Having become aware of Bolas' treacherous nature, Kaya defected from him for good. However, her decision was overruled when Trostani awakened and ruled in favor of helping the Gatewatch. With the Revari contract settled, she could now attend to a much larger payday. After defeating Exava in a fight, Hekara used her newfound authority as a blood witch to lead the Rakdos against Bolas. -Kaysa, Elder Druid of the Juniper Order: Converted Mana Cost: Block: Alliances: Rarity: Common: Card #: 84/199: Artist: Lawrence Snelly The contracts also prevented her from planeswalking away. Looking back, Kaya suspects that the troubles on her homeworld have been created by Nicol Bolas himself. [16] Afterwards, she helped Ral Zarek engage the Golgari, to conquer a location that was needed for his manipulation of the Implicit Maze. [6] Her next job came through a contract from Marchesa to assassinate the ghostly King Brago. "The Crucible of the Orcs" (before 2949) and … MTG Wiki; ここを編集 ... ゴリラの酋長/Gorilla Chieftain "In the soil of leadership sprout the seeds of immortality." 個別ページでの未解決の質問や情報提供依頼、または進行中の提案や議論はこちらに一覧化されています。皆さんのご意見をお聞かせください。 Thus, Mark Tedin is the most powerful MTG … As she tangled with the spirit in its former home, she uncovered the reality that Emilio was directly responsible for his mother's death. このページの最終更新は 2013年7月6日 (土) 23:50 に行われました。 このページは8,161回アクセスされました。 プライバシー・ポリシー MTG Wikiについて 免責事項 [10], Kaya initially appears on Fiora while taking an assassination contract for the ghost of Paliano nobleman Emilio Revari's mother. MTG Salvation . With Tomik now the acting guildmaster, Kaya was free to planeswalk away for short periods, and so Kaya and her entourage along with Jaya Ballard set out on their quest. Kaysa speaks as the Elder Druid, but Yavimaya recognizes only one voice: its own. Kaya is centered in both black and white mana. Indossava una benda su un occhio, che nascondeva una lente in grado di amplificare il mana rosso che utilizzava. When going fully intangible, she notes it causes her heart to stop beating for the length of the duration, possibly being a threat if overdone. MTG Salvation 2019 Holiday Exchange! Is there any trivia you can give us about Kaya's presence on Ravnica? 2019 Holiday Exchange! [5] She is descended from a noble lineage, though she and her kin had never stood on ceremony. [14] During the attack, she was almost killed by one her own priests who called her a traitor. Kaya, a.k.a. [9][13] In addition, she discovered that Bolas has maneuvered her in this position, and that she now had to do his bidding in return for aid to her broken home plane, as originally agreed, but also for extrication from her current predicament. La Reserved list è una lista di carte che non verranno mai più ristampate in forma cartacea, per preservare il loro valore. Historia. [5] As he returned to Orzhova, she found that the hierarchs had pressured Teysa to arrest her. 'Additional story contributions' credit for Monique Jones, 6 Questions You Might Have About Magic: The Gathering's Kaya, Ghost Assassin Answered, https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Kaya?oldid=387480. As promised, Kaya, Teyo, and Rat traveled to Fiora and met with Liliana who had changed her name to Ana Iora. [14] On the other hand, she also heightened the tithes on the population to compensate for the economic losses caused by forgiving so many debts, raising them from 10% of people's incomes to 40%. [1. [20] With the help of a Gateless street urchin named Araithia Shokta (nicknamed Rat), Kaya and Ral helped explain the situation to Teyo. Kaya uses two long daggers that shine with a pale-purple light and can become incorporeal like herself. As her penance, Kaya was assigned the task of assassinating Liliana Vess, who the guildmasters had condemned to death for killing thousands of Ravnican citizens with the Dreadhorde.[24]. She is centered in bluemana. Disgusted by this act of kinslaying, she ended her battle and led Emilio back into the house under the false pretense that the specter had been slain.