Get out of the boat and go up the stairs until you find the woman and the little girl. Otherwise, killing them would be extremely easy if you want to skip this part. You'll fall down and find Anna in an underground building. You can shoot the padlock and get inside. And if it would end up using DXVK after all, that's not much of a native port anyway The Stadia port is Linux native, and the link I posted clearly shows they have a native port on Steam, even though it's not released yet. Now this is where it gets tricky, the captain will always hear you when you take out one of the remaining two from the group. Metro Exodus; Metro Exodus is getting a free update for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S – 4A Games also announce sequel and… Metro multiplayer? It involves taking on a new enemy, the Humanimal. Continue passed the abandoned cars. Drop inside the warehouse and take down the guards patrolling outside. That means guards will soon start to surrender. The Terminal. You'll have to find your way to the elevator that's at the end of the area. A few notable turns are pictured below. There are a few located to the right, towards the outside area. One is a wrench icon and the other one is a test tube. Try to get them to surrender and you can start exploring the church freely. Keep going and take the stairs and pull the lever here. 780. #4. While exploring these areas be sure to have your lighter ready to go to clear the webs. It features a mixture of confined corridors and vast, non-linear levels (set in the Russian wilderness), tying up together to follow a storyline that spans an entire year through all four seasons. Now, wait for the bandit upstairs to go away and climb up the ladder. After that, you can go back to the Aurora. You then take the ladder and subdue him. Make sure you have enough ammo to fight against a horde of Humanimals and set way towards the train. Another traveler is stranded in the area. His name is Krest and he's at the top of the tower in the port. In This Wiki Guide. And in terms of Gen 9 - Metro Exodus is getting a PS5 and Xbox Series X update next year that will support faster frame-rates, reduced loading times, and even ray-tracing as seen on the PC release powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. Loot the toolbox for some Crafting Materials, and some more up ahead. save. Luckily your friend in the tower will take care of many of the enemies. When you get off the zipline, move to the left, and continue up the path. 780. 7. There are some raw materials there for you to pick up. But most will be deeper inside the building. 40 comments. Metro Exodus. The following section of the Metro Exodus Guide contains a description of this stage of the game. Loot the place for some Crafting Materials and a Diary, the Mouldy Log. Now, on the west side of the train, you can cross to the western piece of land on the map through a few gas tanks that serve as a bridge. Metro Exodus is officially coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Go through the door to your right and loot this whole place. Only one of them will remain still, you can take out the others as they walk away from the groups. When that happens, shoot it, and back up as far as possible so you can have a good view of the entire area. share. Metro Exodus > General Discussions > Topic Details. Go back to the room with the first altar and pull this lever: Go through the platform and enter the Railcar. You can press and hold the R key to pick up the attachments you don't have. Humour. Take down the enemy up the stairs and go inside Katya's room to take down the guard there. Put on your gas mask and loot the corpse here. All of the houses here will have Crafting Materials you can loot, and you'll even find a Bastard Pistol on the house to the left of the road. Today 4A Games revealed a ton of Metro … After talking to Miller, he'll ask us to find Krest, a mechanic that can help fix the train. There's a Postcard in a room where you have to take a ladder to get there. Go up the stairs while crouching as there will be enemies upstairs. Directly next to this desk is a small room. There's a Grenade by one of the corpses and a Knife on the other one. Volga - A trip for the car - Metro Exodus Walkthrough Metro Exodus Guide and Walkthrough. Take the boat when you get to the end of the road. You can put off the fire without the guards upstairs noticing if you sneak behind them. The first in the series to be fully ported to next-gen consoles, Metro Exodus will also come with a slew of new enhancements. Hide in the wagons and bait the bandit by putting off the barrel fire, then sneak behind him and subdue him. Check the area. You’ll walk over the train tracks, climb up the tiny ledge, and see the building pictured below. Metro Exodus is getting massive upgrades on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, including ray tracing and big performance boosts. You can find a 4x Scope for the Kalash here. There are a couple of ways to the port on foot but the simplest would be to go