Larger tanks once weekly. An ideal guppy ratio for prospective breeders if two-to-one. And since we’re on the topic of community tanks, it’s worth noting that guppy fish are sociable fish that should not be kept alone. That is not an exaggeration: when we moved them from one tank to another, we counted every one! If you have a ten-gallon tank, start with approximately 1-2 male guppies and 3-5 female guppies. You can either choose to put the female in a breeding trap, use a breeding tank around a week before she is due to give birth, or remove the female fish once the fry are born to prevent her from eating them. The most important and this goes for any fish, is keeping the tank water clean. That means two female guppies for every male in your tank. As we mentioned earlier, if you have a female and male Guppy in a tank they are likely to breed regardless of any input you have. Even with a tank that size, you only want to start with a FEW. If all these seem manageable things to you, then a 50-gallon tank will be a great way to set up a species-only aquarium or a beautiful community tank. In less than a year's time, I had 14 guppies turn into 500+. Even just a tank containing one male and two females can a … To set up a guppy tank, you need to follow some instructions in order to help you provide your little guppies with the best atmosphere. Breeding livebearing fish is simple, if you follow some simple steps. Tanks 20 gallons and under should get at least a 50 percent water change a couple of times a week. A healthy and convenient atmosphere has a pleasant effect on the guppies and it enhances their health as well as lengthens their lifespan. Good luck! Any size guppy will eventually mate, as long as there are males and females.