The United States has a highly fractured approach to law enforcement agencies generally, and this is reflected in American federal law enforcement agencies. As a result, because both Australia and the United States are federations and have federal LEAs, Australia has two levels of law enforcement and the United States has multiple levels of law enforcement, Federal, Tribal, State, County, City, Town, Village, special Jurisdiction and others. For example, Interpol does not work with political, military, religious, or racial matters.[5]. Acronym Definition; LEA: Local Education Agency: LEA: Local Education Authority (UK) LEA: League: LEA: Liga de Los Estados Arabes (Spanish: League of Arab States) LEA: Law Enforcement is defined by the DPA as “the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal A LEA can be responsible for enforcing secular law and-or religious law, for example Sharia … For verified definitions visit, Some countries determine the jurisdiction in these circumstances by means of policy and resource allocation between agencies, for example in Australia, the Australian Federal Police take on complex serious matters referred to it by an agency[2][3] and the agency will undertake its own investigations of less serious or complex matters by consensus, while other countries have laws which decide the jurisdiction, for example in the United States of America some matters are required by law to be referred to other agencies if they are of a certain level of seriousness or complexity, for example cross state boundary kidnapping in the United States is escalated to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Usually, these powers are only allowed when it can be shown that a subject is probably already not complying with a law. LEAs are typically exempted from these laws to allow dogs to be used for search and rescue, drug search, explosives search, chase and arrest, etc. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is a federal law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Justice. 1. Menu Search " In most countries, the term law enforcement agency when used formally includes agencies other than only police agencies. LEA stands for Law Enforcement Authority. The Law Enforcement Agency code is required when you register for a Los Angeles traffic school course following receipt of a ticket. A law enforcement agency's jurisdiction can be for the whole country or for a division or sub-division within the country. What does LEA stand for? PSP, HIPAA, This definition appears somewhat frequently, The Acronym Attic is Acronym Definition; LEA: Local Education Agency: LEA: Local Education Authority (UK) LEA: League: LEA: Liga de Los Estados Arabes (Spanish: League of Arab States) LEA: Tweet. National LEAs are usually divided into operations areas. For example, in the United States, the FBI has responsibility for the investigation of all kidnapping cases (regardless of whether it involves the crossing of state lines).[4]. Some LEAs have been immortalised in history, literature, and popular media, for example the United Kingdom's Scotland Yard, the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. by ... LEA - Law Enforcement Agencies; ... by All Acronyms is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Define law enforcement agency. Using the correct LEA code will guarantee that the filing of your course completion takes place with the right court. An international law enforcement agency has jurisdiction and or operates in multiple countries and across State borders, for example Interpol. Looking for abbreviations of LEA? [39], In circumstances where a country or division within a country is not able to establish stable or effective LEAs, typically police agencies, the country might invite other countries to provide personnel, experience, and organisational structure to constitute a LEA, for example the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands which has a Participating Police Force[40] working in conjunction with the Solomon Islands Police Force, or where the United Nations is already providing an administrative support capability within the country, the United Nations may directly establish and constitute a LEA on behalf of the country, for example for Timor-Leste from 1999 to 2002.[41]. The acronym LEA stands for Law Enforcement Agency.LEA represents the ticketing agency that you received your ticket from. [4] Differentiation of jurisdiction based on the seriousness and complexity of the non compliance either by law or by policy and consensus can coexist in countries. See also: Federal and International Law Enforcement Agencies, Tribal Police Departments and Special Interest Associations.The Commission on POST is not responsible for the content or security of these external websites. Interpol is an international organisation and is essentially stateless, but must operate from some physical location. LEO is an acronym often used by police officers, law enforcement industry professionals, bloggers and writers, and those who forget to tell us before hand that LEO stands for Law Enforcement Officer. Subjects who do not comply with laws will usually seek to avoid detection by a LEA. Law Enforcement Activity listed as LEA. Acronym