back to the Train, then head straight south towards the port and find the bridge made of broken trains that leads to the chemical dump that Anna later falls into. After the adventure with the bloodthirsty fish, Artyom sets off in search of a train car. If you haven't, you'll find it in the plane wreckage. Take the boat towards the church and follow the water tunnel to the end. You'll receive a radio call from Yermak and he'll mention your signal is weak. This way they won't spot the bodies. Metro Exodus is the third game in the post-apocalyptic shooter series based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky. There will be a tape on one of the seats that provide some insight into what happened to the plane and the people in it. Now it’s safe to go inside the building. I guess this watch is kinda cool. The remaining two from the group are far easier to subdue. Feb 17, 2019 @ 12:32pm Humananimals at Volga Can't get past where humanimal attacks at door in Volga mission. She'll mention the electric tower up ahead. Try to subdue the bandit on the roof, first, as he will spot you if you wander for too long. Follow this path, you'll see a bridge half submerged and Humanimals will show up out of the water as you through it. Get the Railcar as close as possible to the bandit camp. Inside, behind the rundown car and on the dead body, you’ll find a shotgun. Take the Binoculars and follow his directions to scout the area, then follow him. And DXVK is … The following page of our Metro Exodus Solution discusses this part of the adventure step by step. Wait for one of them to the right side of the stage and subdue him. Inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus is the first game to be set completely after the books rather than during or between them. As you make your way there, you'll encounter some Watchmen along the way. His name is Krest and he's at the top of the tower in the port. 52 comments. 4A Games have announced that their hit first person shooter Metro Exodus will be getting a free upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, taking advantage of … Your mission involved going inside this building, climbing to the top/outside, and making your way up a bridge that will be extended to you so that you can reach the top of that tower (the one barricaded with spikes). Use the Workbench to install it. You'll find yourself in a place with lots of fanatics listening to a man give a speech. Keep going until you see the fork on the railroad. You will pass filthier and filthier walls … Remember that when they’re far from you they will throw bricks but mostly they will charge to attack. Krest will provide cover and he'll lower the crane eventually, which will let you go to where he is. Be sure to pick up the Molotov cocktail on the table pictured below. Approach Tokarev on the train's entrance and he'll give you a Tikhar, a pump weapon. When you get to the top you’ll some Humanimals falling down, trying to attack you. Finally, go out from the second floor and use the wheel to lower the boat and escape the church. There's a corpse guarded by poisonous mushrooms on top of the train wagon. Approach the captain from behind the campfire, take him out and put off the fire to avoid being detected. Finish looting the wagon and head outside to keep following Anna. Keep following the path. Get to the Port. How to Create a Port Forward in Your Router for Metro: Exodus. You can find the guitar here: Completing the side quest before stealing the boat might cause a bug where you cannot find the bug. Once that’s done, head down the yellow ladder for some resources. Was this guide helpful? Metro Exodus. Go beneath the train wagon and loot the corpses here. Avoid killing people during main missions and you'll save them all! There should be a guard nearby, wait for him to turn around and subdue him. Metro Exodus. Specifically, you can get 3 rounds of ammo, 13 chemicals, 10 crafting tool items. This last spot is trickier to find and is marked in the photos below. There will be another Bridge Guard up ahead, take him down as well. At the end of the path, you’ll be crossing the metal platforms just outside the building and then climbing up the ladder. Return to the building and travel up the stairs. As you sail away, a Shrimp will hop on your boat. Ignore the soldiers here completely and sneak past them to the left. During the attack I get prompted to hit the 'Use' key which seems to have no affect. Hear the dialogue between Miller and Katya (if you saved Katya), then follow Miller. Use your weapons to kill them, this will have no effect on the game. Summary: Metro Exodus is the third game in … Wait for no one to see you and take em out, both, but make sure to turn off all the lights in this area really quickly or the guards downstairs will see the bodies. Sleep on the cot to change the time of day and/or replenish your health. Follow your Compass and meet Anna at the crane. This will leave you on the train tracks near the building you were at originally. Go to the door on the right and you'll encounter a locked door. report. The best way to go about it is to subdue them quickly, not waiting too long between takedowns. - Stefan L. 4A Games have announced that their hit first person shooter Metro Exodus will be getting a free upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, taking … Board the boat and use the narrow spaces to sneak around and subdue the enemies. Hi! The rest of the group are always together so it's very difficult to subdue them without being noticed and it takes a lot of waiting. