Rakeria Washington, sounds like it is the actual headphone jack. Damaged Headphones Speaker; Static Noise From Wireless Headsets; Wrong Audio Settings. Sound coming out of speakers and headphones - Best answers; ... Android; Sound coming from both speakers and headphone ... 3. check the box to enable a pop up box when a device is plugged in and click "OK" 4. plug in your earphones and when the box pops up, click on headphones … There is not a problem with the headphone; I tried another headphone and have the … Sound still coming from speakers when headphones are plugged in android If you give us the model of your phone, we might be able to help you with the replacement as well. Verify your speakers or headphones are plugged into the proper jacks and the volume is turned up. RE: Sound still coming from speakers when headphones are plugged in Jump to solution A current audio driver for the Inspiron 15 3521 is buggy -- Realtek A03 --fails to sense headphones plugged in the jack after a restart. What I would like is to be able to set different audio to play through different outputs: my audio player through my headphones and my ringtone through my speaker. Even you have plugged out the headphones, the headphone icon doesn't disappear. It seems like the audio sound is split rather than channelling the output sound to the head phone. - Motorola Android … Sound coming from both speakers + headphones in Sound & Audio. In this case, the headset is stuck in headphone mode. I got my PC in 2014 and it didnt have this issue at that time. When I plugged in the headphone into the audio jack, there is no sound. If someone calls my phone when the headphones are plugged in, the phone rings, but only through the headphones and I end up missing the call. It should turn off the circuit to your speaker when it detects that the headphones are plugged in. Acer Chromebook- sound coming out of speakers rather than headphones: Lenovo yoga audio problem - sound coming from both speakers & headphones: I just bought my new mic and when i plug it in it picks up my voice but the sound still comes out of the speaker: Headphones plugged in yet sound is still coming from the speakers and in headhones In some cases, the main reason why there is static in your headphones is not because of the headphones itself, but rather the incorrect audio settings set up on your playback device. I don't know if the registry was changed or what. It should be speakers or headphones - not both at the same time. Hello, I'm having an issue with my sound, when I have my headphones plugged in both my speakers and the headphones generate sound but I only want the headphones to generate sound. In sound settings when Speakers/Headphones are set to default device the sound comes out of both the speaker and headphone. Hope this helps, good luck. The sound is coming from the internal speakers. It is simple plug and play headphones. Everytime I plug in a headphone, I still hear the sound coming out from my laptop built-in speakers. However, after an OS upgrade from Windows 8 to 10, I noticed this issue. The reason I want to use the headphones is to stop the sound coming from the speakers - Help! Case 4: No Sound When Connect to Bluetooth Speaker/Handset; Case 1: The Android Phone Thinks I Have Headphones Plugged But I Don't. And you can't hear music or sound from the phone without headphones. I just installed System Mechanic and ran a system analysis.