With great mid bass, initially the tweeters can be a tad bright, but you can adjust them to match the woofer in the crossovers. Finally, component speakers are still great on the wallet. Even with the right playlist pumping, however, if the speakers in your car aren’t up to the job, you’re in for a lot of rough days. With great reviews across the board, you know that these are expensive speakers, but you definitely get what you pay for. Morel's Tempo Ultra 602 6-1/2" component speaker system sports one rugged paper composite woofer — a 1-1/2" voice coil and powerful magnet help give this driver impressive power handling for improved low-frequency performance and minimal distortion. カーオーディオ&マリンオーディオ専門店東京都練馬区ダウンロー 7,316 views 2:16 I installed 2 sets in my 2018 VW Atlas all four doors, driven by JL Audio’s RD400/4. Top-mount depth is how much room the top of the speaker needs from the point of installation. You’ll be able to hear little details in the music you might otherwise have missed, and develop a deeper appreciation for the music you love. But if you’re the type to leave CD cases and empty soda cans in the storage compartments of your doors, or to have junk around the floors or other areas of your car that might block the natural flow of all that pricey sound, then you really shouldn’t bother. They are very loud and dynamic, but ideally should be run with a good amp delivering at least 100 RMS per channel. In recent years, his writing chops have developed alongside his musical skills, thanks to a rich double life. If you spend a reasonable amount of time in your vehicle, a quality sound system is probably high on your wish list. As you'll see in the following guide, the best 6.5 component speakers will handle your audio in a much more clear, precise and refined way. They provide a whole new level of sound that redefines the significance of quality sound reproduction. You’re liable to want more. This may be hard to believe, but your car stereo does not need to be obnoxiously loud to sound good. Compared to previous models, this system features a larger voice coil, lower distortion levels, an improved bass response and a stronger magnet system providing increased power handling. On the other hand, it also means a component can handle more juice without taking damage. I am undecided between these two speakers, I like the power handling of the Hertz, but there seems to be more popularity with the Focals. I can get these for roughly the same price if not very little price difference and I can't decide on which one I like more. There’s a good chance that the music you were listening to when you and your friends came of driving age remains some of your favorite. As long as you make sure these values are in alignment, you shouldn't worry too much about impedance. Morel Tempo Ultra 602 2. This can be a dangerous prospect however, as a sub with too much power can be a problem. $200) stand out for the 125 watts of continuous power they can handle, which lend them well to systems that supply massive amounts of juice, though they work best with a separate subwoofer. The latter will better serve somebody who already has an aftermarket amp and wants to push it to its upper limits, whereas the former can deliver exquisite, high-fidelity audio even when connected to a factory setup amp/radio. $449.00. And a new interface — whether that’s a CD player, Bluetooth and navigation panel, or something else entirely — can modernize your vehicle and make your music selection process a lot smoother. Focal (I cant remember the style) Which harness plug in harness do I need for the amp? (+) more info. However, my car is a bit loud and am afraid the Morel's flatter, warmer sound will be lost/overpowered by my subwoofer package, though I do prefer that sort of sound in general outside of the car. Our #1 and #2 picks, the JL Audio C2-650X Evolution and Morel Tempo Ultra 602, respectively, do just this. The 12/12dB octave crossovers provide wonderful control over all frequencies, but especially the tweeters. A higher impedance means that an amplifier will have to push more voltage to create the same sound quality. For the price, the quality undoubtedly makes them a great buy. A) Morel Virtus 602 - 29.8k vs Focal PS 165 FX - 28.8k B) Morel Tempo Ultra 18.8k vs Focal PS 165 F - 22k Prices are based on Mickeys website. Time to make a decision PJ Birddogcatfish, Oct 22, 2019 #1. The more sensitive your speakers are, the less power they require to produce the same amount of volume. Fortunately, there are some additional things you can do to increase the quality of your audio environment. $99) deliver excellent sound quality for their price along with a long life, due to basalt rock fibers woven into the cones. They outperform much of the competition, both in listening tests and in measured benchmarks. The Focal Access 165 A3 6.5-Inch 3-Way Component Speaker Kit is another great system, also coming from Focal. Like the C5-653s and unlike the Focal K2s, this system is a three-way, meaning it will have an additional speaker for the mid-bass frequencies. Balanced sound quality with a strong midbass output are a trademark feature of these speakers. Their rugged woofers are made of polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, which means they're rigid and, therefore, can handle a lot of volume without distorting. An investment in a new amp can drive aftermarket speakers to higher volumes and richer, more expressive soundscapes. For starters, as we mentioned above, make sure there’s nothing physically inhibiting the performance of the speakers you’ve got. ... Morel Tempo Ultra 602. I am so happy I picked the Morel Ultra Tempo 602 set over any other because of the smooth characteristic’s of the drivers. by Daniel Goldstein. Beyond that consideration, there’s a dividing line among these speakers