Eat the raspberries. Lv 7. Prepare new planting holes in the spring as soon as the soil is warm enough to work. How to Transplant Raspberries and Grow More Fruit | Empress of … Or, set them on fire (burn them). Leslie Henson Posts: 2. In ideal conditions, raspberries will spread to take over a large area, and may even be considered invasive. Kokopelli. The safest way is to dig them out. Learn how to dig up and move your raspberries to a better place in the sun for more fruit production. Sam. Article by Empress of Dirt. ... Summer fruiting have the fruited stems cut out after fruiting, leaving the current year's growth to fruit next year. I need to transplant my raspberry bushes, and I understand there is a certain time of the year to do this. Transplanting raspberry bushes. Then, dig out the roots, so they don't sprout.) Dig holes for the raspberry plants and add some compost to the soil that you remove from the holes (one part compost to one part soil). How to Transplant Raspberry Bushes. Raspberry bushes spread in 3 ways: by seed from the berries themselves, by canes touching the ground to form new roots, and by underground lateral roots. 1 decade ago. Raspberry Canes Raspberry Bush Fruit Bushes Fruit Trees Growing Plants Growing Vegetables … Space holes for red raspberries approximately 2 feet apart and space holes for black raspberries approximately 3 feet apart. April 2017 in Fruit & veg. 1 0. 1 0. (I oppose "chemicals" - we're poisoning the earth with them.) 240. 1 decade ago. Why kill the raspberry bushes?