Dip the mouth opening of a standard plastic water bottle into the bubble solution. Let’s make this bottle look like a real rocket. You probably won’t need to push them down too far. Use a plate or low bowl to trace a circle about 8 inches in diameter. 3. You can use wands that came in bottles of commercial bubble solution or make your own. This can be a somewhat ginger operation. Another quick, easy and cheap project that is mostly self-explaining, but I'll say some words anyways. Start off my making its nose cone. I'm by no means a bong expert and I'm sure there are countless cheaper ways to make … Also, go slowly while making the holes. Regular drill bits … remove and squeeze bottle gently. Bubble Snakes. Also attached a straw to the inside of the stem, so it sticks out under the pen, and slit holes to make it diffused. Poke A Hole In The Side The next step in learning how to make a water bottle bong is making a hole from which you can inhale the smoke from your dry herb or tobacco. Cut off the very bottom of a water bottle, then cover with a washcloth and secure with a rubber band. It's likely that glass dust or other residue might have gotten into the bottle during the drilling process. In case you don't know what a bubbler bottle is, it is a bottle partially filled with water (or other liquid) that can be used for some kind of breath play. Glass dust is especially hazardous to breathe or ingest, and it only takes a few moments to clean your new bong. If that doesnt work, is it safe to just bend over a paperclip to make a screen? I just love how making bubbles is so easy, and you can create unique bubble makers with things found around the house. Parts needed to make a mason jar bubbler So I made a post last night showing off my mason jar bubbler and a few people inquired about what parts I used/how to make the damn thing. These drill bits need to be able to manage with glass, or you are going to break the bottle. Bubble snakes can easily be made with a water bottle, washcloth, rubber band and soap! DIY Bubble Blower – use the bottom of a water bottle to fashion a one-of-a-kind bubble blower that will create a […] 101 Summer Boredom Busters - The … In its simplest form, a regular two-liter bottle can be lauched as is. Clean the bottle again. The air from inside the water bottle will push through the top and soap creating a bubble. It is time to go out and find the right glass drill bits. And Ill definitely try the headphone thing, seems like a good idea. But, why have a boring rocket? Basic water bottle with socket/pen tube and pen tube mouthpiece. Once you have perfected the bubble solution, then you need a magic wand to turn it into bubbles! blowing bubbles with a plastic bottle Bottle Bubble Blowing Method 1. A smaller liquor bottle can make it harder to get the hole spot on when you start drilling. Use Glass Drill Bits. When connected to a breathing mask, inhaling (or exhaling, depending… take a water bottle and leave around 1/3 filled with water, remove cap, put tin foil around top, secure tin foil with rubber band, punch holes in tin foil with pencil or fork to create bowl, cut or stab two holes in side of water bottle, insert a straw into one hole and make airtight with wax, glue, gum, etc. To make a bubble wand: Cut a length of uncoated wire about 12 inches long; Make a three-quarter-inch to one-inch loop at one end (like a lollypop shape). Check out all 3 water bottle bubble ideas below. STEP 6. Rinse the new bong out thoroughly, including around the sealed drill hole, to make it safe to use. Cut away a 1/4 of it so you can roll it into a cone shape.