This is the Hardtail Bridge For 6-String Electric Guitar. They provide tight bass, singing mids and clear highs. Free shipping in Germany on orders € 29,00 or more! The Grainger Hardtail Bridge is the ultimate combination of performance, beauty and ergonomics. Guitarfetish Price $11.95 Out of Stock . We use brass for our saddles, a softer, warmer-sounding metal, but plate them with a unique hard chrome plating not found on any other guitar bridge. Each saddle features two drop-in swivels, permitting each of the individual intonation adjustment screws to work independently for precise intonation. Our Hardtail baseplate is CNC water-cut from a solid, 304 stainless non-ferrous steel sheet and stamped with our tooling to the specified profile. In general, there is no best guitar bridge, and they all offer their pros and cons. Click here for newsletter subscription or unsubscription. package included: 1 x Hardtail Electric Guitar Fixed BRIDGE Mounting screws are included. £43. Gorgeous curves machined from a solid hunk of billet brass, this bridge will give your guitar the punch and sustain it was born for. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Fender Vintage Hardtail Strat/Tele Guitar Bridge. They all have 2 1/16" string spacing and the American Standard mounting (not vintage). We have a lot of guitars. – Luthier, J.W. Non-trem Bridges at Stewart-MacDonald - your source for guitar parts, tools, and supplies. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Use on right handed and left handed guitars.125" floor height is designed for perfect action on guitars with non angled, low profile necks..175" floor height is designed for perfect action on guitars with angled, raised necks or bridge pockets. Made in Germany - with passion & precision. “An excellent innovation that preserves the unique tone of the guitar – the best option is Mastery Bridge.” 7 string hardtail bridge hipshot style gold 7 String hardtail bridge, Hipshot style in gold finish. The more surface area there is in a saddle groove, the more problems can arise later on. The deep saddle string grooves ensure that your strings will never “pop-out” during performance and are slightly fanned out on each end. A steel string on an unfinished saddle naturally generates heat with heavy vibrato use, and that heat will expand the metal in your string and cause it to go out of tune. Buy fixed guitar bridges & other replacement hardtail bridge parts at - bass & guitar parts for repairs, upgrades & custom builds. 4.3 out of 5 stars 106. String through body design for solid down pressure on bridge and saddles. DESCRIPTION. So without further ado, Wired Guitarist’s Top 4 Hardtail Bridges! Screw Colour. Brass saddles. Each individual bridge is inspected and tested before being shipped to you, to ensure the best possible performance. The recognized industrial leader in vintage aftermarket guitar parts. per Piece .2 lb. Welcome to the Babicz Guitars USA website! Welcome to Glendale Guitars. Select the extremely compact " lock-down " Bridge 3256 for the rich rock tone or the very resonant and tasteful m odel 3250, which can be used both s tring-t hru or top-mount. .. 18.50€ Ex Tax: 15.04€ Grainger Hardtail Guitar Bridge - 7 String, 10.5mm String Spacing. £85.00. In order to meet the need for a narrow spaced Hardtail, we manufacture American Standard Hardtail Bridges in 3 configurations. We use a patented self-locking screw design for the socket head intonation screws that go into the swivels. The Mastery Bridge features precisely-curved adjustable saddles that allow you to effortlessly set-up to any common fingerboard radius, from 7.25″ onward. 6 String Tone-A-Matic Guitar Bridge - Nashville. Be sure to check out our key website sections below, and don't forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter, where you can keep up with the latest Babicz news, new product releases, new artists and more. Sold out BP … Well made heavy part. It comes with an adjusting allen wrench. 49. Offset Bridge. Choose the classic 3 barrel variant with intonation compensated VCS saddles for plenty of twang! Each individual bridge is inspected and tested before being shipped to you, to ensure the best possible performance. Black, “The form and function of Mastery hardware dovetails perfectly with Collings aesthetic and quality standards.” QTY. Hipshot. Compare. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 28. Our multi-patented hardware is used by builders worldwide for its reliability and precise detail. Although much more expensive to manufacture than plain or “decorative chrome” saddles found on other bridges, our saddles’ unique hard chrome-plating aids in lubricity while tuning or actuating the vibrato of an Offset or Bigsby-equipped guitar, ensuring years of consistent performance and accuracy. – Bill Collings, Collings Guitars. Grainger Hardtail Guitar Bridge - 6 String, 10.5mm String Spacing. Our Hardtail saddles are the same as above, but with the bridge option of either electroplated brass saddles and swivels or hard chrome-plated brass and stainless steel swivels. Although guitar manufacturers will CNC radius fingerboards to certain specs, it’s the top of the fret that matters and should be measured, and that can change/vary overtime due to slight unevenness and eventual playing wear. Hear what the Hardtail Mastery Bridge does for yourself. We use a 3mm thick Bell-Brass base plate. Telecaster and hardtail Bridges for Fender Telecaster and other hardtail guitars. Whether you need a replacement bridge or a modern version. USD 19.00. 4.5 out of 5 stars (42) 42 product ratings - Genuine Fender MIM Classic/Highway 1 Strat Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge - … USD 4.66. You already knew that this one would make the list. ABM Guitar Bridges for 7 and 8 string instruments are currently extremely popular in the Rock & Metal sector. Add to Basket. 