You will receive a verification email shortly. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. It’s simple, clean and blends into the background, and whether that’s attractive is entirely up to you. Getting inside is easy and requires to remove the back-panel, hold in plac… However, some tabs would occasionally need to be reloaded due to memory management. Our comments box is a great way for you to view other people's feedback about products on, and add your own. Ready to buy a new Lenovo PC? The left and right clicks are OK, but don’t feel or sound as premium as a MacBook Air or Dell XPS. Where work & leisure unite The thin, light ThinkBook 13s laptop catches the eye with its metallic finish on an all-aluminum chassis, as well as its narrow bezel display. Ultimately, there’s not much to say about this design. Dell 27-inch, 1080p monitor for $159 on Cyber Monday is perfect for remote working, Best gaming laptop Cyber Monday deals 2020, Killer Cyber Monday deal! Don’t expect hip-hop or electronic music to translate well in any way. Limited quantities are available. Lenovo also offers a 14-inch iteration for those looking for more screen real estate. Default discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM) encrypts data and works in conjunction with Windows 10 security features. A highlight of the ThinkBook 13s is its battery life. The classic Dirt 3 (2012) test on the ThinkBook 13s yielded a frame rate of 26 frames per second, which falls just short of our 30-fps playability threshold. For more attuned audiophiles, you should probably look elsewhere if you plan on not using headphones. However, I wish the display was a bit brighter and more colorful. For a business presentation or for watching a YouTube video, the Harman-branded audio will get the job done. The zinc-alloy hinge includes powdered-metal technology to increase quality as it’s coated with both indium and stannum to enhance resistance to corrosion and optimise WiFi reception. ThinkShutter, a physical camera cover, blocks the lens to ensure that you’re only seen when you want to be. Specifications and availability may differ from that promoted or available from Lenovo resellers from time to time. The Lenovo ThinkBook 13s ships with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This 13.3" device also boasts an FHD display with Dolby Vision™ and Harman speakers with Dolby Audio™. Lenovo has always been a leader in quality keyboards and touchpad support, and for the most part, the ThinkBook 13s continues this trend. Well, there is no need for fantasizing anymore - Lenovo has finally made a sleek, astonishingly looking ThinkPad-inspired device, and has called it - the ThinkBook. The Lenovo ThinkBook 13s delivers solid performance with a comfortable keyboard and nearly 9 hours of battery life. You are going to open an external link and will leave you sure to leave? Lenovo ThinkBook 13s review: Performance. Lenovo offers a few durability features with the ThinkBook 13s design. Lenovo ThinkBook 13s i5 8GB 512GB. Also, there’s nowhere near enough power in the low-wattage i5 processor to run even basic professional applications like Adobe InDesign or Pro Tools. Overall, the ThinkBook 13s remains relatively uncluttered of bloatware and added software - consistent with the Lenovo brand. Lenovo apps like Photos and Vantage help organize updates and images, but are redundant to better Windows alternatives. However, there aren’t too many clogging the home screen, and most are easy to remove. Memory is a common bottleneck for this class of devices, and my experience with the ThinkBook 13s confirmed 8GB may not be enough in all use cases.