You could even decorate the birdhouse to make it look like your own home. You want to leave enough space at the bottom for your feeder to hold a few inches of bird food. How Do You Make a Milk Jug Bird Feeder. Let kids decorate milk jugs with markers, crayons and stickers. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. or scissors; pen; How to make your bird feeder: Using a pen or pencil, trace a circle onto the side of your plastic container. This fun project involves cutting large, almost rectangular holes at the two sides of a gallon milk jar, poking a few holes at the bottom for rain drainage and threading a wire through two holes made at the top for hanging the feeder from a branch. hang as bird house or fill with bird see and use as bird feeder. Hot glue a paper straw onto front of milk jug under window for a window seal perch. What you’ll need to make a milk jug bird feeder: Plastic jug with; craft knife. Tie a string to top of milk jug. Try making flower designs with buttons, pasting leaf-shaped colored paper cutouts all over the carton, or decorating it to look like a bird. Step 1: Materials-milk carton-duct tape-hobby knife-string-dish soap (for cleaning)-warm water (for cleaning) Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Just use an old milk carton instead of throwing it away (great recycling idea by the way! ), cut a hole for the door, paint it in the colors of choice, decorate if you will, fill the bottom with some straws or hay if you have any to make it even more inviting and friendly and then hang your easy birdhouse in a tree. Step 2: Clean. To add personality to your birdhouse, you could also paste buttons, googly eyes, or other crafty details onto it. In this instructable I will show you how to make a bird house out of a milk jug.