you stand up in a boxing stance, and rotate your hips as well, it’ll be a lot more powerful. This is because the “impulse” has been drawn out over time. The key questions remain, how important is each part of the body in your punch and more, how much muscle, if any, do you need to carry that power throughout your body? Other studies looked at the strength of the bones of the face (as a likely target of a punch) and how our heels, planted on the ground, can confer additional upper body power. According to sports science studies, anyone weighing above 165 pounds theoretically has enough power to knock out any man with a single punch. I think the full face of the fist does the job kind of neatly . The point is that power is nothing without timing and consistence. You could go to your local gym and see numerous people with arms bigger than Golovkin, but not of them would be able to throw a punch as hard as him. Feel free to become in a high-brow scientific debate with yourself and likewise feel free to ignore the ramblings in the ‘off the top of my head’ article. So a great way to improve this is by using a technique called Accommodating Resistance Training. So what lesson does that teach us? I just started boxing and this is the best info by far. Well it shows that boxing ability is far more important than muscles, so working on your skills should be the priority. what would you say about that? That’s a great comment, thanks very much for contributing. Even if one has little weight behind the punch or poor technique the impact will be very effective with a good timing. See also [ edit ] Boxing In order to increase your muscle power, train with exercises that develop your muscle strength and the speed of your muscle contraction. The ‘moving human target’ reference is so true Ivan. ^Pretty much all you need to know.. It doesn’t really matter if your opponent is better than you if you fight smart and beat him in heart muscle. As with everything else around boxing, there’s lots of logic at work. I’d just like to say two more things…. But there are people who ‘couldn’t break an egg” and no matter what coaches do and how hard boxers try there is little progress. The muscles of the chest come into play at the end of the motion where the final pop of power propels the arm straight. There is no point having huge biceps if you have a weak shoulder and a weak core. If you want to build up muscle considerably, then the traditional method of weightlifting would be fine for a time, but this will develop slower muscles. So technique helps us to add to the mass side of our punching power equation. And I’ll wager that this involved a good deal of going back to the drawing board. A lot goes into your punch, but how much of that you need to focus on is important to know. Wait, jumping?! These cookies do not store any personal information. Sorry for the delay in replying. Lats and back muscles are used more in pulling and adduction movements and contributes little to actual punching power. That’s why “hi-ya” has become such a … Thank you. Now Fran, I’m going to stop myself right here, because if I don’t you’ll end up with a mini-novel on your website! Boxing Gloves This principle was used by Roberto Duran to stay in the game for the best part of 30 years. The most important thing IMO is hand speed, which is a natural gift as well. a punch or a maneuver. To gauge the perfect body type to throw a hard punch, you only need to look at the likes of Gennady Golovkin. It isn’t the first time that people expected muscle to win, and it won’t be the last. In boxing we care about linear power – power = force x distance/time, rotational power – Torque = force x lever arm, mental power – no formula. In terms of power, all of the muscles from the feet upwards play their part. An some hurt, I might “survive” a “fight outcome”. The first principle is proper muscle recruitment. When told to go for power without the threat of a counter, they would load up, over-commit, over-rotate and even push with the fist at impact, since the dynamo meter is a fixed heavy target. Buying Guides. Lastly, believe it or not, but shadowboxing is one of the best drills for training your … Lats and back are not the main muscles for punching nor determinants of punch power. Refering to the muscle block 4: Is it true that foot or toe muscles are needed for powerful pushes from the front or back leg (kick ins) in order to generate faster shots and thereby increase power and timing accuracy? This will means that your body gains efficiency with the oxygen used. In training you will rarely be throwing a full punch that misses. Punch Bags As for Mike Tyson, there’s been very few more deadly hitters in the ring. