Or is there any other way to keep it away from my raft? Relative risk and how to avoid an encounter in light of recent attack. It is not very often that a shark enters a well populated beach area to select a victim from among a group of people. share. 13. Diving in turbid water is asking for trouble. Sharks often confuse this with the light reflecting off of the scales of fish. Shark Attack Safety Tips: Precautions & What to Do During Encounters. You don’t want to start a fight you’re likely to lose, but you may avoid one by letting the shark know you’re not docile. https://www.wikihow.com/Overcome-the-Trauma-of-a-Shark-Attack If a shark attacks, fight back. On the other hand, quite often the victim is the person suddenly left alone and farther out from shore than others in the water. Reducing Your Risk of Shark Attack . How to Avoid Shark Attacks. If you see sharks, leave immediately and wait to come back another time. If you see a shark in a cave or swimming close to a reef wall, avoid blocking its exit. 35 comments. A shark attack can take place simply because a shark is trying to escape but has nowhere to go except through the diver. Question. Remember that many shark attacks are spurred by a case of mistaken identity, and you don’t want … Prevent shark attacks? RULE #7 NEVER CORNER A SHARK. Finally, avoid wearing jewelry or anything that glitters or reflects sunlight. Does placing a wall on foundations stop the shark from attacking that specific platform? First of all, when planning a water-based activity, it’s essential to inform yourself about the potential presence of sharks. - David H. Baldridge, "Shark Attack" Contact our fishing charter in Hawaii for more tips. Prevent shark attacks? 3. Question. Alert a lifeguard or other authority figure if you see a shark in an area where people are swimming. This can lead to the most common type of attack, in which a shark makes one bite, often on the legs or feet, before letting go and leaving. How to Avoid Shark Attacks. RULE #8 AVOID MURKY WATER. There are a number of things you can do to prevent having an encounter with a Shark. New player here, enjoying it alot. Close. These are just a few examples of how to avoid shark attacks. Posted by 1 month ago. save. The unfortunate death of surfer Ben Kelly at Manresa State Beach May 9 was, in all likelihood, caused by a white shark (Carcharodon carcharias).). The human is usually left with minor injuries, rarely fatal.