These periods include January 1st-9th, April 9th-May 3rd, August 13th-September 5th, and December 3rd-23rd. This is a... A Pull Toward The Arts. The Mercury in Pisces woman may be very affectionate, loving and compassionate, but she is also vulnerable and susceptible to be manipulated by other people. Mercury in Pisces has a naturally artistic outlook and is often drawn to music, theatre, visual... Quality and Element. Mercury in Pisces has gifts to share that elevate the experience of life to something transcendent. Developing the ability to discern truth from illusion, and to add logic to decision-making is sometimes a lifelong task. He also received a warning from other ships that iceberg is ahead. Pisces, which is the 12th sign in Vedic astrology, represents foreign lands. One of the best ways to do this is through the arts since that's a pursuit of finding meaning in the vast ocean of experience and ideas. This causes a lot of communication issues of various kinds. Their way of expression and communication is sometimes hard to understand because of the lack of logical support for their statements. Mercury in the sign of Pisces people are a pleasant company, but are usually not very talkative. For Pisces ascendants Mercury becomes the 4th and 7th lord. I have my mercury in pisces (8th house, in retrograde) and my jupiter in virgo (1st house, conj AC) so I assume that this applies to me? Astrological Aspects of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 2019. I can relate to many things mentioned including a deep inclination towards spirituality. Please recheck your positions using our chart calculator to be sure that you really have this combination of Mercury. In addition, this planet has long been known as the patron of commerce, travel, merchants. But when it comes to your wants or troubles, you’re not sure the best way to convey your thoughts or feelings. To be specific, Jupiter as a generous planet helps them stay away from troubles and disputes. Since Pisces is Virgo’s opposite, Mercury is in its detriment and fall in Pisces, aka it does not feel very comfortable in the mutable water sign. That's confusing, but over time, you can turn it into a gift, instead of a curse. As a result, natives with this combination often ask about the same information repeatedly because failing to receive the idea in the first place. The most difficult of these aspects is the square to Jupiter, the natural ruler of Pisces. This also happened with Einstein, who had good intentions and high hopes for his ingenious theories and inventions. Mercury in Libra thru Mercury in Pisces Don’t know the sign position of your Mercury? In Pisces, Mercury sees life more like an impressionistic painting than one done in the realistic style. This gets you in trouble in relationships, when you react against what you think the other is doing - or not doing. Celebrities With Mercury In Pisces: Victor Hugo, Kurt Cobain, Billie Holiday, Vincent Van Gogh, Abraham Lincoln. You see folks, no 'planet in a sign' (Mercury in Pisces in this case) is ever weak on its own. This is the first article I’ve read about the cancelation of the debilitation and the role of jupiter here. You also sense the undercurrents, as if there's a running narrative of what's not being said. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. People with Mercury in Pisces are highly imaginative and their expression is out of this world as per sidereal Vedic astrology. When they are involved in debates, they often tend to jump into conclusions rather than trying to find and explain the reason or logic for their statements. Thank you for this very rich and insightful article. People with this special combination can be masterminds in the making as they have the special ability to both imagine and channel ideas from divine sources and apply them in practical ways that manifest their desires into reality. She should first learn to build a strong personality, a firm character with motivated principles, and define her preferences, before engaging in anything serious. 10th house Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. They can be moody and this can extend into their writing as well. Our minds are never open as wide as they are during Mercury in Pisces! Looking to the level of problems, situation was quite discouraging but challenging. According to all these above-mentioned significations, awakened Mercury in this sign makes these natives have unrealistic hopes, blind faith, and irrational optimism. It's a mind able to dwell fully in the imagination and bring those visions to life in their work. Vivid Imaginations. The Mercury in 12th house personality recognizes that sometimes all a person needs is a shoulder to cry on and you give that to them. Thanks. Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Mercury blesses with a highly creative, imaginative, and vivid mind that simultaneously can function well in day to day life in analytical tasks. We'll assume you accept this policy and terms of website as long as you are using this website, Get information about your important life events, Specific periods when the results of planets manifest fully, Detailed analysis of planetary main and subperiods tens of years ahead, Special Panchang or Sun-Moon Yoga Analysis. Mercury’s wanderings trace a triangular pattern in the sky, involving three signs which belong to the same element. Mercury in Pisces gives a dreamy and free floating mind. Horoscopes with Mercury in Pisces. Moreover, the communication mistake happened during the main period of Mercury which led to serious consequences. Instead, they perform well in activities where channeling of divine energies, creativity, and