that can be somewhat easy to spot when comparing price tags. But the world of automotive speakers is crowded with nearly endless options. Help me choose!! Apart from that, independent tweeters can be mounted wherever you want to position them. The Focal ES 165 K2 Power 6-3/4" component speaker system boasts Focal's trademark Power Hi-Fi philosophy. I am so happy I picked the Morel Ultra Tempo 602 set over any other because of the smooth characteristic’s of the drivers. I have been leaning to focals but heard of a bad experience where the adhesive can undone in the summer due to heat. JL C5 650 3. Thanks for reading the fine print. Skip to the best car speaker on Amazon. Keep in mind that these are sound waves, vibrations in the air, and if anything stands to absorb or deflect them on their way to your ears, it can spoil your experience. These are some of the best 6.5 component on the market because of Focal’s dedication to top notch audio. When users buy our independently chosen editorial There’s nothing inherently wrong with stock speakers, but they simply will not offer the kind of expression you get when you upgrade. Some materials will sound better than others, and some will have a longer lifespan. The design has a 2db increase in output integrated throughout the range,and with the extensive tweeter mounting accessories, including a grille for the woofer, this system will look sleek and elegant in any car. For more information on our rankings, please read about us, linked below. The clarity of music through these speakers is so great, many report hearing things they never heard before in even their favorite tunes. Yes, it feels nice when your subs start to rattle the seats and make your windows wobble, but this is not the only option. Out on the road, out from under their roof and rules, there’s a real sense of freedom. While they can handle more continuous watts than nearly any other, their peak power capability leaves something to be desired. Please note - it doesn't tell you anything about the quality of that sound! When users buy our independently chosen editorial Human ears are capable of responding anywhere from 20Hz to 20,000Hz (or 20 kHz). in cases where those brands are manufactured by the retailer to which we are linking. Either mount the tweeters and woofers separately for crystal-clear sound, or with more limited space in the vehicle, mount the tweeter inside the woofer and still get full-range with great impact. This is how far it 'juts' out into your car interior. -  Designed by Thrive There are speakers out there that are designed as replacements and subtle upgrades to what you have now, undeniably increasing sound quality, and maybe even maximum volume level without completely breaking the bank. I am going for a semi-budget high sound quality system: Pioneer 80PRS Head Unit; Zapco 1000.4 or 750.2 to drive 2 Way Fronts; Zapco 500.1 to drive sub; Morel 2 way fronts (1) JL 10TW3 D4 Sub Music will sound warmer and more inviting, and talk radio and podcasts will replicate actual voices. The Pioneer TS-D Series (appx. That's why devices that advertise "peak power" are being a little misleading. Amazing sonic performance with smooth sweet high’s and fast tight mid/low bass. Well, RMS stands for Root Mean Square. Hindi ako sure kung sila magkamatch pero price-wise sila magkalapit. What's really important is sustained sonic output for an indefinite length of time. These fees will not increase your purchase price, What does this mean to you? But the world of automotive speakers is crowded with nearly endless options. The latter will better serve somebody who already has an aftermarket amp and wants to push it to its upper limits, whereas the former can deliver exquisite, high-fidelity audio even when connected to a factory setup amp/radio. They feature a built-in crossover, low- and high-pass filters, and a wide frequency response of 50 to 22,000 hertz. If you are seeking component car speakers, 6.5 component car speakers offer one of the most satisfying sound experiences. If you commute to work or take the kids to school, those speakers become even more important, as some good music or the right podcast can be the difference between starting your day off on the right foot and letting frustration start to sink in. For simplicity's sake, in our reviews we focus on the more commonly available measurement: top-mount depth. If you spend a reasonable amount of time in your vehicle, a quality sound system is probably high on your wish list. Are you looking to choose a speaker system for your vehicle? Impedance is important, as some speakers require a huge amount of power that your stereo head might not provide. The wiring in this system can also cause some distortion, unlike the C6-653s, but if you’re not listening at incredibly high volumes this shouldn’t be a huge issue. This is a universal metric that simply tells you how much sound pressure (loudness) an audio device will create at a stated distance on a single watt. Although they don't have the best bottom-end response, rock fans gravitate toward the Morel Maximo (about $99) because they excel in the mid-bass range and lend above-average clarity to treble-heavy music, exceeding what one would expect from a moderately-priced pair. For a few hundred dollars, you can have a pair of coaxial speakers that approaches studio-monitor level sound reproduction. If for example, you feel like you can’t push your speakers as hard as you used to without the sound quality degrading, you probably need a new set. To conclude the speakers are a quality product and beautifully constructed, with exception power handling capacity. To help you wade through it all, we've compiled our ten favorite picks, ranging from low-cost models that make great replacements for standard units, to high-end choices that will appeal to audiophiles.