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These are by far the easiest habits for an opponent to spot. Work = Force x Distance It allows them to continue to develop that awareness that you so eloquently describe. No problem Kostas. A car travelling at 60 miles per hour is much more deadly to the unwary pedestrian than the same car travelling at 30 miles per hour. This is some good advice for punching power! Even in sparring the effect isn’t quite the same as you aren’t fighting as hard. Boxing fitness is preferred as it gets your body used to that type of motion, so intense sparring and pad/bag work is the best to improve your fitness, but any type of intense cardio will help get you through a fight. I think I’ll get a copy of the Bruce Lee book, thanks for the heads up. Thanks a lot for sharing Fran and all the commenters, too. So there you have it, the punching power equation and 5 building blocks to think about how to improve both sides of that equation. Hand Wraps Great article Fran Excellent insights from commenters too. Push ups, an sit ups, iI stretch. So, any strength training work that is focused on improving punching power should seek to develop the following broad muscle groups: The calves The quads (front of the thighs) The abdomen (abs and obliques) The chest and shoulders The lats The triceps The forearms They should match your body weight and size and be powerful, but without slowing you down. Check out lower-body exercises to build punching power.) The Snatch is one of my favorite exercises for explosive power because while … anyweiz did you notice both brucelee and mike tyson hit hard in their sport..bec they posses all these muscles traned them seriously and how they both punch fast to dmage their opponents..tnx my friend for ur least im more confident to train these muscle groups and to share it to my future students Truth is, I like to coach a set of skills that constitute the ‘safest’ way of operating, and I think lots of other coaches do this. How Does A Boxer Cut Weight For A Weigh In? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to So, how did that punching power generate my myopia? Your formula is wrong. The reason for that is you need to train like a fight. The reason for this is quite simple. Or should the fist start extending and during its extension the legs, hips and shoulders are activated? If you have it, you could become a good boxer, if not – there are other sports as well. The core is perhaps the most important element in a powerful punch, since it connects the powerhouse of the legs to the delivery system of the arms. With the long range right hook the fist begins it’s journey earlier in the rotation, thereby allowing the fist to travel a slightly different path, arriving at the target from a wider angle. I wonder if thats true, because you never mentioned something like that…. “Impulse” takes direct consideration of the time involved. It is not negotiable, you only have so much and it’d better be enough. But I also think that it’s important to develop the psychological position also. If instead, you draw your hand back as the ball comes into your mitt, you’ll find that the impact doesn’t sting nearly as much (or at all). Besides punching velocity, future research should measure power outputs during technical gestures to find clearer correlations between optimal power during basic strength exercises such as BP and power during punching executions. Best Boxing No Foul Protector – Don’t Get Caught Low! This supports the idea that big punchers are born and not created, I guess. The punches thrown by Calzaghe, while not devastating, were heavy and relentless. This means that you have extra leverage to thrash home that short range right hook by driving off the back foot. One is the physical power that your body is capable of generating, the maximum force that your muscles are able to create when they contract. with the minimum risk of taking a punch. Your core is also important for overall balance and poise. Force = Mass x Acceleration In any sporting endeavour flexibility is of paramount importance, and boxing is no different. But, we can also contribute to our velocity level because a flexible fighter is also likely to see improvements in their punching speed. So, why not use your opponent’s mass against them? Just a quick one on this, how much do you think back muscles are involved in creating punching power? I like to think that technical excellence in terms of execution of the shot maximises muscle use. The bigger something is, the slower it moves. Cheers mate. I have see photos of duran ,JC Chavez yes don´t have a big and powewrful look hand ,but i belive in training very hard the hands It’s interesting how these two things have combined here, your knowledge of physics and my background in boxing. Thanks in advance Alex, fran,, Then again, Mr Benn wasn’t exactly Mr Patter Cake either was he. That Calzaghe fight was at super-middleweight, where the balance between muscles and ability is about level. Why? Besides what about accuracy? You want to be able to explosively push off from your legs when you’re throwing a punch. In answer to your first point, it’s more about he calf muscles than the foot muscles. It won’t be half as powerful as legs are the starting point from carrying momentum through a punch and giving your body that foundation to work from. Question for you, you mention technique being the #1 building block, which I do agree with. Been picked on a lot. I am often quite reluctant to get involved too much in talking specifically about punching power when working