During the first two years, cut the runners from the mother plants to concentrate the plant’s energies on fruit production. Indoor Strawberry Plant Care. 4. Plants grown from the runners require less work when compared with growing strawberries from the seeds. Maintaining a strawberry bed. Related: How to Make a Tiered Strawberry Planter And if you want to grow strawberries with a more exotic flair, Fragaria vesca , the little alpine strawberry (which comes in white or red fruit), is a delicacy in Europe. While plug plants are more expensive than fresh-dug or GROW: Maintaining strawberry beds By David Hillock; Jul 3, 2020 ... Leave the largest, healthiest looking plants and thin to a spacing of about 3 to 4 inches between plants. How to plant strawberries: dig out a hole big enough to spread out the roots of each strawberry plant. of the plants have been in cold storage for such a long period of time that plant viability is decreased (Hokanson et al., 2004). I will leave the everbearing to go to fruit in the fall. Most families need around 20–30 plants for a decent harvest. Plant yours in early fall to enjoy tasty berries in the spring. If your plant gets less than 6 hours light top it up with a grow light. Although this plant produces juicy and sweet fruit throughout the year, it isn’t the easiest to grow. More information on propagating your own plants from runners. How to Care for Strawberry Plants The sweet taste of strawberries makes growing strawberry plants very alluring. A 6 to 8 inches deep flowerpot that is wide similarly or more, preferably a window box would be fine. Removing runners also helps thin the strawberry plant population so the bed doesn't become too crowded. Plant the Strawberries . Strawberry plants often keep green leaves through most or all of the winter, but you'll want to put some mulch over top of the plants once the rest of your garden has died back. Avoid planting strawberries in locations where you've previously planted raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers or watermelons. In many parts of the country, strawberries are a summer crop, but here in Florida they grow best during the cooler months of the year. A June-bearing strawberry planting can be productive for four or five years if the bed is given good care. Strawberry plants are low-growing herbs that spread into clumps via runners. To grow a strawberry plant indoors simply place your potted plant in a sunny window or conservatory and keep the soil damp. Prepare the soil by digging in plenty of well-rotted garden compost and apply a dressing of sulphate of potash fertiliser. Strawberry plants need lots of space around them to grow and fruit well, so make sure plants are well-spaced and keep air circulating by removing any netting or covering that was protecting the fruit from the birds. Characteristics. They are mix of everbearing and junebearing. (unless otherwise noted) Plant roots straight down - read our planting guide (sent with your plant order) for depth guidelines. There are two main types of strawberry plants, June bearing and day- neutral. Eaten fresh off the plant or turned into baked goods and jams, the strawberry fruit has many uses. Plant. Watering your strawberry plants is one of the most important things you can do. Maintaining productive strawberry beds takes some time, but continuous care will result in healthier and more productive plants next spring. Maintaining Strawberry Plants Potted in Containers and Flower Pots. About every 12" along the length of the runner a baby, or daughter, plant will develop. For plants in the ground, that means applying a heavy 4 to 6″ thick mulch of straw, shredded leaves, or even pine needles in late fall. The life-cycle of a Strawberry Bed. Maintain 3-4 inches of spacing between each plant, you can grow them this closely, but you’ll need to water more often. You can grow multiple plants in a single pot, in a cramped space. Hi all, This is my strawberry tower: This is my first year planting them. Quick tips for for healthy strawberry plants--Maintain pH between 6.5 and 6.8 Plant 12-18" in a row with 3-4' between rows. As you know, I’m more than a bit partial to some sun-warmed, superbly juicy and sweet home grown strawberries ….but just because the season is well and truly over that’s not to say that we can forget those small, inconspicuous strawberry plants.With a little bit of TLC right now you can ensure that the plants will be in top condition for the coming cropping season. Strawberry Plant Sort out. The strawberry is rich in vitamin C and is known to be one of the best fruits suitable for a slimming diet. Water Needs. Plant the strawberries so their roots are just buried, about 30-45cm apart, then firm the soil around them. Maintenance is, more or less, the same as with strawberries planted in raised beds or anywhere else: - watering must ensure constant level of moisture in the soil in order to promote vigorous growth and blooming. Common thermoblanket materials include polyethylene foam laminated with white UV-resistant polyethylene film (for instance, The Winter Blanket), flexible polypropylene foam (Microfoam), and closed cell polyethylene foam (Guilbond). Strawberry plants will flower as soon as they get established in the landscape. Strawberry plants grow outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 10. Soil Preparation Uses for a strawberry plant A strawberry plant is the perfect edible groundcover, especially in orchards. The everbearing strawberry plant is perfect