6 String US Flat Plate Tremolo Bridge. The saddles eliminate annoying “buzzing” or rattle associated with previous single saddle bridge designs. This is a very SOLID. Hipshot® - 7 String Ibby HM Bridge Give your Ibanez the gift of massive tone with the Ibby HM (Ibanez Hi-Mass) by Hipshot. £99.00. 6 String US Contour Tremolo Bridge. USD 12.24. Genuine Fender MIM Classic/Highway 1 Strat Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge - Gold. This would work great on as a hardtail Strat or Tele replacement. Our saddles will remain the hardest surface on your guitar. £85.00. Please look over the descriptions of the various parts that go into the Mastery Bridge below. Our luthier designed and multi-patent issued bridges are crafted and assembled in Minneapolis, MN, using the finest materials available. Our baseplates blend well aesthetically on both vintage and new guitars The Mastery M7.1 and M9.1 Bridge for Bigsby B5 users features cutouts in the back of the baseplate along with our unique hard chrome plated brass saddles to ensure your strings will glide smoothly over the surface of the saddles without any chance of interference or pinching in worn string grooves. We also offer Top Loaded (M6.2, M7.2, M8.2, M9.2) Hardtail bridges that have string through/top loading options. The saddles accommodate the heavy-gauge strings of Bass VI model guitars and can be used on left-handed guitars as easily as right-handed. 6 String Tone-A-Matic Guitar Bridge - Metric. 1. Instead of around 18 lbs of string tension bearing down on an individual saddle as found on most bridges, our bridge applies over 50 lbs of downward string tension on each saddle. ABM produces modern guitar bridges that combine function and design perfectly. Different climactic conditions can move the wood of your neck and not the frets, and depending on how malleable your fretwire is it will move or not move with it, causing slight unevenness. Our four intonation screw design allows the strings to go freely from the saddle to the vibrato without any chance of interference from the front and back of an intonation screw or the back of a baseplate and makes intonation adjustments easy while the strings are up to tension. Callaham American Standard Hardtail Bridges. You are bidding on a great piece. Bridges - Fits Fender® Style. Product page Gotoh Only Guitar Bridges of Gotoh . John Woodland: – Fretboard Journal Magazine, “There is something ethereal in Mastery’s saddles; a sweetness I want all my guitars to have.” Unavailable. Bridge is ambidextrous. Qty: Tell a Friend. Please note: We currently do not offer American Standard or other style baseplates for the Tele Mastery Bridge. Free shipping. Or upgrade. String spacing: 10.5 mm. ABM produce replacement bridges, in absence of any claims of third parties provided.We refine the product design to give the guitarist a better "sound tool" in the hand.The surface finishing search your peers and each bridge is milled from a solid and highly compressed metal.You can be sure, so to be able to refine your sound. % GB-0541 Nashville Tunematic Bridge from $45.00 . With ABM, you are correct! This added tension per saddle forced downward transfers more string-to-body energy, which you’ll hear in your guitar acoustically as well as amplified. Grainger Hardtail Guitar Bridge - 6 String, 10.5mm String Spacing. 58 sold. With around 50 lbs of string pressure bearing down on two saddles, string energy is utilized unlike any other bridge available. The Mastery Bridge features a unique, patent issued two saddle design not found on any previous guitar bridge. Made in Virginia from the highest quality materials since 1990. Every part of our bridge is precision machined out of the highest quality, non-corrosive materials to protect against any rust. USD 24.99. Brass saddles on any bridge will succumb to string wear over time and our plain brass saddle option Hardtail bridges are not warrantied against this sort of natural wear. Saddle Finish. We do not make one-off hardtail bridges. BP-2321 Tremolo Arm for Mexican Guitar Bridges $6.00 Tremolo arm for Mexican guitar bridges, Chrome. Hardtail Bridge Specs. I figured it was time to show some extra attention to our beloved hardtail bridges. Now, Hardtail Tele owners can experience the Mastery difference with the 10 different Hardtail bridge options we offer. $38.95. Products (Total Items: 46) ... Top Mount Hardtail bridge- Fits Teles®, Squier® 51 Chrome. Available immediately. Home > Guitar Bridges > Bridges - Fits Fender® Style. 6 String Hardtail Guitar Bridge. Don’t settle for anything less than the legendary sound of the world-renowned and famous Intone “Cutting Edge” saddle sets, The “Blackguard” cold rolled steel bridge-plates, and The “King ‘O’ Twang” stainless steel bridge-plates. Thousands have experienced the sonic benefits our patented saddle system has made to their Offset and Telecaster guitars. Varying string thickness will also affect the top of the string radius; depending on the thickness of your strings you’ll want to adjust to them accordingly. £92.00. Planned to use this Gotoh bridge - might not work. $9.49 $ 9. Here you can learn about and purchase Babicz Full Contact Hardware and Babicz Acoustic guitars direct. People always like. No other bridge manufacturer uses a plating this durable. Gotoh Hardtail Bridge Chrome, Through-Body String Mounting. The absolute best-sounding saddles and bridge-plates on Earth. Hardtail Bridge For 6-String Electric Guitar End-Loading- Chrome Hardtail Bridge For 6-String Electric Guitar End-Loading- Chrome Welcome to Musicdungeon.