with boxers. Hopefully I got my point across even though I got my mass mixed up with my momentum , Tnx fran very useful tnx for he wisdom…very similar the way brucelee trained to develop punching been a jetkunedo practitioner since high school..and we get power from our hips by twisting it and twisting the balls of the feet…but scientifically, u nid powerful leg muscles to twist ur hips, u nid calves to twist the ball of ur feet and to explosively move ur feet and diff directions..u need powerful obligue muscles to twist ur torso as well as lats…shoulders for arm endurance and triceps for extending ur arms..ur chest for pushing power…lastly, ur forarms asists in ur tight grip and tight fist in punching…all muscles work together to create explosive punches…I like building block #4..ur correct dnt mind wt they argue about formulas..what is important is serious training…imagine a lazy person without experience in boxing or martial arts going into a fight, even if hes gifted in powerpunch, hes not trained to punch harder and doesnt have aerobic endurance..he wont last in a boxing match However the main issue of the lesson was to get the whole picture of opponent’s way of moving. True punching power is genetic for me, absolutely agree. Balance is hugely important as you want your centre of gravity to be strong and stable. Your upper body training doesn’t have to be as strenuous, but one muscle group is still crucial for power; your abs. Your formula is wrong, it refers to electrical power and so on. I’ve printed the paper off and will give it a thorough read, thanks very much for the link. It’s got a couple of... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. That lack of size shouldn’t be taken for lack of strength those as boxers will have very lean muscle that can provide great speed through the body, without taking up many resources. Achieving high speed in sports has also been studied ad nauseam. Other studies looked at the strength of the bones of the face (as a likely target of a punch) and how our heels, planted on the ground, can confer additional upper body power. Make no mistake, correct technique is far and away the most important aspect of true punching power. He can’t lean to sides or duck etc. Likewise, if you’ve done plenty of cycling in your life, then you may want to build up that arm muscles. At heavyweight the importance is clearly a lot bigger. An excellent article and some quality discussion here, as per usual for this site, good work mate. That is … This explosive thrust from your either of your feet provides the basis for the mechanics of achieving ultimate punching power. Thanks for the question Matt. Over thousands of rounds of experience, Duran and others of his level learn by experience. So in terms of improving punching power, improving your flexibility has to be a key part of your approach. Would I coach an amateur to take on the characteristics of a pro, well, no definitely not. The factors behind punching power are speed, flexibility, balance, and then strength. The best results come when you stop thinking at all while punching. It is worth noting that this movement does not have to be very significant, in fact it can be barely noticeable. With all 5 building blocks in place, a boxer shouldn’t worry about power comparisons with others. If you are looking for ideas to improve your punching speed, check out the article 5 Simple Steps to Improve Punch Speed. Increasing punching power is a highly sought after result for most fighters. Improving Your Strength Practice punching drills. There is no increase in the mass of the car, there is an increase in the speed at which it travels and therefore the power generated by any impact. There are a number of reasons to consider when buying the best pair of gloves. Your ‘lat’ muscles also form a part of that core and are essential for carrying that power throughout your body. This may include weight transfer at different points (particularly up close). PLEASE YOU CAN SPEAK ABOUT THE VIDEOS OF ´´ RON LIPTON ´ A typical paper on the physics (there are many available online) is “The Damaging Punch” by J Atha, which measured the impact forces of British heavy weight Frank Bruno. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Every muscle, ligament, and tendon is engaging in the action from head to toe. We all have seen those bodybuilding types in the gym who only work on their arms, they’d be useless in the boxing match. Very interesting view on boxing technique describing it as an internal chain reaction, an acceleration due to a phased effort and not a single explosive burst. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Who had the bigger biceps, Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder? You are of course correct, the last thing I want to be doing is describing muscle groups to young boxers. On the point of power vs. speed, I am not sure exactly the same technique was used by the boxers in the experiment. Everything went white and initially only my peripheral vision returned, followed shortly after by full vision. You want to find an exercise that will raise your heartbeat and mimic what your body will go through. For example, you used the ball/hand analogy, and the method of taking the ‘sting’ out of the impact of the ball. HIIT training is great for this as it stands for high intensity interval training. Gear Reviews Powerful muscles are capable of producing high levels of strength and delivering it quickly. There’s no point in having mass without speed, equally there’s no point having speed without mass. Godbless more power.. Home He was as heavy a puncher ever to come from these islands. Fitness Look forward to that. I hope that the article as a whole achieves it’s aim of providing an understandable way of developing punching power, even though I’d be marked down in a physics test. No use of science or research and completely unsubstantiated and erroneous on so many levels. Calzaghe was the undefeated champion, but wasn’t given much hope against an opponent that was dubbed as a mini Mike Tyson. Like when you catch a ball in a mitt. As im looking to turn pro soon im always looking for the best ways to improve myself and i found myself being a naturally big hitter but my coaches kept on changing how i punched which i feel took some of my power away. That’s because your punching power comes from your legs, the momentum is directed by your hips, and then the final movement comes from your chest, shoulder and arm. The legs are possibly the most underrated part of throwing a punch, but as I said before, try throwing a punch from a chair and seeing how powerful it is. That’s why all karate specialist fighting in the K-1 platform had to cross-train in boxing. I would only add tinter muscular coordination to the equation. Acceleration = Change in Velocity / Time, Momentum = Mass x Velocity (not a factor in punching power) I’m sure it will be . SINGLE ARM DUMBELL SNATCH. Excellent article and some really indepth responses above. One of the most obvious ways to develop punching power (and one that fulfills the requirements of sports specificity) would be to hit a heavy bag. Thankfully they are trusting enough to understand that the murderous final phase of their training session takes place not to keep us coaches entertained, but to help them move and hit to the highest standard. Thanks. i ur absolutely right but most important is concentration,connection of eyes witout it all ur 5 pionts mainly ur 3rd point will not work on it nd i want to say something that was said by my teacher to me try using heavy gloves during punching bag,punching pad,shadow boxing. With your leg and core muscles, they need to be strong and developed. You want to make sure that your calf and quad muscles are strong and able to generate that explosive power. The boxer’s muscle is located from the lower rib area upwards to the shoulder. For example, if when your opponent throws a left hook their head moves very slightly from left to right with the shot, then by landing your own left hook to meet the opponent’s head as it moves will result in a very powerful punch. Only then does it get to your arms as it continues to be powered by the rotation of your shoulder, through your biceps and triceps before eventually travelling through your fist and hopefully onto your opponent. Punching is a snapping motion, NOT a pushing motion. If you’ve ever taken even elementary level karate, one of the first things you will have learned is that big exhale as you punch. A boxer has to believe that they can increase their punching power, that they can stop that homicidal opponent from continually attacking them by hitting them hard and hitting them fast. Your lat muscle is responsible for that. The exact same principle is at work with punching power. Training with either a speed bag or a heavy punching bag can build strength in muscles throughout your vertical body core including the neck, chest and abs. Before going to town on the heavy bag always remember to wrap your hands first. If you can time your shot to land as your opponent is moving their mass toward you, or more accurately toward your shot, then your punching power can be massively increased. Why Is Cardiovascular Endurance Important For Boxing? He said that timing is the most important factor in boxing. No matter what the discipline (boxing, running, tennis, etc), they all rely on what is called “Bunn’s summation of speed principle”, which states…, “when the movement of several members of the body are involved in developing optimum speed, 1) the speed of each successive member should be faster than that of it’s predecessor, 2) should start at the moment of greatest velocity of the preceding member, 3) and be in the direction of the objective”. Duran’s legendary trainer Ray Arcel really didn’t want to mess around with his punch technique, I mean why would you? Really appreciate you taking the time to comment Bruce, you take it easy bud. As you would expect, one of the best ways to build … A whole range of different tactics and approaches come into play. Medicine Ball Throw. Clearly muscles are important as there’s a reason that you see all boxers working on them to various degrees. I’ll have to remember your closing sentence, I need to remember that one .