Both models have plenty of rich history and iconic players in their corner, but which one is the right electric guitar for you? For those LP aficionados- how does this one compare to recent years/decades? Click the links to take a look at the best prices on Guitar Center. Both the Les Paul Studio and Les Paul Standard feature Ultra-Modern weight relief, the choice of many guitar players for extended playing time, and a touch of added resonance. Les Paul Standard Traditional vs Tribute Plus: $2,899: $749: ES-335 vs Dot: $3,229: $459: Les Paul Studio: $1,499: $359: ES-330 vs Casino: $3,299: $599: SG vs G-400 Pro: $1,399: $749: The average price tag on a Gibson Les Paul studio guitar is $2,465. The Studio is cool, but just a different kind of beast. They’re made in the USA to extremely high standards of excellence, and Gibson’s attention to craftsmanship shows through in the tone, look and feel of this amazing guitar. From what I understand, the Standard (at least the newest ones) have the weight relief, new electronics and all that. A friend is selling me the sg standard for 1,200 dollars (it´s a used guitar, but in perfect shape and sound) and the les paul studio in the downtown store got the price of 1,300 dollars aprox. So it’s a little easier to bend notes on a Les Paul vs the higher tensioned Tele. As some of you know, I just bought my first Les Paul, 2017 Bourbon Burst Standard T. I never knew all the differences before recently. These guitarts sound great and are known to be great players, with sustain that goes on forever. Put crudely, the Traditional is like a late 50s Les Paul, and the classic is inspired by the Les Pauls (SGs) of the 60s. There are some obvious differences between the Studio (Deluxe) and Standard Les Paul variants. I have owned a 2001 LP Custom, 1982 Heritage Series Standard 80, Gary Moore, 1976 LP Custom, 1978 LP Custom Black Beauty 3 pu, 1970 Deluxe … If you want something more affordable though, then check out the Epiphone range. which one from the two is worth the money? ITS ALL IN THE SETING UP ANY LES PAUL. Check out this comparison between an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and a PRS Singlecut SE! This has an impact on both sound and playability. I would like to know what do you think I should buy, gibson les paul standard or les paul studio. In 1959, a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard cost $265. L. logen99999 Senior Member. That said, read Epiphone Les Paul Studio vs Standard, if you need a guitar specifically for gigs. The first is the overall design. Yes, there were Custom Shop models, but the standard USA-made instruments were your first port of call. Probably. Silver Supporting Member. Either a Standard or a Custom will bring the desired results if you want to sound like any particular band or record, or give you enough options to allow you to produce your own particular sound. Gibson Les Paul Studio and Tribute models are the least expensive authentic Gibson Les Pauls you can buy. Gibson’s Les Paul Studio 2020 is powered by coil tapped 490R and 498T humbuckers with otherwise standard wiring configuration (2 tone, 2 volume, 3-way selector). The Body. A longer scale length results in more space between the frets and greater string tension … Nowadays, these types of standard models still exist, but they are getting increasingly lost in the swirling release schedules of both brands. How They Sound. Both the Les Paul Traditional and the Les Paul Classic are takes on a legendary guitar and are suitable for a huge range of music. Pickups and Controls. For 2020, the covers are back on, making the Studio sound more like the Standard. The difference in the electronics of a '93 Studio vs. a Standard are pretty large- and the build quality, the neck and the frets of a standard are different from a Studio- not a bad thing at all.