Meaning : BAC blood alcohol concentration ... studies and what can be gathered by directly querying a specific LEA, law enforcement activity level is generally unknown. [6][7] international LEAs are typically also multinational, for example Interpol,[8] but multinational LEAs are not typically international. (Plus, the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution would prevent the formation of a truly federal United States police force. LEAs will have some form of geographic restriction on their ability to apply their powers. A It is Law Enforcement Administration. In Australia for example, each state has its own LEAs. Law Enforcement Authority CalRecycle is responsible for ensuring that State waste management programs are primarily carried out through LEAs. For example, the Australian Federal Police is the police agency with jurisdiction in Australia’s dependent territories, Jervis Bay Territory,[20] Cocos Islands,[21] Antarctic Territory, and Christmas Island[22] Similarly, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a federal agency and is the sole police agency for Canada’s three territories, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.[23]. Many LEAs are also involved in the monitoring or application of regulations and codes of practice. For example, the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan Police is divided into 32 Borough Operational Command Units, based on the London boroughs,[9] and the New York City Police Department is divided into 77 precincts. For verified definitions visit For example: Many LEAs have administrative and service responsibilities, often as their major responsibility, as well as their law enforcement responsibilities. Non-military law enforcement agencies are sometimes referred to as civilian police, but usually only in contexts where they need to be distinguished from military police. [10][11], While the operations area of a LEA is sometimes referred to as a jurisdiction, any LEA operations area usually still has legal jurisdiction in all geographic areas the LEA operates, but by policy and consensus the operations area does not normally operate in other geographical operations areas of the LEA. L.E.A. [38] and Norfolk Island. Please note that Law Enforcement Availability System is not the only meaning of LEA. A name? For example, many jurisdictions have laws which forbid animals from entering certain areas for health and safety reasons. It is law enforcement agency. Pasco County Florida Deputy Sheriff LEA ONE Blue Flash legal update newsletter highlights the recent cases that impact the legal aspects of law enforcement and keeps you up to date on training opportunities. Printer friendly. LEA is defined as Law Enforcement Availability System very rarely. Sometimes a LEA's jurisdiction is determined by the complexity or seriousness of the non compliance with a law. Abbreviation to define. Names given to LEA internal self compliance units are typically, Internal Affairs, Internal Investigations, Professional Standards.[30][31][32]. Please note that Local Enforcement Agency is not the only meaning of LEA. A national police agency is a national LEA that also has the typical police responsibilities of social order and public safety as well as national law enforcement responsibilities. [according to whom?]). The agencies below are POST participating agencies and departments unless otherwise noted. Members of a federal LEA may be given jurisdiction within a division of a federation for laws enacted by the governing bodies of the divisions either by the relevant division within the federation, or by the federation's governing body. What does LEA mean in Law & Legal? LEAs have the primary responsibility for ensuring the correct operation and closure of solid waste facilities in the state. This, however, may require the LEA to explicitly not comply with a law other subjects must comply with. Many fictional LEAs have been created in popular media and literature. LEO is an acronym often used by police officers, law enforcement industry professionals, bloggers and writers, and those who forget to tell us before hand that LEO stands for Law Enforcement … Acronym Definition; LEA: Local Education Agency: LEA: Local Education Authority (UK) LEA: League: LEA: Liga de Los Estados Arabes (Spanish: League of Arab States) LEA: A law enforcement agency (LEA), in North American English, is any government agency responsible for the enforcement of the laws. Governmental » Law & Legal. Law Enforcement Authority LEA jurisdiction for a division within a country can typically be at more than one level, for example at the division level, that is state, province, or territory level, and for example at the sub division level, that is county, shire, or municipality or metropolitan area level. This page is an information resource to solid waste local enforcement agencies (LEA). © 2005-2020, A federal police agency is a federal LEA that also has the typical police responsibilities of social order and public safety as well as federal law enforcement responsibilities. Define Law Enforcement Administrator (LEA. These responsibilities relate to social order and public safety. The primary difference between separate agencies and operational