Was … Apple users have been facing iPhone speaker greyed out during call problem after new iOS rolled in, it has been reported by many users. Joe Aimonetti Jan. 4, 2012 10:42 a.m. PT Something that has been happening to me recently is sometimes, seemingly randomly, I'll be on a call, need to use the keypad briefly, and all of the phone controls (End call, Mute, Speaker, Contacts, Add Call, etc buttons) will be replaced with the keypad, which is moved to the top of the screen. Because your ear has touched and activated the mute button at some point during your conversation thereby preventing others from hearing you. But if this is turned on then you will not be able to hear sounds on incoming calls. Finally after having my iPhone for several months now and getting quite tired of it hanging up or going on mute when it touches my face, I did a little research. If the screen turns off when that area is covered, and back on when uncovered, your proximity sensor works and you are holding the phone wrong against your ear. Professional Way to Fix iPhone Stuck on Mute Mode; Part 3. I accidentally hit something while pitting a case on my iPhone 6s! Part 1: Common Solutions to Fix iPhone Cutting Out During Calls. People on the other end can still hear me. Most people will like to know how to mute the volume on their device to prevent unwanted interruptions during important office or business meetings or even when you are in school, and you are receiving a lecture or sitting for an exam. Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to 270,300 views Last month, we covered the arrest of a teenager who utilized a bug to spread a malicious link on Twitter that forced iPhones to repeatedly call 911. It's usually on the keypad on landlines – tap it to mute and when the call is finished, tap it again to return to normal operating mode. It will mute and then pull my contact list though. Muting most cellphones and landlines requires just a single push of the mute button. Hit "Hide" on the keypad if it's up. FAQs of iPhone Stuck on Silent; Part 1. Various resets, plugging in and removing headsets, etc seem to help recovery. When I get a call the caller cannot hear me unless I put it on speakerphone. Black Friday deals from $10: Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now I use my iPhone for conference calls regularly, with a Bluetooth headset/microphone. If the sound is unclear during phone calls, during FaceTime calls, in video recordings, or in apps, learn what to do. Mic volume stuck on mute (i.e. Problem #1: Galaxy S6 mutes itself during calls. While 'call dropping' troubled users with calls ending midway on their own, now with VoLTE, users are often left on the receiving end of silence as, instead of ending, calls suddenly go mute mid-way. I use my iPhone to connect to conference calls at work. If I get a call or text my phone just vibrates! My mute button is stuck in the phone app. no one can hear me.) Mute mic during calls In order to mute your microphone during a conversation, in order to prevent the other person from hearing what it is that you are doing, all you have to do is click the mute button on the screen. Part 2. In settings it says volume is all the way up and I have sounds set for calls and texts but I don't! Often I keep my mic muted except for when I speak. You can turn off the iPhone mute mode by flipping the iPhone's physical mute switch. 0 Likes Reply. Press Options > Mute. Not good. I turn the volume up for everything but still I get no sound. My reduce motion is off on my phone and it still goes completely black while on a call, making it impossible for me to do anything such as hang-up, mute, put on speakerphone. My phone has, very frequently, been muting calls upon making them. Many iPhone 7 users are facing this weird issue which disables the ability to make calls on phone or any other social media app. In some cases the switch gets stuck on ring, which means that entering silent mode requires special workarounds to fix.In other cases, the switch gets stuck on mute, which means your iPhone will only vibrate or … Thread Starter. I encounter the same symptoms on my iPhone 3G: during a call, the phone will suddenly “decide” that the headphones are plugged in and mute the speaker, even though no headphones are plugged in. On earlier iPhone models, go to Settings > Sounds. By this I mean that my caller can't hear my voice unless I use the speakerphone. (I am not touching the mute button or the volume button!!) It is so frustraiting. A small microphone will appe ar on the screen during a call and a simple click on that button with mute and then un-mute your microphone in an instant. But it takes me upwards of three seconds to be able to unmute to speak: Click home button to bring up lock screen. The button location can vary by phone. When iPhone calls cutting in and out when talking, the first thing you can do is t reboot the device. My phone started this about 2-3 months ago. On iPhone 7 and later, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. It