imagination is highly appreciated. It provided him with a highly imaginative and intuitive mind, but one who didn’t like to prove their way of deriving the results of their inventions. I was wondering with that prediction. Hence, Mercury becomes weakened in the sign of highly imaginative astrological sign Pisces. The 7th house in Vedic astrology stands for partnerships, balance, and harmony. Highly Imaginative. Great analysis on Mercury for Pisces ascendant , Lo I feel like it was written for me, was able to relate this. As a result, a strong Jupiter helps them to manifest successfully despite lacking logical and analytical strength. They love to roam around the world, beautiful places, and grasp the air of nature which boosts their imagination. Everyone who abuse them or try to take advantage of their weak logic, get punished sooner or later. Warm Greetings my friends! They seem to always be drifting from one thing to another, from one idea to another, never finding the force to anchor themselves in a strong, predictable environment. As a result, the initial negative traits of Pisces Mercury are transformed into exceptionally powerful ones. In other words, every combination carries its benefits and flaws, even so, is the story with an exalted planet. Their way of speaking radiates the truth and ethics of life. That is the reason why Mercury becomes debilitated in Pisces. When Mercury is in Pisces. In some classical scriptures, there is mentioned that a retrograde planet is so strong that is capable of overcoming its own weaknesses in the sign of fall even without the support of dispositor. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces because failing to apply its logical thinking in the environment where artistic and creative imagination is preferred instead of analytical down-to-earth thinking patterns. Mercury in Pisces communication aspects Mercury’s astrological influence can make any sign more communicative and open. You get … Hello Lovisa, if your ascendant sign is Virgo, Pisces becomes the 7th sign. Mercury in Pisces Mercury in Pisces gives you a highly sensitive, just, sympathetic, good-humored, poetic, intuitive and imaginative mind, whilst being shy and reserved. I do believe I have much help from my jupiter placement to assist me? Additionally, it indicates being unable to achieve high success, recognition, and reputation due to fraudulent and wicked mentality. In addition to that, Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign which represents spirituality and a highly active subconscious mind which provides these people thoughts that are hard to understand to most other people. Some of them come across in an almost poetic way. If they are in entrepreneurship, they are in danger of stepping on the wrong path and perform illegal actions in an attempt to generate more income. Hence, this disposition of Mercury from its home supports them in succeeding in the world of spirituality and other similar imaginative creations. In the art of Astrology, this small spinning celestial ball activates our communication styles. The Astrological reason for this is the rulership of Jupiter over the zodiac sign Pisces. Thank God, somehow I could manage to overcome the riddle. You can believe things that are true in your mind, and this can lead to lying. However, the holistic influences of his chart helped him to use maths and science in order to explain his theories and inventions to common people. In Pisces, Mercury is actually said to be in its detriment, aka unable to operate at its maximum strength— almost like it’s retrograde already. Heartily thankful. Am clear with my thoughts , however i normally don’t present in large group… Thanks for great article .. This is a very good description of people with mercury in Pisces. The fact that Mercury is retrograde in Pisces makes the effect many times stronger. Think … This also means that the deeper outcomes of this combination are reliant on the dignity and condition of Jupiter, which is the guiding planet of Mercury in this sign. Mercury in Pisces are gentle communicators with a soft touch that is pleasing and warm. At the same time the 12th zodiac sign Pisces is about imagination, optimism, hopes, dreams, and visualization. I have been facing hell many problems in my life still achieving a good deal towards education and success in business. You need lots of time to reflect and unwind your thoughts and create space to 'listen' to your own rich inner narrative. This enlightened my view regarding debilitated Mercury. While a down to earth Mercury likes to think analytically and logically, it finds it hard to apply its natural significations efficiently in Pisces. I’ve this placement in 7th house where my 7th lord Jupiter is in 11th Cancer causing cancellation of debilitation. Though I manifest things incredibly quickly, it is amazing and that has helped me a lot. The shadow side of this is the danger of self-deception. It affects how we connect with others whilst also influencing how we think, travel, move and process information… not much then! However, if Jupiter, the planet of faith and higher wisdom support it, there is more energy left for the creative part of the brain to function. Mercury represents intelligence and communication which are effective in the practical material world. Jupiter and Mercury are friendly in nature. Thanks for that but how about combust mercury? CLICK HERE- Book link- You can be evasive in your communication, to the point where others don't trust you. Mars is direct in the sign Aries, which means no more reflecting on your desires — it's time for you to capture your dreams. 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