Mahashivaratri is a holy occasion for Saivaites all over the country. Harvest festivals are an integral part of India’s cultural legacy and over the centuries the tradition has evolved in various forms and has assimilated itself into the local tradition. The festival is celebrated in mid-January in the Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. This is a well-known harvest festival that is celebrated enthusiastically in North India. Many myths go with as to why this festival is celebrated. Minjar festival is a kind of a thanksgiving ceremony to the god of rain and a prayer for good harvest. It is a very famous cultural festival celebrated in Himachal Pradesh to mark the end of the crop harvest, prepare for the cheerfulness winter ahead, and return the Gods from heaven to earth. This festival is given the greatest importance even in temples all through Himachal Pradesh. This festival is celebrated in Dhanbad with great pomp and show. 1. To celebrate the festival for good harvest, people worship the village deity and dance to mark the auspicious day. This fair continues for a week, with great fun and frolic.On this occasion people bring hundreds of Gods and Goddesses in their Raths. It is a festival of harvest. The Minjar Festival of Himachal Pradesh celebrated during the july-August at Chamba. This festival occurs at the end of the month of Ramzan, is the gayest and falls on the first day of the tenth month of the Hijrah or Muslim calendar. It is known by different names in different regions. Eid-ul-Fitr. During this festival, 200 Gods and Goddesses from across Himachal Pradesh are brought to Mandi, which is known as the Varanasi of the Hills. The chief Muslim festivals in Jharkhand are the Muharram, the two Ids, and Shah-I-Bharat. Devotees carry them on shoulders amidst melodious religious songs. The seven-day long harvest festival is one of the major monsoon festival in Himachal Pradesh… It is held on the first of Baisakh (April). Baisakhi too is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. Vaisakhi is a harvest festival for people of the Punjab region. Vaisakhi also marks the Punjabi new year. It bids farewell to winter and celebrates the arrival of the spring. The preparations for the morning Pooja commence from the night before. The Minjar Festival is held at Chamba town of Himachal Pradesh every year during the month of July. Eid-ul-Adha This day is observed as a thanksgiving day by farmers whereby farmers pay their tribute, thanking God for the abundant harvest and also praying for future prosperity. Having its roots in the agricultural tradition, this festival is significant because it is celebrated as a farewell to the winter season. The harvest festival is celebrated by Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus. Himachal Pradesh – Mandi Shivaratri. While in Kangra, Shimla, and Sirmour regions of Himachal Pradesh, it is known as Hariyali or Rihyali, the Jubbal and Kinnaur areas of HP call it Dakhrain. In the Punjab, Vaisakhi marks the ripening of the rabi harvest. This festival of harvest or Bissu or Bisha in Shimla is celebrated differently in different regions of Himachal. Shiva is the chief deity of Himachal Pradesh. Onam Onam was initially associated with the tradition of the fertility cult and is a popular harvest festival celebrated in the month of August-September in […] One of it says that once a very old lady came to see the king but since she was very poor so she could not bring him a … In Himachal Pradesh, Mandi Shivaratri Fair starts on the day of Shivaratri. Lohri is one of those festivals in India which holds historical significance.