is possible that your iPhone is in the Headphone Mode due to which you are facing iPhone sound not working issue during calls. If your iPhone drops calls from timr to time, there can be a minor glitch on the device. Common Solutions to Turn off iPhone Silent Mode (h2) When your iPhone stuck on silent, you should first check the hardware mute switch. If this is a continuing issue, I have to go back to iOS 9. Bugs. How to mute or unmute notifications - You can mute individual or group chat notifications for a specified period of time. Some iPhone owners have had their ring/silent switch stop working. If it is indicated as orange then it means that your iPhone is mute and will not play any sounds or ring during incoming calls. How To Fix NO SOUND During Phone Calls With Android OREO NOUGAT Etc - Duration: 1:38. My Iphone 6 mutes while I am on calls and I am sure that I am not touching the screen with my cheek. Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MercuryChaos, Jan 28, ... MercuryChaos Lurker. To begin with, let's see what VoLTE actually means, and how it affects you. Every time I talk on the phone to someone my calls either go mute and they can't hear me. I now have no volume! I am rebooting and going to try again shortly. My phone is stuck on mute Device OnePlus5 Software Version O2 Stable 190222 Probablility of occurance 5_100% Topic Mobile Network Data Photos Carrier/Network Actual behavior When you press on unmute button in settings, nothing happens. These iPhone 4S owners are experiencing random muting during phone calls, an issue that has reportedly been ignored in the forthcoming iOS 5.1 update. Owners of the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus might be interested in knowing how they can mute the volume on their iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Anyone else having this issue? Solution 1: Restart Your iPhone. Here’s how you can prevent it from happening again. i) Your iPhone’s ‘Mute Switch’ Your iPhone’s ‘Mute switch’ can be located on the side of your iPhone (as shown in the image below). Whenever I make or receive a call lately, I've been able to hear the person on the other end, but they can't hear me. You might know that iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus comes with user-friendly design and contains “mute button” on the side of iPhone.From here, you can easily switch to “Silent mode” by switching off mute button. But if I am making a call in a noisy room, I can hear the eco of my grand daughters voices who are … Hit green bar at the top to get into the current call. You can cut on Apple iPhones all you want .I switched to a brand new Samsung s7 edge and after all it is a phone, the microphone didn't,t work half the time during phone calls .I sold it bought a used iPhone 6s and it is faster than the galaxy s7 edge and the battery life is better. iPhone 6 Mute During Calls Not Working. It is awkward that when I want to speak, I need to wake-up and unlock my phone, before pressing the mute button. Siri can't hear my voice either. If you turn off both settings, your iPhone won't vibrate. Oftentimes while on a conference call, you will want to listen to the conversation but not necessarily contribute. I no longer have any sound in any games or live pictures the only time I have sound is in a video! Hello all, EDIT: I'm using an iPhone 6s running iOS 11.2.6. I have only had it call random people once and I restarted my phone. When on a call and I go on mute, I don't actually go on mute. Method 3: Switch On “Silent” Mode. Disable it or if it is just stuck to the Headphone Mode and refuses to go away then turn off and on your iPhone once. Locking the IPhone Keyboard During Calls to Avoid Inadvertent Mute. I just got my iPhone 6 this past Wednesday (today is Friday 3/11/16). My phone has the iOS 13 so you really can’t blame it on being on the iOS 11 update when newer phones are having the exact same problem as people did 2 years ago. I looked on here and reset my network connections like it … My iphone 4s is stuck on mute as well. You can choose if you want your iPhone to vibrate when set to Ring or Silent mode. Use fingerprint to unlock phone. If that failed to work, follow the methods below. Mute notifications Select an individual or group chat. You'll still receive messages sent to the individual or group chat, but your phone won't vibrate or make a sound when they're received. Frequently I'll need to speak up, with little notice. Make a test call (611 for example) and hold the phone away from your face, and take your hand and cover the top of the screen, mainly around the earpiece speaker. Your iPhone typically responds quickly when you choose to end a call, but sometimes you can't disconnect. On your Mac, do any of the following during a call: Mute yourself: In the FaceTime app , move the pointer over the call window, then click the Mute button (or use the Touch Bar).You can still hear the other person on the call, but they won’t be able to hear you.