No sir! Their Honey Moonshine is made with a precise combination of real clover honey and their award-winning 100 Proof Original Recipe Moonshine. Discover (and save!) Each one is picked at the pure moment of flavor when their original red color fades and they turn a glorious black. Leave a Comment My Recipe Box. Read More... Honey Lemon Cranberry Moonshine. It's also fantastic with lemonade or iced tea. Honey Melon Mojito. Montana Honey Moonshine is made with three Montana grains and a special kind of molasses – kind of a whiskey and rum hybrid. In a large cocktail shaker combine a cup of crushed ice, 8-10 bite-sized cubes of watermelon, the fresh lemon juice, and the moonshine. Jul 26, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Marty Varhaug. Call it our version of a hot toddy - ready to go right from the bottle. To make a Cranberry Spiced Moonshine, you’ll need: 1 oz maple syrup. Now we can add the second half of our water to the honey mixture. Bee Sting Cocktail: Tennessee restaurant The Loveless Cafe is proud to show off its collection of moonshine cocktails. Mar 9, 2020 - Belle Isle Moonshine Cocktails. Make our moonshine cocktails at home, or for your next party . Old Fashioned. Moonshine & Sage Cocktail. from the web. Many of what are now clichés in the craft cocktail bars—big, hard ice cubes, bartenders with Edwardian facial hair and neckties, rules for entry and service—originated at Milk & Honey. A dash of bitters ( I purchase mine here ) 1 sprig of fresh sage. Naturally, my mind started racing with the idea of creating the perfect honey moonshin… How to Make Bee Sting Moonshine Cocktail . Discover (and save!) Stay tuned to … Tennessee Honey Cocktails . MOONSHINE COCKTAILS. Black Onyx Martini. Turn off heat and let syrup cool. Recipe. Honey. Recipe for Honey Moonshine (aka: Honey Whiskey or Honeyshine) Ingredients: 1 Gallon of honey 5 Gallons of water Distillers yeast. This cocktail is a sweet twist on a classic mojito. your own Pins on Pinterest Build: Add equal parts Strawberry Lemonade shine and pineapple juice in a rocks glass over ice - garnish with cherry. ½ oz Honey Simple Syrup. 1. Add lemonade, a splash of seltzer if you like fizz, and pour into two glasses to serve. Mar 12, 2019 - Explore MDsmith's board "Honey moonshine recipe" on Pinterest. Apr 17, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Dianne Wilson. Combine all ingredients over ice and shake well. Dirty Banana Cocktail. Apple Pie moonshine 2 oz. Honey Lemon Moonshine. Salt those rims and get Grapefruit juice . Willie's Distillery - Montana Honey Moonshine. When life gives you limes, make margaritas. William's Side Cars. candy corn cocktail. Directions: Build the cocktail in a salt-rimmed Old Fashioned glass over ice. Ingredients 2 oz. Shake until frothy and strain into a glass. Explore a wide array of Jack Daniel's drinks in our cocktail recipes gallery to discover a new favorite Jack Daniel's cocktail. As with many whiskey liqueurs, simple is often best when it comes to mixing Tennessee Honey. Juice of ½ a Lemon. It is lightly barrel aged and sweetened with local honey made by the same bees that pollinate the crops, apple trees, and flowers sold at the Ennis Farmer’s Market. Honeyed Moonlight – Moonshine Manhattan. Our most exclusive spirit yet. Shake vigorously. Step-by-Step . A craft spirit that goes well with everything is rare. Next, Fill your glass(es) with ice. Sep 23, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Elise Liverton. It is such good fun. Good thing, too, or else he and his wife Annie would have never moved into the little home on the side of US Hwy 100 that eventually became the Loveless Cafe. Onyx makes the perfect mixer for your favorite cocktail, and is exceptionally smooth served neat, straight-up or on the rocks. Better yet, combine the two for a spiked, sweetened take on the Arnold Palmer. I am loving bee keeping. Method: Bring the water, honey, and sage to a boil in a pot over medium high heat. Moonshine has quite the history in the South, and here at the Loveless Cafe. Belle Isle Moonshine is a unique clear spirit that tastes better than vodka and drinks better than whiskey. Made from 100% organic corn, our spirits are naturally gluten-free, and never include any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It was a delish!!! your own Pins on Pinterest Sippin Shine: Strawberry Lemonade . Made with farm fresh lemon juice, real Wisconsin honey, and our Original Moonshine, this has quickly become a favorite treat! That kind of thinking is what led us to create our delicious, tangy and invigorating Ole Smoky®Margarita Moonshine. The other day, I was chatting with a good customer of mine when he mentioned they were able to get their hands on a gallon of honey from a local beekeeper (believe it or not, it only cost them $30). Green with Envy. This cocktail boasts a rich palette of flavors, including pineapple, tea and cardamom. 