areas within the one legal jurisdiction is the degree of flexibility to move resources between versus within agencies. For example, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a federal agency and is contracted by most of Canada's provinces and many municipalities to police those divisions, even though law enforcement in Canada is constitutionally a divisional responsibility. Printer friendly. Often, a LEA will have a specific internal unit to ensure that the LEA is complying with relevant laws, for example the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation's Office of Professional Responsibility. An employee of a local law enforcement agency who is an officer sworn to carry out law enforcement duties. Add to My List Edit this Entry Rate it: (3.34 / 24 votes) LEA is defined as Law Enforcement Alliance rarely. What is the abbreviation for Law Enforcement Agency? The regular daily formation of policemen assigned in patrol and traffic operations where the shift or watch supervisor conducts inspection, checks attendance, and gives briefing, instructions and assignment, is known in the police service as ____. What is an LEA for a ticket in Los Angeles. Examples of this class are sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, chiefs of police, city police officers, and sworn personnel of law enforcement subunits of port and transit authorities. Or, as you may have figured already, it means Law Enforcement Ooooooooo. Phase I—Meeting of the Law Enforcement Agency … Acronym Finder, All Rights Reserved. This arrangement has been achieved by formal agreement between those divisions and the RCMP and reduces the number of agencies policing the same geographical area. Religious law enforcement agencies, for example Saudi Arabia’s Mutaween, exist where full separation of government and religious doctrine has not occurred, and are generally referred to as police agencies, typically religious police, because their primary responsibility is for social order within their jurisdiction and the relevant social order being highly codified as laws. While certain "insider" terms and lingo are used and recognized almost exclusively within law enforcement, other terms have gained wider acceptance and entered the vernacular of the general public. This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand LEA in the Governmental field in general and in the Law & Legal terminology in particular. [37] Similarly, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) is a federal agency and is the contracted police agency for the Australian Capital Territory. LEA internal self compliance units and external LEA compliance agencies coexist in many countries. Some countries provide law enforcement on land and in buildings owned or controlled by the federation by using a federal LEA, for example the United States’s Department of Homeland Security[24] is responsible for some aspects of federal property law enforcement. 5.2. The significant majority of LEAs around the world are secular, their governing bodies separating religious matters from the governance of their subjects. To help avoid confusion over jurisdictional responsibility, some federal LEAs explicitly advise that they are not a national law enforcement agency, for example the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation does this.[26]. Definition of LEA in the acronyms and abbreviations directory. Some countries, for example Austria and Belgium, have a relatively unified approach to law enforcement, but still have operationally separate units for federal law enforcement and divisional policing. What does LEA mean in Law & Legal? Law Enforcement Agency. Examples of federal law enforcement agencies are the Argentine Federal Police (Argentina), Australian Federal Police (Australia), Federal Police of Brazil (Brazil), Bundespolizei (Germany), Central Bureau of Investigation (India), Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Protective Service, United States Park Police (United States), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Canada), and the State Security Service (Nigeria). The National Crime Agency, working with law enforcement partners from 14 countries, has taken action against a number of cyber criminals website users linked to four million attacks across the globe. LEA is defined as Law Enforcement Agent somewhat frequently. Military organisations often have law enforcement units. The responsibilities of a federal LEA vary from country to country. Members of LEAs may be permitted to openly display firearms in places where this is typically prohibited to civilians, violate various traffic laws when responding to crimes, or detain persons against their will to investigate suspected crimes. Private police are often utilized in places where public law enforcement is seen as being under-provided. The law enforcement officers of the UMaine Police Department receive their enforcement authority via the provisions of Public Law 1971, Chapter 544,Section 142. 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LEA, LEA-AID is a leading U.S. based provider of security, surveillance and tracking technology, logistical services and training to law enforcement, military, … LEA - Law Enforcement Activity.