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... You need to get the zipline carabiner first to use a zipline, meet with that person you are supposed to find, he'll give you one. YES NO. Phoronix: 4A Games Still Working On Linux Port Of Metro Exodus While Metro Exodus can run on Linux right now via Steam Play, 4A Games is still working on a port … You can loot the place and use the Workbench here if you need it. 962. 0. Take the ladder down to meet him at his makeshift home. When the bridge has finally come down, take it up to the top of the tower. As you can see, there's a crack in the wall here. As you make your way there, you'll find a truck with a toolbox on it. If you cross through this way, be ready to see your first Humanimal in what’s likely a scripted jumpscare. From here keep going until you arrive at the bandit camp. Go inside the Aurora and talk to Miller. You can exit the way you came or go through this metal door that’s after these poisonous plants. There will be spiderwebs inside the house and a few Crafting Materials. This will lead you underneath the train wagon inside. The following page shows two variants of the mission: combat and silent. Be wary of the group of bandits above as they might see you if you're on a lit area. In a few seconds, the bridge will be there. Go right from here. He tells you to give a good example, that you're his role model. Get to the other room, turn off all the lights and peek outside. Posted by 6 days ago. In the Volga area going after a mechanic at a port I get attacked by a humanimal at close range and get killed every time. 4A Games has announced that Metro Exodus will be getting a free next-gen upgrade in 2021. It involves taking on a new enemy, the Humanimal. Use the workbench to clean your weapons, fix your mask, mod your compass (if you picked up that item), and craft materials you can’t craft from your backpack such as most ammo (Handgun Ammo, Buckshot, Assault Rifle Ammo) and some secondary weapons (ex. The development of this mission will affect the outcome of the chapter and the ending. As soon as you do, a scene will trigger. Post Comment. There's a Workbench there and a bed you can use to pass time and replenish your health. You'll receive a radio call from Anna. If you go inside the house, a Humanimal will surprise and you'll have to press E repeatedly to fight him off and finish him off with one shot. On the bottom-left side, you can see how many materials it'll take to craft the item. Fans of Metro Exodus will be pleased to know that Deep Silver and 4A Games have revealed plans for a follow-up, as well as plans for the current game on next-gen platforms. Near the pilot's cabin, you can find an upgrade for your Compass, which you'll be able to install once you find a Workbench. the face metro exodus makes when it fries my gpu. A few Humanimals will be there but don't waste any bullets, the mutant whale will kill them. Image/Gif. Take the boat into the building up ahead and to the end of the way. These are very effective against mutants so it’s recommended (even if only for this next section) but it’s up to you if you want to swap it out for a current gun. Avoid the lightning ball and step out of the rail car to pull the lever. Follow the end of this path and interact with the wheel to open the door towards Anna. 4A Games exploring multiplayer for next-gen Metro installment, Metro series author implores fans to support Exodus despite "Steam vs Epic shitstorm", Metro Exodus exits Steam for Epic Games Store, Metro Exodus title sequence video released, E3 2018: Metro: Exodus Release Date Announced, Metro Exodus Delayed For PS4, Xbox One, PC. 34. Metro Exodus. You can pick up the green mushrooms for crafting materials. Molotov Cocktail). First head for the shed behind the tower. Following the reliable ports of Metro 2033 and Metro Redux to Linux, we've been looking forward to the native Linux port of Metro Exodus since at least the earlier versions have been benchmark-friendly for our needs following the Linux port (complete with CLI switches, unlike the Windows version at least at the time). hide. Once at the top, you'll have to fight off a few Humanimals. The following page of Metro Exodus guide discusses this task. Krest will be at the top, listen to what he has to say. Finally, head towards the train. Opposite of the Port where you have to turn left when you pass the train. 