3 tbsp sage & honey syrup . When delicate spices meet Mob Museum Moonshine, only Mayhem can result. 2 oz Black Currant Juice. When Al Capone moved to Miami in the late 1920s, the tropical climate inspired his in-house bartender to invent more exotic drinks. Course/Dish: Cocktails. Nothing goes better on a warm, sunny afternoon than the tart and refreshing flavor of limes mixed with the perfect amount of moonshine. What To Do: The first step of this process is heating 2.5 gallons of your water to 120°F before stirring in 1 gallon of honey until it is completely dissolved. Moonshine Sunrise. The fresh watermelon pairs perfectly with the light sweetness of the honey for a cooling cocktail that screams summer. Montana Honey Moonshine is made with three Montana grains and a special kind of molasses, kind of a whiskey and rum hybrid. Read on to see some of the hottest whiskey and moonshine cocktails of the holiday season and beyond: Cranberry Spiced Moonshine . A modern take on traditional New England-style moonshine, based on an age-old secret recipe. About Bee Sting Moonshine Cocktail. Shop our site #shotsbox #lemonade #moonshine #craftspirits #cocktails Combine honey, lemon, moonshine, tea and shake vigorously. ½ oz Ginger Liqueur. Blackberry Cocktails. Recipe from Dark Corner Distillery. 2 oz Onyx Moonshine. 3. We might add that our End of the Line Blackberry Tennessee Moonshine won’t settle for just any ol’ ordinary berry. Pour over ice and enjoy!!! Montana Honey Moonshine is made with three Montana grains and a special kind of molasses – kind of a whiskey and rum hybrid. 2. Add Onyx Moonshine, St. Germaine and egg white with ice. If you’ve been watching my cocktails for a while you know Giffard’s Peche du Vinge is one of my favorites. Honey and peaches are a staple for me during peach season, and I knew that this combination would work. Nothing says holiday like a little cranberry; for many, this is either a love or hate flavor---yet it works so well in this cocktail that you might be tempted to make it year-round. 3oz Single Barrel. Salty Apple. It is lightly barrel aged and sweetened with local honey made by the same bees that pollinate the crops, apple trees, and flowers sold at the Ennis Farmer’s Market. Sippin Shine: Single Barrel. Mar 21, 2018 - What To Do With a Gallon of Honey? See more ideas about moonshine cocktails, belle isle, cocktails. See more ideas about moonshine recipes, moonshine, homemade liquor. Try Willie’s Honey Moonshine and zest up your spring time gardening prep. How to make honey moonshine Honey based simple syrup cocktails with moonshine. Muddle cucumber, honey and lemon juice in a glass. If you haven’t been drinking Honey Moonshine in your lemonade, you have been seriously missing out. 1.5 oz Cruzan Light rum 1 oz lime juice 0.5 oz clover honey water * 0.5 oz Finest Call Bar Syrup 1 oz Finest Call Watermelon puree 6 ea mint leaves You'll find it a delight when you add a shot to a tall glass of ginger ale or cola for happy hour or on a hot summer afternoon. 20 Kid-Friendly Lunches. It is lightly barrel aged and sweetened with local honey made by the same bees that pollinate the crops, apple trees, and flowers sold at the Ennis Farmer’s Market. No, it’s not exactly a Manhattan, but if you want to turn your moonshine into a strong, stirred drink, this is the way to do it. your own Pins on Pinterest 2 ounces Moonshine. The naturally sweet flavors of clover complement the moonshine’s mash of corn and oats. Post A Recipe. With its natural flavor of vine-ripe berries, it sips just fine on its own or mixed with cocktails and your friends. Feel like you’re on a beach anywhere you drink this one. Printable Recipe Card. At Kingsport, Tennessee’s Hook and Ladder Distillery has created just that type of craft moonshine. Moonshine Mayhem Moonshine, Pineapple, Tea, Cardamom . Reduce to low and simmer 3 minutes. What a great cocktail! Made with local Montana honey! Discover (and save!) Grandma always knew best..... Our Honey Lemon Moonshine is good for the soul. Pinch It! As the legend goes, our namesake Lon Loveless was once a sheriff in a neighboring county before being ran out of town for bootlegging. But, the thing is, moonshine's supposed flaws are what make it perfect for cocktails.