for strawberry lovers—it bears fruit two to three times per year, giving you plenty of strawberries for recipes like strawberry smoothies and strawberry shortcake.. Planting strawberry plants should be done on a cloudy or overcast day or during the late afternoon. Strawberries have a shallow root system. For example, I live in the deep south now and we have slugs and slugs are attracted to … Give plants balanced fertilizer a month after transplanting/planting and fertilize again in the fall and following spring. Expect strawberry plants to crop successfully for four years before replacing them. The strawberry plant produces white flowers in early spring. In this article, we will discuss how to grow strawberry plants in your garden.. Let’s first take a look at planted strawberries. Make a small mound in the potting mix, and spread out the roots over the mound. Plant bare-rooted strawberry runners in spring or late summer/autumn. Planting it as groundcover is also the best way to get a crop large enough to provide for a family of four. Maintaining and Harvesting your Strawberries: The strawberry plants will send out runners, which are bare stalks with a leaf cluster at the end of it, from which roots will form. Strawberries are used to make coulis, pies, jams, etc. Strawberry plants are low growing perennials that give a delicious supply of fruits. Water plants regularly giving your strawberries about 1-1.5-inches per week, especially during the hottest months of the summer. Water well for the first few weeks. Plug or tray plants (Figure 1) offer an alternative approach for obtaining strawberry starts for use in annual hill and high tunnel production systems. I have pinched all the flowers and cut off all the funner so the energy can go to the plant itself. These plants are often carriers of diseases to which strawberries are susceptible, and your strawberries may be infected by soil-borne pathogens. Rotate your strawbery patch onto fresh ground to minimise the risk of disease build up in the soil. After the harvest, plant a short-season vegetable where the berries were, if you like, then a winter cover crop like buckwheat or rye. One important task is to renovate June-bearing strawberries immediately after the last harvest. For more information on growing strawberries in home gardens, visit the University of Minnesota Extension website. Thermal blankets are a great choice for maintaining strawberry plants outdoors during the coldest winter months when temperatures are constantly below freezing. Strawberries are so versatile – they just need sun, shelter, and fertile, well-drained soil. For strawberries being treated as annuals, pick off the flowers for the first month so the plant has time to grow strong and sturdy. They are nutritious and are quite easy to grow. How To Prepare Strawberry Plants For Winter Strawberries Planted In The Ground. When you have luscious red strawberries cut them off and eat them. Allow one or two runners to grow from a strawberry plant only if you want to grow new plants… First and foremost, all strawberry plants need to be protected from the cold. A June bearing strawberry plant grows larger […] Also, ever-bearing and day-neutral strawberries grown from runners can give some harvest same year, although they require god soil, sunny position, and plenty of moisture – be careful, strawberries don't like to have their roots submerged in water – proper drainage is very important. Harvesting is usually performed in June and July. Always use an appropriate fertilizer. For everbearing and day-neutral types, clip off those runners and only maintain the original plants. Strawberry plants are cheap and easy to plant: Plant in late summer or early autumn (no later than the second week of September in southern regions, or the first week of September in the north) or in mid-spring, into moist soil; Remove flowers from spring-planted strawberries in the first season to encourage their roots to establish Then, cover the roots up to the crown with the potting mix, and water the soil well. An important thing to remember is that different mulches may work better in your area. After that let the flowers develop into berries. Techniques for growing and maintaining strawberry plants Fruit should be harvested as soon as berries are red, if possible, in dry weather, taking care to leave the green stalk in place once fruit is picked. Hanging strawberry plants (except the Alpine varieties) need a good six to eight hours of full sun a day for optimal fruit production. In the bottom of the hole, create a mound or hill of soil that is flush with the surrounding soil level. Homegrown Strawberries are always best in taste. Strawberry plants come in many varieties, but June-bearing species in particular need to be tended to after each growing season. Strawberries like moist soil and mulching protect the plants roots and creates a super healthy plant. Plant the strawberry plants, so their crowns (the place where the stem meets the roots) are just above the soil surface. Providing that the situation is good, the space in between plants will quickly fill up with foliage, berries, and runners. Care of your first year plants Your new plants will try to bloom their first spring. Also keep the spaces between the plants free of weeds. When you plant strawberries in a bed like mine, you space them 12-18 inches in each direction. To have strawberries every year, you should maintain two beds: one to bear fruit and one to produce next year's fruit-bearers.