777. On your way there you’ll go by the area outside this rundown building pictured below. When all is said and done you will have killed 10 Humanimals. There are two types of Crafting Materials and you can recognise the types by their icons. Open it for some Crafting Materials. save. In the final room, you'll find a pair of Night Vision Goggles on an altar and a corpse holding a few new weapon attachments. With those guards out of the way, there shouldn't be any more of them left. As you get near the waypoint, you'll hear Krest fighting off the mutants there. You can choose to avoid the gas station where the bandits are near the dock, but you'll miss out on the Weathered Notice and an Armor Upgrade. Mauricius. NEXT. Before we head to the port, it's time to find our first Workbench. Scattered around the map you'll find Crafting Materials. Head to the location shown in the image below so we can install the Compass. Head to the location shown below if you find yourself low on ammo/health. Turn left and head for the ramp facing the tower. Approach the plane and loot it completely. With your Night Vission Goggles, it will be a lot easier to finish this mission undetected. Grab your backpack and head outside with Anna. You only have to fight against the soldiers in the last room and then use the elevator. Next Volga Cultists' Base Prev Volga A trip for the car Stealing a boat in the port is another task Artyom is facing in Metro Exodus. Escaping the church quietly without killing anybody will lead towards the good ending, whereas killing people will lead towards the bad ending. There will be a guard there, but he'll be looking the other way. Wait for the one patrolling the far side to go admire the ocean and take him out. Still, it doesn’t hurt to throw that Molotov cocktail. Some Humanimals will come from the left side of the building but by being backed up you’ll be able to see them and shoot them before they pose a real threat. There will be a lone bandit here, take him out from behind the wagon and go around to the other side of the camp. The Metro Exodus DLC has been terrific as well - with The Two Colonels even refining 4A's excellent ray tracing implementation. Head to the spot marked on your map. Just wait until they're far from each other and take em out. Follow her and slide down, then go inside the train wagon. Watch out for these poisonous plants. Doing this will install the Compass on your Bracer, and you'll always know where you should be heading; it's much better than checking your map every 2 minutes! First, you should know the fanatics won't act as enemies, only the soldiers. Use the cabin to wait until night. There will be a few Humanimals here and a yellow fuse box you need to interact with. While inside, grab any glowing mushrooms you see as you can use them as chemicals. There you will find the … Go towards the gunfire and you'll stumble upon a campfire. report. The developer also confirmed it's working on a new Metro game and that multiplayer could be … You'll have to go around the building and climb the ladders to get to the top of the building. After talking to Miller, he'll ask us to find Krest, a mechanic that can help fix the … Feb 20, 2019 @ 7:28am Originally posted by Aztek: Yes you had a pop up but propably you didnt notice because its just a regular question mark. Once you’re on the higher road, turn right and cross over the fallen trees. During the conversation, Miller will hint at what you have to do in order to save Duke's life. Duke will die if you kill the bandits. These items are located in the following areas: 1st floor = a crate by a worn desk and on a dead body; 2nd floor = green crate in the corner by the blue chair, head forward, around the corner inside the safe. Go pas the dump and the safe house there and you should find a ramp up to the port. Take a right once again and wait for the bandit to turn around and subdue him. Go through the door in front and through the crack in the wall. There are at least 2 human bodies there to loot for weapons and/or ammo near the fire. Loot the corpse and climb up the ladder. Getting Into the Terminal in Metro Exodus You need to get into the terminal by boat. Press and hold the I key on PC to open the backpack menu. Corvar. Considering how some last-generation titles are performing on the newer hardware, this is an exciting prospect, especially since Metro Exodus is … Take out the 2 enemies on both sides of the upper floor and you can go back to the take out the remaining bandits. You'll also find a tape you can play right next to the altar. As soon as you step out of the Aurora, Stepan will call you on the radio and ask for a Guitar and a Teddy Bear. Climb down the ladder and Humanimals will spawn out of the water as you cross the bridge. Go to the waypoint, south of the Aurora. Head towards the building but do not go inside. If you've been following this guide, then you've already found the Compass. The seat will turn around automatically, from here go left. Try to cross the bridge and you'll trigger a cutscene with the big mutant whale and you'll find yourselves in another area. One of the side missions in Metro Exodus requires you to find a guitar.