2) Make sure your headset is not muted. Don’t worry! And they may be able to help you. Power button should be illuminating White. 4) Check your mic and see if it works now. However, in recent days many reports related to Microsoft Xbox mic not working have been made by players. One: check the connection. I have an original Xbox one controller and a headset that came with the console. Update the mixamp.. just received mines yesterday & it wasn't working out the box so plugged it to the pc,updated the firmware,hard reset the Xbox & everything worked after that.. added the eqs,plugged the mixamp back on the Xbox & it recognized the headset … XO One - Microphone Not Working May 15, 2016 16:35. Install new batteries in the controller. I have the headset adapter for my controller. In most cases, the headset will have full functionality when plugged into your XBOX ONE controller for the first time. It seems that the system needs to confirm you are using the controller that is currently active. Save changes and exit. Tried with both regular controller and the xbox one elite controller. 3.5mm cable plugged in to the adapter. If your Xbox mic isn't working, voice chat may be disabled. 3) Check your devices and cables carefully and see if there is anything wrong you can see from outside. Check whether the headset is properly connected to the controller and whether the controller is properly connected to the console. 1) Press the Xbox button on the front of your Xbox One console until it shuts down completely (this will take about 10 seconds). Did setup immediately with my 3.5 jack(both end) BUT after updating my controler, the microphone didn't work!!! It is also used to reset all the network configurations and connections with all connected devices/controllers as they are all lost when you turn the device completely turned off. So, here I tried my best to list down the complete possible solutions to fix HyperX Cloud 2 mic not working issue on Windows 10, Xbox One & PS4 as well. I have no idea why it’s doing this? But it won’t seem to work. The ... To quickly determine if the issue is with the settings and not the HAC, try using the standard Xbox One headset that was included with the console for chat. If another system registers the mic, you should plug it back and see if you missed any of the steps mentioned above. Be sure to assign the Xbox One controller to your Microsoft Account. The headset is not … And I can hear my friends but it won’t let me talk. In case your Xbox headset mic is not working but you can hear, you may test it out on another platform. I’ve tried everything. Restarting the Xbox. My mic is not … It says a mic is connected. ‘Xbox One mic not working’ is a very frustrating issue for the gamers who use the Xbox One console. You can update your Xbox One controller in the console's device settings. There are two possibilities in this case; either the Microphone is physically damaged or there are some problems in either the configuration of hardware or in the settings. It doesn’t matter if a headset or a standalone mic is connected – the microphone doesn’t work for the party chat or in-game. It could also be the result of the incorrect options being chosen within your Xbox Live account , specific game settings, or the Xbox One system settings. You can check your profile settings and see if the microphone on your account is being controlled. Kevin is a dynamic and self-motivated information technology professional, with a Thorough knowledge of all facets pertaining to network infrastructure design, implementation and administration. The mic stops working or the headset keeps buzzing, which makes you unable to hear any sound through the Xbox One headset. 1) Check if your headset is properly connected to your controller and your controller to your console. Luckily, if you’re playing on an Xbox One or next-gen Xbox, there’s an easy way to check that your microphone is in good working order before you enter the digital fray. You just won’t be able to talk to your friends! But, many users are facing issues, and reporting HyperX Cloud 2 headset mic stopped working. If you are not sure, try reconnecting your headset to your controller (plug the headset connector firmly to the port on your controller) and reconnect or resync your controller to your console. Power cycling is an act of turning off a device completely off and then on again. Perform Solution 1 and check if this solves the mic problem. I don't know what's wrong, maybe there is a bug in game or they are lying to me or their mic is broken. Even it makes you unable to record your voice. When you find Xbox One mic not working can hear but can't talk, you should first do some basic checks. Your Xbox One mic not working problem may result from issues on your Xbox One console. If your devices are still under warranty, you can contact Microsoft support or the vendors of your devices and ask them for help. If you haven’t correctly set your Xbox communication settings, the mic may fail to respond. See Attach an Xbox One Chat Headset to an Xbox One Wireless Controller. @Slappzzz Dead or low batteries can prevent an Xbox One headset from working properly. An Xbox mic not working as intended can be caused by physical damage to the microphone or an app software glitch. READ MORE: Best Xbox One ga mes for lockdown: 7 titles that will get you through 2020. 2) Unplug the power cable from your console and leave it for about 10 seconds. If the headphone port on your Xbox does not work with certain Apple EarPods, you can try this quick workaround for the issue. Note The Xbox One Chat Headset is designed for use with Xbox One controllers only. You can hear what your friends say but they can’t hear you. This might not work for many people as it is a very weak workaround but nothing wrong with trying! Most players find their Xbox game bar mic not working in party chat and Party chat is a feature that works with every game on Xbox One. Please disconnect the headset from controller and reconnect it again. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Many Xbox One gamers have got a frustrating issue with their devices — the microphone they use on their Xbox One controller can’t work properly. Home Knowledge Base Others How to Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working Issue [With Pictures]. I contacted customer support and they are letting me return mine because of this.