If that is not working for you maybe the TV code you are using needs to change to another code. I checked my Talon Remote for the volume button and I can change the volume of my AV Receiver via the + and - button on the bottom left of the remote (above the number pad). Once you connect the headset to the controller you will be able to change any audio settings such as the Party chat volume. If i have it set all the way to game sounds i can still hear the voice chat just as loud if not louder. When setting up a headset with an Xbox One and the Speaker audio options are grayed out and can't be selected, make sure to uncheck the box Using HDMI or optical audio headset. How can I change the TV volume with the Xbox controller? But one feature I was looking forward to was the ability to adjust the increment that volume levels will change each time you say the command, “XBox Volume Up” or “XBox Volume Down”. However, you can … This should allow you to adjust the game volume through your Xbox One headset. Most of my other apps and games offer a slider to adjust the volume. Once this box is unchecked, the options under Speaker audio will become available and can be changed. If you’re having issues with the audio not coming through, you may have to go and update your controller. This thread is locked. Right-click a user and use the volume gain slider to increase or decrease the volume of their voices. Definitely seems like a missing feature. ... My kids and I use the Xbox to watch TV, play games, etc. Your Xbox One is set to select the best sound output when you connect your TV to it. To do … Check out these articles: Troubleshoot audio problems in parties on Xbox One I have tried everything found on xbox … I change the volume using the Kinect or the Xbox One app. My Xbox is synced to the TV (can control power and volume by voice with Alexa echo dot), but it would be much easier to use the controller buttons to change volume. Check the Xbox One output sound settings. How can I control the XBOX One App volume in the Windows 10 Volume Mixer? To do this quickly, open the Guide menu by pressing the Xbox button and move over to your profile icon to access the Profile & system menu. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How to I adjust the output volume so my xbox's volume is closer to other devices? Chat mixer on xbox one does not work properly, No matter what setting it is on i can still hear voice and game sounds the same. Unfortunately, when you connect the headset to the tv you will only receive the audio from the TV. ".