Street Address: 1800 M Street, NW Suite 405N Washington, DC 20036 These organizations are involved with refugees from the time they flee their homes to the time they either return to their homes or are resettled in a third country. Candidates who have an understanding of issues relating to refugees and immigrants are typically preferred since they have existing knowledge of the topics they will be encountering regularly. WIthout interpreters, large amounts of these populations care non counted in the data and information, meaning that the organizations cannot gather accurate reports. JPOs can work for a variety of UN organizations, including UNHCR. If you would like to submit your CV for our consideration you can do so here. This means that they help implement and run education programs for refugee youth, health clinics and programs for IDPs and refugees in camps, economic development programs for vulnerable migrants, and more. Requirements for field specialist positions vary, depending on whether they are locally based jobs or internationally based jobs. Interpreters help professionals in the field communicate directly with these populations for case management, research, service provision, and more. JPOs have to be sponsored by their home country or obtain a sponsorship from the Netherlands under the Developing Countries Scheme. Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) are young professionals who are interested in performing humanitarian work, especially with UNHCR. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is hiring a qualified Child Protection Manager located in Jordan. Those interested in these types of positions can look at the UN and other relevant international organizations or at national and community-based organizations working with refugees and immigrants. Positions for JPOs vary but are generally at the entry or early level for professionals in the UN. In particular, JPO positions typically look for young professionals who are experts in law, public administration, and social sciences. On the international level, these field specialists work to implement programs and policies directly related to their speciality area. Some of these positions may require or prefer other language skills. Case managers are responsible for helping refugees and migrants adjust to life in a new country, access services they need to thrive, and learn skills that can help them build self-sufficiency. Human Rights Careers supports young professionals through dissemination of information about free online courses, entry level jobs, paid internships, masters degrees, scholarships and other career related articles. They receive about 60 JPOs per year, sponsored by 15 different governments. Consultants are called in for their expertise in particular areas, ranging from quality assurance to digital media to information management and more. If you have not heard from us within four weeks then please assume you have been unsuccessful. Consultants often have to develop their own budget and be able to manage projects independently while also working as part of a team. Some positions do require a degree in social work. An understanding of refugees needs and relevant conflict situations for the country in which the job is located are also helpful for completing this job well. Those looking for opportunities in international organizations will likely need additional language skills to work in countries whose primary language is not English. JPOs must have proficiency in English, and the UN recommends that they have working knowledge of one of the other UN languages. Field Officer, Homs, Syria with an asterisk are essential) Relevant Job Experience … Jobs like this can be found at UNHCR and other UN organizations involved with the refugee process, as well as international organizations such as IOM, Church World Service, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), and more. They will also likely deal with managing interpretation and translation, as much of the research will be done with non-English speakers. Most require at least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. They also help with monitoring and reviewing relevant programs and operations, assisting in making recommendations for policies and procedures. They will also assist with the preparation and presentation of the research findings to relevant stakeholders within the organization, as well as to stakeholders outside of the organization. Amnesty International India is an affirmative action employer. Case manager qualifications vary based on the organization with a position available. They may also be responsible for organization information, as well as performing administrative duties such as arranging travel, interviews, transportation methods, and more. JPOs are between the ages of 25 and 35 and have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field of study; they must also have 2 to 4 years of work experience depending on their degree level. In 1948, the treaty establishing the IRO formally entered into force and the IRO became a United Nations specialized agency.The IRO assumed most of the functions of … They also ensure the integrity of resettlement operations by creating and implementing anti-fraud mechanisms and processes. We offer a wide range of employment benefits and have a strong commitment to professional development and flexible work practices. Language requirements may be listed, depending on the location and nature of the position. Some positions are entry level positions for Doctoral students, requiring a relevant PhD degree but no work experience. They are also responsible for internal communications, making sure that all employees are up to date on relevant policies and programs, as well as distributing information that is pertinent to the organization as a whole, including marketing strategies, branding, and messaging procedures. He/She will manage the program activities in consistence with donor requirements and provide technical support, oversight and leadership to the Child Protection team. Those working with researchers may be required to have more detailed knowledge of specific areas such as medical or legal. Equality and diversity are core to our values as an organization. Those interested in working with refugees and migrants should look for opportunities in relevant organizations and positions that deal with these populations. There are currently no vacant positions. They must be able to learn and adapt quickly, since their training period and time with the organization may be limited. Associate Resettlement Officers work under field offices for international and intergovernmental organizations to manage intake, policies, and operations for the resettlement process. An understanding of issues related to refugees and immigrants is also important for those specifically researching these topic areas. Interpreters are essential to organizations working with refugees and immigrants at all levels. Consultants may also be able to find positions working with government agencies and departments that deal with refugees and immigrants. These officers also help gather data to assess resettlement needs, trends, and demographics. We work to protect justice, promote truth and prevent human rights abuse. At a national and local level, employment specialists help refugees and immigrants obtain jobs in their local communities; health specialists work closely with migrants facing intensive medical needs; and education specialists develop programs that specifically target English language learners and migrant youth to help them better succeed. Generally, Associate Resettlement Officers must have at least a Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of work experience in a relevant field, or a Master’s and 2 years of experience, or a PhD and 1 year of experience. JPOs can be assigned to field offices or headquarters for UNHCR. These professionals work both directly and indirectly with the populations, depending on the organization at which they work. Interpreters can also help case managers and field officers understand the populations better, especially if they come from the same or similar cultures and countries. Our Diversity survey results for the year 2019 can be found here. Most of these positions prefer candidates who have a knowledge of relevant and available services in the community in which they work, as well as policies and systems in place that might be applicable to the lives of refugees and immigrants. 1,972 Refugees International jobs available on Some positions are field positions, based in refugee camps or in communities with large populations of migrants. Program officers also help make recommendations for program changes and improvements, as well as monitor and review current programs in place to evaluate their effectiveness and ability to achieve the organization’s goals. Candidates should be prepared to work in a multicultural, multilingual setting and to use interpretation throughout most of their work. Consultants use their knowledge and skills to support organizations with areas that they are not able to cover using regular staff time. These jobs are available at a variety of levels, although the positions may vary based on the size of the organization. Smaller national and local organizations may also hire consultants to help with program development, marketing, and other specialized areas of the organization’s work. If you would like to submit your CV for our consideration you can do so here. Interpreters area needed at every area of work with refugees and immigrants. Your contributions will make a real difference and help us demand justice and end impunity wherever human rights violations occur. They also must be able to gather and report relevant data and information to the correct reporting systems while performing their administrative and field duties. Candidates generally must have not only an interest but an understanding of issues relating to refugees and migrants. Click here to submit your CV. We are committed to building a diverse workplace which is mindful of historical injustice in India. In research work, interpreters are important to help researchers gather necessary information from refugee and immigrant populations who are essential to the information and data being gathered. They should have some level of expertise or experience in their particular specialty area; those working in health will likely be required to have a related degree, similarly to those in education and employment. The programs that these positions deal with vary from education to health to shelter to economic development and more.They must have strong communication skills, especially when working with partner agencies and other aspects of an organization’s work. Their work is essential for building partnerships, garnering support, and raising awareness. Many of these positions are at think tanks, research institutes, and academic institutions. Interpreters are particularly helpful with populations who are illiterate in their native language, since all paperwork and information has to be spoken and interpreted, rather than written and translated. Consultancy can be a good way for young professionals to start their careers, as often consultant and contracted positions can often lead to full-time, regular positions within the organization.