Fight Smart. University president Ruth Simmons: The education sector hasn’t done enough to teach Americans about its … Reading books and studying instructional self-defense videos will certainly help you and its an important part of the learning curve that is often overlooked by many people. Stay on your feet and keep moving. In my instructional Street Fighting DVD, Armed to the Teeth, I discuss that one essential part of learning how to street fight is knowing and understanding it from a purely academic perspective. Joe Zanca is the main instructor in this boxing course. Hit Hard. 4. Learning a fighting game is like learning an instrument. To learn your range and increase your speed, practice throwing elbow strikes in front of a mirror so you can use your own image for target practice. Spar with someone who will help you LEARN how to fight better (not just beat you up). Hit hard. You may be familiar with Fight Smart from a video that made the rounds a while back, in which Trav, the guy who runs the channel, allowed random people to attempt to punch him in the face while all he could do was move his head and bob and weave. 1. 3. You don’t owe your trainer anything, do not let him force you into dangerous situations. Learn about the basics of Pet Battles in World of Warcraft - how to get started, level pets, and different types of tamers in the game. Many people have a strong interest in swordsmanship as a result of their depictions in popular media such as novels, video games, movies, television shows, anime and comic books but you may be surprised to learn there are people who study how swords were used by historical fencing masters and train in these arts today. Clearly, as it went kinda viral, he came away without a scratch. 12) Learning how to fight puts us into contact with more dominant, like-minded individuals There is a famous quote that states we are a combination of the 5 people we hang out with the most. Whether this is true or not, the people we spend a lot … To practice the popular horizontal elbow strike, stand with hands up in fighting position and then lift your right elbow until your arm is parallel to the floor. Are you interested in learning how to fight with swords? 4. 2. Keep your hands up to protect your face and clench your teeth. get off the X.) Now we all need to learn how to fight it. It takes time, practice, dedication, and that’s just to get started. Haul ass (a.k.a. That’s right! If the jerk is still threatening you and you have nowhere to go, assume a stable fighting stance. Do not spar with anyone who is TRYING to hurt you (save this for when you’re better trained). This course will teach you the basic stance, handwork, punches, and kicks. Protect your face. You will also learn defensive techniques. Assume a fighting position. The main instructor of this boxing course. The goal is to maintain balance so you don’t end up on the ground. Spread your stance to about shoulder width-apart and slightly bend your knees. Joe has been practicing martial arts and boxing since he was a little boy, and he now competes in MMA fighting.