For your pay package, you must consider the value of housing, bonuses, the pay rate, travel stipends, 401K plans, medical benefits and all other compensation related items. As you make your decision, consider the following variables. Bill rates can vary by as much as $20 per hour within the same city. While living with a co-worker may not be your ideal, it is worth looking into. As stated above, the travel nursing pay package offers a higher annual salary than that of a permanent staff nurse. Nationwide, travel nurse pay has risen by 76%, and has gone up by as much as 90% in Washington state, the original hotspot of COVID-19. Designed to provide reliable information to travel nurses, we hope these articles help clear up what we feel are some common misconceptions in the travel nursing profession today. Traveling nurses who do rent out their homes add to their income making travel nursing an even more appealing idea. Finally, travel nurses can also accrue overtime, which provides higher hourly pay based on state regulations. Travel nurses are paid by the travel nursing agency, not the hospital. We regularly see pay packages up to $5,000 or $6,000 per week. Most travel nurses make in the mid 30s per hr. As a travel nurse, it may or may not be beneficial for you to own your own car, depending on the circumstances. A traveling nurse working a 48-hour shift, on average, earned an annual salary of $75,000 in 2012, according to Kristina Starcevic is one of the 40,000 to 50,000 travel nurses in the country. While ZipRecruiter is seeing weekly wages as high as $1,192 and as low as $346, the majority of Traveling CNA wages currently range between $500 (25th … The days of requiring first and last month’s rent upfront are gone... the sweet spot is typically 1/3 rent. How Do Travel Nurses Get Paid? Below are some of the current states that noticeably pay higher to traveling nurses: California: $ 102,700; Hawaii: $ 96,990; District of Columbia: $ 90,110; Massachusetts: $ 89,330; Oregon: $ 88,770; Do Travel Nurses Earn More? Charging a one-time cleaning fee (typically $100-$125) typically makes sense as well. Many people talk about the high rate of pay, but the typical pay for a traveling nurse is only $20 per hour. Some pay packages, which include a housing stipend, have more than doubled, with rates at the top of the market reaching $5,000 a week, although most are in the $3,000-$4,000 per week range, he said. The days of requiring first and last month’s rent upfront are gone... the sweet spot is typically 1/3 rent. Actually, my salary is my fee. Strike-break nurses can bring in pay at or above $75 per hour. Travel nurses can bring in over $50 per hour, plus company-paid housing accommodations. Of nurses willing to work. “COVID-19 has fueled a surge in demand and average weekly pay for travel nurses across the country as virus-related hospitalizations continue to increase. 1. And I pay NO premiums. Some good travel nurse forums can be found at,, and the Delphi forum for traveling professionals (go to, look for the “enter search keywords box in the center, and type “travel nurses”, and the top result is a group called Travel Nurses and Therapists with over 50,000 members). Rapid response travel nurses may make more, but only about 20-30 percent more than a traditional traveler. Even when you understand all the moving parts, calculating the actual offer can be difficult. Just as an electrician has a fee I have a fee for my services. If I am to take this travel job I will not come out much better having to pay 1200 a month in rent, the extra 12 dollars an hour will basically go for my housing. As of Nov 16, 2020, the average monthly pay for a Travel Nurse in the United States is $8,267 a month. Recruiters often do a poor job of defining it clearly. We cover all the ways travel nurses can maximize their income in our ultimate guide to how much you can make as a … Some travel nurses spend more time on assignment than others. Join traveling nurse housing Facebook groups as well as other social media outlets. This does not seem substantial, but there are additional benefits that make the effective rate of pay much higher. February 12th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing. When it comes to things that can make or break an experience for traveling nurses, ease and quality of travel nursing housing can be one of the biggest pain points.. Travel nurses arrive on an assignment, expecting to find they’ve been placed in quality housing that is conveniently located, safe and clean. This is true. Making it entirely possible for travel nurses to make well over $100K per year. Compensation has increased by nearly 20% in … You can find tons of resources and advice from other traveling nurses on the Internet. The increased pay is tied to the rising hazard of working during the pandemic, but travel nurses are at least receiving better compensation for the risks they take. In the end, travel nurses are often left wondering what’s really going on with this compensation variable. Under normal circumstances, many travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week. The average housing stipend for travel nurses is an amount of money that’s intended to reimburse the cost of rent while on a nursing assignment. Traveling nurses usually earn about 15 percent more, on average, than their more stationary counterparts, according to This equates to about $30.04 per hour. You will often hear people assert that California has the best pay rates for travel nurses. Travel nursing has many incentives for nurses regarding pay and benefits including: Travel nurses often talk about their great housing benefits. How much you’ll pay in each state depends on a lot of factors, including how long you worked in the state. I'm a Registered Nurse there is a nursing shortage in this country. And while some people do become Nurses in their 40s and beyond, we also know that last year 67% of newly qualified Nurses were under the age of 30. If you're considering travel nursing, it may be worthwhile to look … Take it or leave it. While ZipRecruiter is seeing monthly salaries as high as $12,167 and as low as $2,542, the majority of Travel Nurse salaries currently range between $7,083 (25th percentile) to $9,167 (75th percentile) across the United States. As a recruiter, I routinely had healthcare professionals rebuff pay offers because “the rate” was too low. Travel Nurse Pay 101 How Much Money Do Travel Nurses Make? For nurses who live in low wage states/areas, travel money is good, but nurses who live in high-paying areas often make more than travelers do. It’s a good idea to have some money set aside in case you need to pay for cancellation. One benefit for travel nurses that is real is the housing. In some cases, an RN’s travel nurse salary can reach as high as $48 an hour in specialty positions. The average salary of a contract nurse in 2019 was the equivalent of $95,000 per year (though nurses may make less than this if they take weeks or months off). Pay and Benefits. That said, if you charge too much, it will deter many travel nurses. The staff nurse has to pay to rent or a mortgage; the hospital … Travel nurses will help mend the current and projected nursing shortage. I've gotten the same pay in NC as I did in CA.